Stickman Readers' Submissions June 13th, 2012

Another Good One About Thai Good Girls!

To give a quick background to the readers, this is not my first time in the LOS. I'm in my mid forties and over the last four years I've come to Thailand six times and visited most of the tourist cities.

Being a beach type of man I've selected Phuket as my “home port” and since then I've became pretty knowledgeable about the ways things run around here, the best venues to pick up the best chicks and so on..

He Clinic Bangkok

At the beginning, as most farangs who come to Thailand for the first time, I was absolutely impressed about the quantity and quality of women readily available and I started my “mongering career” at the go-go bars.

After a short while, disliking the closed environment and higher prices charged, I swap to the best beer bars of Bangla road where I spent most of the time of my holidays and a good load of money. I bar fined heaps of the most beautiful girls
in the area and in many cases more than one at the same time. After this stage I swap to the discos with all those wonderful knockouts freelancers wearing some sort of business attire and had also some occasional street hookers who enjoyed group
parties! Also, I used to have my phone book filled with numbers of regulars for the unusual times. To be frank with you guys, during that time “I had the time of my life!”

Here comes a paramount quick note for the beginners to Thailand: Don't let any of your more experienced friends guide you through the “wonders” of the LOS. I strongly recommend
you to come by yourself and try to find your own way around. This is not only absolutely amazing and fun but will be a breakthrough in your mind. You will spend all the money you brought for your holidays and perhaps a bit more, you will make
mistakes and try to correct them, you will get involved with the wrong girls and you will live a wonderful dream like nothing before! This priceless experience unfortunately can happen only ONCE IN A LIFETIME, so make sure you don't miss

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Continuing…bar girls frequently move from bar to bar and I use to follow my favorite girls. By this way I got to know some stand alone beer bars far from the mainstream filled with fresh staff that had just stepped off the bus. Most of
them were young and could not speak a single word in English. Even though I managed to go out with some of them and once again had the most amazing sexual experiences of my life! With my old friends and the most experienced girls I had gateways
to other touristic locations in Thailand spending four or five days in sort of never ending honeymoons. The best part of all it was however that they were never jealous if the next day you chose another girl to go out with… It was just part
of “the game”. An amazing and almost unbelievable game!

Due to working reasons my current holiday in Phuket is predicted to last around six months. For this reason after a quite long time living this “dream” I started to get a bit more conscious about the money I was spending every
day which includes not only the nightlife entertainment but also accommodation and other living expenses. In Thailand fortunately you can still in fact live this dream but it may cost you around $ 5.000-10.000THB per day which may end up at around
USD 10.000 per month!
Besides the money you spend at the bars (for yourself and for the girls) another important factor to consider about the nightlife entertainment and the experiences you have with night girls is that they usually happens
late at night when you, her or both of you are quite duly intoxicated. As a result the sexual experiences you have dreamed about during the day while sober may not always happen. As sadly previously noted by another writer it may come as 8 out
of 10 not as good as you expected. But the money will certainly change hands!

Taking into account these both factors I decided to change a bit my lifestyle and instead of meeting night girls I decided to meet them during day time in massage parlors and without any booze. Yes, most of them are happy to deliver their
services privately in your room and for an additional fee to include the “extras”.

The upside of this strategy is that when you start to repeat the same girls, with time they will know your likes and dislikes and as a consequence this can really lead to very satisfactory and healthier sexual experiences overall. The downside
of this practice is that you have to pay the price for the massage itself plus an additional fee to take them out of the shop and on top the “extras”. Also usually masseur’s girls have very limited time to spend with you..

wonderland clinic

Sometimes I think that perhaps I should have stick to this strategy forever… It was giving me sex enough, with good quality of women and I was far more able to control my sexual activities and consequently my budged!

However, as the routine changed and I was not getting drunk from 6:00pm onwards as usual, I started to dine in small local restaurants at regular dinning times. Dinning alone night after night was definitely not the most pleasant activity
and I started to observe many Thai/ Farang couples dinning together in those restaurants. Most of the girls were just average looking girls but certainly good enough for a lonely heart and overall they all appear to be happy and getting very well
along with their farang's partners.

