Stickman Readers' Submissions March 1st, 2013

Welcome Aboard the Paradigm Shift and the Food Revolution

I have read many reader contributions to this website over the years and received very good information about from knowing how it is to be and to live in Thailand, and especially when in Bangkok. Mr. Stickman's routine weekly writings are a treasure trove of everything you could want in the way. Now it's my turn! … I hope huum.

I am a 51-year old (Swedish) man who has lived for almost 4 years in one of Bangkok's outer areas on the other side of the mighty river. Twice a week I go in to the central parts of the city to go to school and learn the language. I have a state pension so I have a lot of time to improve my hand in learning Thai but especially anything new about the new knowledge in nutrition available.

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I would caution that this contribution may seem provocative to what I have to convey. What I've learned so far, is mildly bewildering. Are you ready to learn something about food that total will incur your outlook on everything you previously thought about the food you eat?! When I try to talk about this to people I know, I see shock in their eyes and how they then react with the sneer and say: Stop talking about it on there. Where did you read / hear about all that … have you lost your mind or what? I've stopped talking about it now and live with what I know .. single! Until now, maybe if someone out there want to read on and later on their own to listen, read and see more about this new that is out there on the net.

Any new approach through time has always received harsh criticism. Who was the brave man who claimed that the Earth is round and not flat?! Nicolaus Copernicus was forced into a dungeon when he said that it was: The Earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa. Paradigm shift is the word for these phenomena when everything is in opposite contrast to what was previously believed.

For about 2 years ago so it was given a book in Sweden, Matrevolutionen (Food revolution). Written By Andreas Eenfeldt, physician and specialist in general. (Have yourself a copy of this masterpiece thanks to my sister.) Since nothing is really like in my country and the ongoing debate which is mildly aggressive. It is the classic for and against. Those who embrace the Content in the book and those who do not. And to sit here on the other side of the Globe and follow what is happening over there is both amusing and interesting. From the time the book was published until today, there has been raging on in full swing and what this healing has now its own blog and quite recently a blog in English. Maybe not updated as often, but still.

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And like pouring gasoline on an open fire so have just recently been given a new book out, A sweeter blood. By: Ph.D. in Molecular Biotechnology at Uppsala University in 2001 and Freelance Science Journalist Ann Fernholm. As totally crushes the side that says that we need carbohydrates, whole grains, fiber and what really carbs are crap (my words).

Okay, I know … what does this have to do with Thailand. Why do I submit this contribution to Stickman for? It was then that I became inspired Health and Nutrition in Thailand by SydM78 and what he wrote about eg rice, fruits and nuts. And as he began his contribution: I know that many foreigners who have made the permanent move to Thailand neglect their health and jeopardize their well-being. He is worried and wants to give advice on a better way of life for all of us who live in this country. I want too! These two books mentioned above are not yet translated into English, and frankly I think it consciously have not done it yet because when there has been so Paradigm shift a fact and it will hurt. The thing is … world and Thailand is not ready! I cannot imagine a world that suddenly ending up having to eat pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, and regard these foods as I and many others in Scandinavia as the cause of all diseases and disorders of people around the world today. It would not work!

So I proceed now to work on what is going on and all of them new skills that are EXCLUSIVE to everyone Stickman readers. Very briefly, and in my own words!

Cholesterol The new knowledge is that it is perfectly normal to have in your blood. Do you eat much cholesterol so reduces the body to produce its own. Cholesterol Everything we need is getting the body of. Having high cholesterol in a test is not crucial in case you are at health risk. Eating cholesterol-lowering drugs, statins, on the other hand associated with hälsoriker! What is not good is the carbohydrate (sugar). Cholesterol consists of LDL and HDL particles. Carbohydrates reduces LDL particle from being fluffy such that the light trapped in inflamed vessel walls. LDL cholesterol is to among others cook inflamed areas in our veins. To then have small LDL particles that will do the job makes it the bad cholesterol. The culprit are the Carbohydrates. Now I write something that I myself have not found, EAT EGGS HOW MUCH YOU WANT! There is no relationship between having high cholesterol values and heart attacks! And if you drastically cut down on carbohydrates and increase intake of animal fats so increases the good HDL cholesterol and bad cholesterol LDL, it is less harmful or even harmless. If a person has low cholesterol values in a test, so it tells us nothing. Probably would accurate APO blood test rather prove a real bad cholesterol ie. a bad LDL profile. Animal fat increases all values for the better! You read that right!

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See Tom Naughton self-funded movie Fat Head, where he in the end only eats saturated fats, and proteins. From normal values to excellent values and ultimately outstanding values in a month!

Carbohydrates are not essential for humans. We do not need them. Do not buy that rice cooker. Eat more fat!

Remember…. this is not something I'm sitting here at home on the other side of the river and fantasize together … Its Food Revolution times at once.

What causes inflammation in our blood stream which later leads to stroke and heart attack? Not surprisingly, so is smoking in this list. Furthermore, it is virtually all plant oils pure poison to our bodies. That's when omega-6 acid oxidation (rust) in our veins and by heating this type of oil it becomes dessto worse (Thai food). Stress causes inflammation. Tran’s fat is in a class by itself and in Denmark banned in food products. Sweden is going on.

