Stickman Readers' Submissions October 18th, 2012

Chronicles of a Farang with Good Thai Ladies and Bargirls, Take 1

This is my 2nd submission to Stick's site. I had submitted my first one on 27 / 6 / 2012 (The Ball-less farang…) so this may show some contrast / contradiction so be it as it may, make up your own conclusions.

I go to Thailand, more specifically Bangkok, three to four times a year. I manage to do some business there and earn some money to offset, although very little, my expenses in BKK.

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Like 91.99999% of the Single Farangs visiting the Kingdom, I have been to the bar scene often enough to be recognized in Soi Cowboy and Nana, and in a positive way for sure. I had sampled many ladies, enjoyed them, they enjoyed my money and my company and I actually made a few friends with the mama sans and with quite a few bar girls.

I quickly learned the many deception levels that exist in Thailand thru my experiences with the bar girls and thru reading the local newspapers on daily basis reflecting on the Thai political system and the incredible amount of corruption that goes on. Needless to say, I have not a such high opinion of the social and political structure of Thailand.

Prior to my last visit to BKK, and thru reading many articles about Thailand especially on Stick's site, I decided to try something different this time…to date a "regular working class Thai lady"

I joined a couple of Thai dating sites three months before my arrival to BKK, which was September 2012. I was amazed at how many girls were on these sites. There is a continuous stream of new girls on daily basis. I was mostly successful to accurately tell the bar girls from the regular girls on these sites… Of course there are the clever few who could hide behind the "good girl" image, but once I chatted with them on line, Skype or by actually calling them, it would become clear they were looking for money for sex…

After about four weeks of looking and chatting, I was amazed to have accumulated about 156 ladies who were "interested in me" (not including the old and fat Thai ladies who of course were deleted) and an additional 145 ladies who "I was interested in" . It was a difficult and a daunting task to weed out the ones I really liked and the ones who really liked me for me. I had to narrow the ladies who I would meet to the Bangkok area, so that by itself cut my search in half. After chatting and Skyping with a bunch of them, I narrowed my search down to 15 ladies.

About a week before I landed in BKK, I had chosen 7 ladies to meet and I tried to line them up to meet them consecutively. One problem that arose was that most of them had one day on a weekend for their holiday and some times (for the teachers) had the whole weekend off. So I had to again choose even less ladies for the first few weekends and I would then meet the rest after a few weeks…

I had traveled with a friend of mine who refused to do the on line Thai dating thing and preferred the bar scene and as a result, I had to schedule my plans around his plans since he only had two weeks to spend in BKK. That was not a major problem as it turned out.

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The first one was to meet me on the eve of my arrival. She worked at a factory in BKK and she filled in on line orders for jewelry. I had seen her on Skype, she was 26 and she looked great. We chatted quiet a bit and she struck me as a nice lady. She spoke very good English and she worked at her company for three years… she said!

I told her to meet me at a coffee shop near my apt at 8 pm. In a typical Thai fashion, she shows up at 9:45 pm…with an absolute knock out of a cousin of hers who drove a nice vehicle. The two girls looked like a hi so girls, dressed very sexily but very nicely. I wanted her cousin now, she looked so sexy and cute and she gave me that " I want you look" that only some farangs have seen in Thailand. BUT, she spoke no English!! Crappola (crap in broken Italian)

They both gave me a wai and mild hug when they existed their white Mitsubishi vehicle and I got to feel both of their tight waists and the cousin's tiniest sexy waist.

We had a few drinks and talked while the cousin just played with her Iphone 4S looking at me with those luscious eyes every now and then. My girl, let's call her "A" looked tired but we talked well for a couple of hours. Some of my farangs friends "happen" to drop by to say hello to me and look at my new inventory. I learned that the cousin has a Korean BF who spoke Thai hence her lack of English, but she was willing to learn English and I was willing to teach…for free but for a little affection, I was hoping…LOL

I can tell that they both were ready to leave, so I told them it will be very nice to meet again soon and they both nodded there pretty little heads. I walked with them to their car and I felt their tight bodies again while saying good night. I went back to join my friends who took great pleasure in messing with me and telling me they were never coming back and I actually thought the same.

I sent A a polite SMS that night thanking her and her cute company for their visit, and that was it. I did not say anything about seeing her again, I was playing hard to get (something most farangs do not have the luxury of doing back home in such beautiful company).

Next morning, I received one of the better SMS's in recent days. A said she really liked meeting me and that she will be coming to see me the next day since she has a holiday day coming up. I was excited, she is a very sexy looking girl and she spoke good English.

I did not tell the "guys" about her coming to see me the next day. I wanted them to be surprised.

Next day, she called me and did not hang up like most bar girls do, and she said she is on her way. It was Sunday, So F1 racing was on and my farang friends and I were watching…

Almost at the end of the race and about 20 minutes late, she showed up at the coffee shop dressed in a beautiful sexy black dress that hugged her curvy slim body like no other farang lady's body could! The guys jaws dropped to their erect dicks when she slowly and sexily walked towards me. I stood up and shook her hand, no kiss and no hug and sat her next to me. I watched the race and her, the guys watched her. Vettle won, or some body else, it did not matter.