As a consequence and in spite of Stickman and his writers' wise advice I decided that to find one of those average “good” Thai girls for myself wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Being a very happy and one of the greatest “butterflies” in town used to spend every night with a different woman (with no name) this was the first time I thought seriously about this strange possibility. There was no strategy
set or nothing like that; it was just a thought..

After one week or so of this event while doing street shopping I came across to a quite attractive receptionist of a small hotel. I smiled to her and she smiled back. Beautiful smile, around her thirties, very nice face, hair and tooth. Good
height and here I go to ask for the hotel further details…

After knowing the rates and additional details of the hotel I asked about her shift hours and she promptly replied that she was working the early shift from 7:00am to 4:00pm and after that, I left.

Next day before four o'clock I was back to that hotel reception. I asked her if she would be interested in going to watch a movie that night with me and she replied yes. We made the arrangements for around 10 pm and we met in front of
the mall. She was wearing that typical “Good Thai Girl” type of dress, no high heels, not too much make up, etc..

The movie time went ok and then, after a quick bite somewhere we ended up in my hotel room.

She made sex as it was the very last night of her life and then requested to sleep absolutely clutched. Also, she smelled wonderful, had an extremely beautiful toned body well finished with superb silicon breasts making her more than a very
pleasant companion for the night and I was really very happy to have found her!

At 6:00am sharp she woke up, took shower, got dressed and told me that I have forgot to pay her. I told her that I thought she was a hotel receptionist and not “another kind” of professional. She replied that she were indeed
the hotel receptionist however that she also to goes with men, at least whenever possible…She said her fees were 2.000 THB and I paid her.

The same evening she called me and asked me if I wanted to see her again. Somehow I could not say no and another amazing night went through. At the morning her 2.000THB were on the table before she left.

One day went by without contacts and then she calls again asking if I would like to spend the night with her. I replied that yes but that I could not afford another THB 2000. Her reply was that she could consider some discount and in half
an hour she was at my placer and we were in bed!

Since then, this lovely lady has been sleeping in my bed for the last 30 days. We have made some sort of financial agreement that I can afford and she is (quite) happy, even being very far from the initials 2.000THB/day. She comes everyday
straight from work and besides the amazing sex I have with her I have also a partner for watching TV, walking on the beach, going to the movies and no more lonelier dines! Apparently all goes well, but then comes the problems…

She has her shift changed from the early to the later… This means now she works from 3 to 11pm. As a consequence she now has more time to sleep during the mornings and wants go out at nights (btw- Bangla Road environment! )

As a nice “boy-friend” I offer to take her out and we start the night at a conventional Irish pub with good life music. Times goes by, both of us start to get a bit drunk and we decide to move to more exciting places such as
the discos always packet with hookers, freelancers and well shaped young farangs more than willing to go for the kill! My lovely new “girlfriend” simply goes crazy! She acts like a child in a candy store not knowing from where to
start or who to flirt first. She instinctively chooses her best hunting spots and even starts touching other men trying to initiate conversations, ignoring completely my presence on the opposite side of the table…

She is completely drunk. I bring her home and make love with her perhaps far better than most of those well shaped farangs could ever deliver. Yes, I'm in my mid forties but I have long experience with Brazilian women whose as previously
noted simply do not accept anything less than four times per night! And this is for them, not counting yours, boys! My new “girlfriend” is however uncommonly wet and I start to get worried..

Time goes by, no more nights out and she asks me to use my computer to go to Facebook. I let her in and she immediately starts messaging and chatting with other men telling how much she miss them and inviting those abroad to come back to
Thailand to meet her again. When I asked her if she had slept with all those “friends” (more than a hundred) her cheerful answer was “most of them!”, adding that however men don't necessarily need to be her friend
for her to go sleep with ….
Only one time happened that she answered a phone call in the middle of the night while sleeping by my side. It was from an “very old friend” to whom she was openly declaring herself, saying she was
now single, feeling lonely and missing him so much…

Well, boys….That night I kicked her out almost naked and throw all her belongings out from the room's window.