With all of these pro-inflammatory factors that must surely these damaged vessel walls repaired. Who comes to the rescue? Right … LDL! And with a diet based on carbohydrates, you know probably safe for yourself what happens. Throughout values recommended we eat more than 50% of our total nutritional needs should consist of carbohydrates. When autopsy a blood clot in the heart of someone who died of heart attack as it consists of omega-6 oil and LDL particles. Another thing, the first report of a myocardial infarction in a patient in the United States came in 1921 a few years after the advent of margarine into them American fridges! Then they had no name for it … it was just an extremely rare cause of death.

Wheat flour is another story in itself which I will not write about here. I'm just saying, AVOID! (Bread, pasta, pizza, aso.) Myself love bread and everything else, but now I cannot throw away my money on things that my body considers toxic. Sometimes it's boring to be enlightened, and even a little depressing.

Now it's just me who have my own hypothesis. If you are a smoker and eat small amounts of carbohydrates so it is probably safer ground. Just as I personally think. I myself am a smoker but just a few years, but still want to share with you this lesson because I think its right!

Diabetes type-2 It was among this group a certain doctor, Annika Dahlqvist, tried to help by simply removing carbohydrates from their diet and replace them with fat and then mainly saturated fat. ALL were healthy and no longer need to take syringes and any other medicine! She is the reason igentligen all that has led to and Andreas Eenfeldt book, Matrevulutionen (Food revolution). Doctors Dahlqvist was reported by Swedish dietician covenant to go against them accepted recommendations. Doctors Dahlqvist was cleared of these charges, and has since changed hands the baton to physician Andreas Eenfeldt. And common sense tells you that why should you give someone something it does not like. One reason is our fear of fat. Insulin manufacturers worldwide rubbing their hands at our fat horror! Because you do not eat carbs, you have to eat more fat to produce ketone bodies. Not eating carbohydrates is a diet that came in the 50s, Ketogenik diet to prevent epilepsy in children.

I could write any amount on these new skills that so far only printed on the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. I write more if interested! If cancer and all symptoms disappear to keep on them that stupid carbohydrates. The hormone Leptin. Insulin vs. Glucagon. High fructose corn syrup. The reason why we are getting fatter and fatter. Michelle Obama. The China Study. What I shop for food and where I shop it and how I cook it. Food I avoid in Thailand. Will this grant published by Stickman will automatist a second part.

Of course yes … Fruit! Good, good, good … Yes, I may not need to go into how many carbohydrates there are in fruits. But perhaps the most miserable of fruit is that carbohydrates are fructose and fructose is not something we need so what the liver does with this sweetness is to modify the liver of fructose to what the body wants or can handle, glucose. This process living through is the same as for alcohol and alcohol gives as we know a lot of problems and one of these is fatty liver. Do you eat lots of fruits and drink a lot juice you risk the health of the liver in the same way as alcohol but without that beautiful buzz!

An epidemic in the world right now: Non alcoholic fatty liver disease related!

Consider the fruit as nature's candy and hold on! Nuts consist of a high proportion of omega-6 and hold back on this also. Eggs contain all those nutrients that we need except for vitamin C. Limes a week taking care of what we need. Do not buy that juicer!

What I eat when I'm out on the streets in Thailand / Bangkok. First, I agree with what SydM78 write to cook their own food and acquire the equipment they need. Personally I think it's fun to cook and to my very low carbohydrate intake, I am rarely hungry. I do not have them where insulin fluctuations. With I like street food here in Thailand and at least 2 times a week, I do not begrudge me a som-tam without added sugar (mai sai nam-dtaan), 5 chillis and 2 garlic cloves … phet maak! Saep, Saep! I am as yet not fully Carbohydrate freed so, sure I eat noodle soup now and then with all those good spices to (baakmii-nam moo-daeng). Most recently, I was in Krabi Town and slid at a friend over New Year and saw a girl who did Kaow Soi a typical Chiang Mai dish and a favorite of mine. Krabi is very Muslim and their Halal food is divine and I did ate some rice! Every time I go to immigration I'll take the BTS from Victory monument to Mo Chit and down the street where all the taxis are there is a woman who sells the most amazing sausages I've tasted. Do you see anyone outside Immigration building sit and mash in these, in anticipation of queue number will accelerate, it's probably me you see! It takes time to get rid of carbs altogether but I never exceed 100 grams a day of these which is considered okay and to have a very good LDL profile. But usually it will be probably no more than about 30 grams per day. When I eat them with sausages or that rice so I try to forget how it affects me and comforted me with that I also still eat pretty healthy!

Eat at Burger King as much as you want but do not drink the soda, eat the fries and hamburger bun or keep the bun on if you are like me! (A Double Whooper Cheese contains 49 grams of carbohydrate) Take Omega-3 supplements and you will live forever! What makes the burger so disliked and called for junk food are all these damn carbs. Not fat, as many believe. The satiating saturated fat divine!

Throw out your Viagra and Statin tablets. Eat bacon and eggs with butter and cream if you like!

Hear Me Now And / Or Believe Me Later.

Welcome aboard to the paradigm shift and the food revolution.

Khun BigC

Stickman's thoughts:

Recommending that we eat bacon, eggs, butter and cream? From all that I understand, eat plenty of that and you will really be able to call yourself "Khun BigC"!!!

There's a lot of stuff here that goes totally against what I have always believed. That's not to say it is wrong, but that it is not an easy sell to convince me that this is the way to go. Calling the resident Stickman health expert, Caveman!

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