She was very sweet and inviting and the guys were envious of my catch. These guys are Expats living and working in BKK. They have Thai GF or wives. So they have the same chances that I do even though they are "attached". I wanted to take her to dinner, so two guys "volunteered" to join us. She had a small extra bag she was carrying and she wanted to drop it off some where so she did not have to carry it all night. So I excused us to drop the bag off in my room, clever huh? and then we would come back to go out for the dinner. We went up to my room, as we entered it, she put the bag on the table and took her shoes off. She said she was tired and flopped her sexy body on my freshly "made by the service people" bed. I told her I will freshen up and come right out, she nodded and closed her eyes. I came out to a sleeping beauty. She looked so peaceful. I sat next to her and she moved a bit signaling she was awake. I put my hand on her shoulder and she moved ever so slightly towards me, I new we are on! Yes, she got to me faster than I wanted and she won this battle of wills. But I had not had sex for a couple of months so guys, give me a break!

I gently massaged her hair and she loved it. Stick's readers will know what happened next…It was over an hour of some of the best fun I had had in a long time. She smelled and tasted so good. I forgot my friends who were waiting for me at the coffee shop, so as soon as we finished, I phoned them to tell them we would be there in a jiffy, they were in a talkative mood so they did not notice the hour passing by…

I have been seeing this lady now for over a month, she has proven to be always late but she has been great in the bed and as a companion. All the guys and their ladies liked her and they all looked at me as if I am married to her. They would use the term "GF" and I would firmly correct them by saying "she is just a friend".

In the times that I was not seeing A, I would plan to see the other girls that I planned to see. There was this one girl who looked really nice but was always followed by her older and overly protective sister (who actually was hitting on me) but I decided that his girl will be a total latch on and will cause my freedom to be limited, so I basically would communicate with her very little as I am "busy with work" and she always understood and never bothered me but kept in touch.

Another girl and her "sister" met me and my friend at the Emporium Cinema area for coffee and desserts. These two girls were a lot of fun and we spent a few hours talking and laughing. They invited us to their apt for dinner some time in the future and I thought that was very nice of them. BUT, my lady had a beautiful face, spoke little English and had a big ass and big legs, hence she was out.

Another lady, Da, this is her actual name but there are hundreds of Da's here so not a problem, was a nut case. she is a model, flaky as hell, nice body and nice breasts (siliconed of course but very well done) and had just broken up with her Japanese BF so she was a mental mess. She came to my room crying one night, drank my Costco Tequila, ate all of my food, feel asleep, asked me to massage her back of which I refused unless she massage me after which she refused, so in my mind she was spoiled and she was out. But I had a good time just showing her that I am not desperate like many other farangs and she was surprised and drawn to my actions…she spent the night hugging on to me, next day she left and promised to call me even though I did not ask nor did I expect to see here again. She DID call me to say that she is busy looking for a new place, I had to guess the Japanese funds had dried up and now it is time to go cheaper…

"C" came to see me with her "sister"…she was much heavier than in her on line pictures, but she had a very nice looking face. Her friend, again, was much nicer and I wanted her but she was on the phone non stop with there useless Thai BF. I saw his pictures on FB and he looked like another typical looser, but guess what? he is getting great pussy!

C was over my weight limits, but some how I let her stay with me for the night. I did tell her however that I was leaving back to my country in a few days and that I may not see her again for six months, she still decided to stay.

C was very young and inexperienced in bed and it was not a great time for me although it looked like she enjoyed her self much more than I. Next morning I gave her 300 baht (taxi cost about 100 baths) for a Taxi and she was happy to accept. I was not being cheap, she was not a bar girl and I did treat her as such…

I had so many girls to meet that I ran out of my one month visa. You see, the Thai embassy web site in the US was down for a whole week so I was not able to download the forms for multi entry visa, so I thought I can get another month when I am in BKK…Wrong! you get a measly on extra week or two weeks if u do a boarder bus run or one month if you fly out and back in! this whole mess cost me quite a bit of money, but lesson time multi entry visa or no come to BKK!

I am now sitting in Phnom Phen international airport waiting for my return flight to BKK to, I hope, get another month so I can sample more girls and spend more time with A who turned out to be my favorite…so far!

Mean while, I went to Soi Cowboy and Nana with my friend so he can sample their desserts. Many girls know me at these two places, and many were surprised that I was not taking girls out. They kept asking if I had a GF and I kept saying "no power"…Oh the Web of lies we weave!

BUT, I did take out a couple of girls who I had sampled before. I also spent some time with a couple of ex bar girls who turned "sponsored" or worked at a saloon parlor. Those girls used to be some of my favorites due to their beauty and their enthusiasm in bed! This time, compared to A, they fell very very short. I found that A was a true GFE (girl friend experience, not to insult those who know) and in the four weeks I had seen her on and off, it was the best sex I have ever had even compared to my ex American / Philippina GF! That was / is a big surprise to me since I am now over ten years older, but we were able to have so much quality and quantity sex that I had not seen before in my earlier days.

