Stickman Readers' Submissions November 28th, 2012

My Thai Girlfriend

I’m a man in my best age, 50+. I also have another side, I’m stuck by “Thailand fever”, I know I’m not alone but worldwide anyway we are not that many.

Why was I struck by Thailand fever? The girls of course. No need to hide this obvious fact. A man getting attention from the beautifully sexy, and much younger than oneself. Everywhere I walk around in this kingdom I feel like Mr. Playboy
nr. 1.

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But back to my story, now I’m at the age when it’s time to start thinking about how to spend the “few” years still to live on this planet. Farangland or Thailand, or a combination? Should I retire here or still
work back home in Farangland for a few years?

I’m a very normal man, thinking with my balls, still do and always did. But is it really my balls who guide me? If I think another time… no. I’m, looking for love and acceptance. The same my mother gave me when I was a kid.

I want someone to like me, love me, accept me as I am. If you ever visited DIA ( you have read these worlds in almost all profiles. It’s so simple, this is what every man and woman want.

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Now I’m sitting in a bar in funnytown somewhere in Thailand. Why am I here? Paid a lot for my ticket from Farangland to spend a few months in Thailand. Is it because of the girls. Yes, partly. It’s much easier to get laid here
than back in Farangland.

I have a few friends here but I know they are laughing at me. I’m getting a bit fat. Bold and my teeth are not nice anymore. Getting clumsy and always half-drunk. Ten or twenty years ago it was okay but now, yes I know, I’m
a sad look.

I’m the old sad man and the new farang boy generation laugh at me. I know. But I like to take revenge. Sometimes I dress up and go to the same places as they. I still have some look, maybe a few bucks more in my pockets than the young
boys. And I know the rules of the game. I use to “steal” the most beautiful girl on the dance floor in front of the handsome newcomers. They stay with mouth wide open when I go with the queen of the evening to a short time room.

Am I happy? Maybe a little bit. But is this really my life. I have learned how to get any woman, in Farangland and Thailand. I wished I had this talent when I was a shy 20-year old young boy. Even Mr. Mystery, the famous writer, would envy
me. I don’t need to barfine girls. I can get any bank clerk or shop attendant.

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Just to get laid don’t proof anything. I’m looking for something more. I need a woman to love me. But who can love an old stupid man?

“Hello sir, what’s your name?” “Can I sit here?” You are welcome. “Do you want a beer my dear?” The lady in her 30+ told me about her English boyfriend. He is big butterfly, don’t give
money for me and the baby. Now stay in Koh Samui with 19 year old girl. Only want boom boom young girl. Forget me.

Two hours later we are in my bungalow, both drunk and laughing about life. I have many beers and 2 Sangsom so the party can go on and on, it’s only early evening. I love you and you love me very much.

Next morning I wake up not feeling so good. Having a tea and speaking Lao in the toilet. Back to bed. Sleeping again, luckily. Around 3 pm I’m waking up. A small boy is jumping in my bed. Am I dreaming? Not feeling good, my stomach
is in chaos.

Slowly opening my eyes. Mmm… smells good, my favorite food, Peking duck. A quick shower… and I need another beer. To the fridge.

What’s your name? I’m Miss Suai and this is my son Kung. I’m cooking for you duck.

Miss Suai and young Mr. Kung looked the same, he almost as a younger brother. Lovely Thai family keeping together.

Later I looked in my wallet, 4000 missing. What is this? Why is she still here, and with her baby? I just have a towel around me and going to the wardrobe. What the hell, where are my shorts and t-shirts… here only dresses and hundreds
of shoes.

I want them to leave… but how to tell politely? Taking one more early afternoon beer from the fridge and going out on balcony to smoke. She is playing with her son inside my bungalow. Black long hair, cute girl. I remember something from
last night, kisses, hugs, a nice blowjob and she swallowed. What the heck, they can stay.

I have a nice bungalow, swimming pool and all possible luxury. My new Miss take good care of me. After 2 weeks her granny moved in, just for a few days. Almost right away my miss went to Phuket for a 2 week business trip. Yes, she is a business
woman, needed to go here and there for 2 weeks every now and then. Me, granny and baby at home in my luxury bungalow.

I’m paying for food, for granny’s house rent and rice farm fertilizers back in Korat. My misses’ sons school fees. My misses business trips to Phuket and Pattaya. I even bought a tractor. Started to be an expensive holiday
and not much time for myself.

One afternoon I took a long walk, just for exercises. Two beers at a noodle place but after I was soon back home taking care of baby and granny. I tried to phone my miss but no answer. She was always very busy with her business clients.

Finally she came home from her Phuket and Kho Samui business trip. Had some spear time for me. Lovely to have my lady back.

I was thinking, she is not perfect but can take care of me and maybe she really loves me. She also let me take care of and pay for her dear family. This is not only about money; I think this is real love. I’m sure.

Saturday we both were at home, me and Miss Suai. I decided to propose, secretly bought a diamond ring for 75,000 THB.

Shy as I am I needed some whisky and also served my lady the most expensive Champagne I could find in Thailand. We cuddled and kissed, I on my knees proposing, giving her the diamond ring and she told YES.

YES, I’m the luckiest man in the world. Hugged her one more time and for the first time my hand was travelling up under her sexy miniskirt, slowly.

I was really horny. Before only oral sex but now… Why to wait for wedding night. So I forgot about my farang values and started to act… all the way up the sexy legs with my hand…

…suddenly I had a big standing cock in my hand.

Stickman's thoughts:

A sexpat is born.

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