Next day after a sort of “mild” apology I accepted her back and we agree to leave this incident behind. Since then by her sole initiative there were no more nights out, any more face book trades and no more phone calls in the
middle of the night. Yes! I have to place a note here that she was definitely making an extra effort to come to the lines!

An interesting fact about her life and our relationship however happened when she received a picture on her e-mail. The picture showed her with a quite old guy. I played with her about the fact and she replied that in fact she didn't
go out with that man. The reason for that was because at that particular night she has had already met with other 3 men before meeting him after she stopped working at 4:00pm and met him at around 9pm.

The even more intriguing fact comes with the date and the outfit on the photo….Yes my people, this was the day I first met her for the movie and she delivered that extremely good services before sleep clutched to me! Therefore I strongly
believe I have been her 4th or 5th customer of the day!

Relationship goes on and I come to know that she has a quite serious health issue derived from her silicone implanted breasts that if not rapidly treated can lead to a breast cancer. The fact is true as I read a few different medical reports
and I could feel it by myself. The solution may rise in something around $ 60.000THB plastic surgery if nothing else is found… Almost at the same time I'm made aware that there is also a 5 YO boy to take care of and her rent is due to pay!

As we say in Brazil: The type of woman that has more problems than a Police Station!

Soon after that we are returning from one of our excursions to different hospitals in town trying to find a cheaper solution to her breasts issue. As it was a heavy rainy day, for safety reasons we decided to go in two different motorbikes,
me driving my brand new Honda and she on her 20 YO rusty piece of iron with no brand. Suddenly when we are in a desert part of the road her bike has a mechanical problem and she has to stop. After a brief discussion she decides to stay with her
motorbike ( ?? ) and I go try to find mechanical aid. On my way I start thinking about all the wrongs she has done, her serious medical condition with the high costs involved and possible further consequences. I also think about the rent due and
that 5 YO boy with all his increasing future needs……as the mechanic shop is seen through my rear mirror..

In conclusion, I deeply respect the Thai people and its culture overall. I also understand that women here are not valuated as they are in foreign countries and as a consequence some poor girls, from the northeast of the country are raised
to find their ways of living through prostitution. It has to be taken into consideration however that this has been probably one of the most attractive sides of the tourism in Thailand and has definitely contributed to make Thailand as a worldwide
known tourist destination and brought millions of THB into the economy.

I also don't think that any of these girls can never adapt to a different lifestyle than explicit and daily prostitution. Even if you offer them a large comfy home, kids, plenty of food in the kitchen and two brand new Mercedes in the
garage. I truly believe that what they expect, need, want and like is to be treated as street dogs preferably with no mercy. In addition I don't think none of us deserves to sleep clutched to a piece of filthy shit or a bag of sperm that
will easily sleep with any handicapped dog if there is nobody else on the outlook.

As have been said many times in the past and most likely will continue to be said in the future “You can always take a girl out of the bar, but you will never be able to take the bar from inside the girl.”

Another famous saying that I like very much is: If you don’t think it is a wise idea to marry a street hooker in your own country perhaps it is also not a good idea to do it somewhere else!

And that very basic one: Who plays with fire, ends up burned!

Yes folks, I left my Thai friend on that road, in the middle of nowhere, disturbed by a serious medical condition, with a broken motorbike and under a heavy rain. She didn't contacted me anymore and I never saw her again. Maybe it was
just a coincidence, or perhaps that was in fact the right place for her… As a filthy street dog I believe she is nowadays making her living sleeping with whoever happens to stop nearby.

As they all like and seems quite proud of to say around here: In the end of the day, it is all about money!


I found myself disagreeing with some of your thoughts and found myself confused by parts of this article, which I put down to language issues.

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