I am / was still suspicious of A's truthfulness! I know she was still in touch with some other guys either from the websites we met on or from previous relationships. I had small doubt that she has a Thai BF, but it was impossible for me to tell, as it has been shown on Stick's site many times before by so many submissions. My best bet was that she had either a Thai BF or a Thai Gig.

Regardless if A had other men around, we had great time together and she would stay with me for a few days without any interruptions. my biggest concern is that I would smell another man on her, but I did not. BTW, I had asked her to get tested for AIDS and she did and she showed me the "negative" results. Of course, one can go to Koh san road (SP?) and get an Authentic MIT Master's degree certificate in physics for $30, but I had my American friend read and verify the names and the stamp. He can read Thai.

We spent quite a few days together including sleep overs. I would plan to be "busy" when she has that "bad time" of the month so I can sample other sweets.

One day, I saw a message come on her phone saying: how are bb? the name was a farang name. When I asked about it, 99% of Stick's readers would guess the answer, she said he was an admirer who kept on bugging her. So I told her to leave now and come back after she tells every one that she now has a man and is not to be bothered. She was frantic, I was not angry, she left very sad, I thought I am not going to want nor to see her again, She came back the next day, with my permission, and she said she had told them to go away…I did not believe her, but I thought to my self: Don't be dumb, when we are together we have a great time, I am not here to change the Thai woman, enjoy it while I can…So, I let her back in. Since then, she keeps her promises and arrival times to within 15-20 minutes late of course, this is good for a Thai lady in my opinion.

I took her to nice medium priced restaurants, I took her to the Banyan tower bar, it is a 59th floor open bar. I held up my head high as did she, she is high twenties, I am high forties, we look great together, who said that? I did and so did my friends. She dressed nicely with nice jeans and medium height shoes, I had my black attire and my newly custom made BKK Crocodile shoes, we looked hi so but we were not. Yes, I am playing the Thai game. The farangs stared at her sculptured ass and legs, their Thai girls looked at my nice black shirt, bulging pants and thought how a lucky girl she was to have captured such a rich farang…We had Long island drinks each, got a little tipsy, went home, made love for hours and I am not showing off nor kidding…

I say to the feminazis back in the West, eat your shit out…I have freed myself form your lying bullshit. I am dealing with Thai BS now, but there are so many options for me in Thailand, it is great! I am having fun here while you bitches are spreading your poison and your men are drinking it!

Is this stuff real? Am I in the Matrix? who the hell cares. I am enjoying the later years of my life and it is as real as getting a GF in the US with all the BS, fat ass and the attitude! No, I am not an old fat balding guy (and there is nothing wrong with old fat and bald) but I have opportunity in the US that I "chose" not to exercise them! why should I? How can any one in their right mind go for a 30+ year old farang lady with a huge ass and even a bigger lousy attitude when he can go for mid to high twenties sub 90 lbs beauty who has no attitude, great in bed and does not dry up for hours of sex? In the name of all the prophets, Buddhas and all in between please tell me why would any one pick the feminazis over the lying Thai girls?

It has been about a month now. She is fully aware I have to leave soon but I will be back in three months (it is true, I do not lie to them about things like that, they appreciate it), she tells me, without me asking, that she will wait for me and she will stay in touch. She tell me she has never been happier in her life, That I took care of her emotional and sexual needs like no Thai or farang BF had (she said she had one English BF about a year ago). I do not believe a word she said, but I think she meant it, but only for that moment. Once she is in a Taxi back to her apt, she is surely on the phone / chats getting another victim oiled up for the screwing to come. I am sure she is leaving all her options open and I actually want her to. Where ever the truth lies I am not fooling my self, I know she can change her mind in an instant and I am ready to jump ship when the ship is sinking.

Mind you, I only paid for food and drinks when going out together, no more. Well, OK, one day she was low on money and asked me for a taxi fare of 200 baht and of course I did my charity work.

So, so far, this has been the best GFE I have ever had, even better than back in the US. Beautiful body she has, great in bed, always wet, always ready for sex, never complaining, always "up to me" not her, sleeps like an angel, her face is peaceful and cute when she is sleeping next to me, she tastes like honey all the time and I am only exaggerating a little bit, never asked for any money…what else can I ask for you say? Well, not much, BUT, I worry about getting any STD's if she was seeing some one else at the same time. I thought my chances are better with her than with a bar lady? I do not know for sure but I surely hope so.

My next endeavor is to sample a couple more girls in the next month or so while A is on her period. My plan is to have a lady come down form Khon Kaen for a couple of days and go to Koh Samet Island and then another one from BKK to go to Koh Chang?

Damn, I wish I had more money, and I do not mean much more, just a little more to be able to stay in the "hi so" circles in Bangkok…there are so many knock out girls to have for so little effort!

Stay tuned..

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