Stickman Readers' Submissions April 26th, 2012

Sex vs. Morals – A Light-Hearted View

Do you go to Thailand and spend time with the bargirls? Do you enjoy it, but does it feel you are not being true to your morals?

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That's the thing about Thailand – It offers you the choice of having sex, or having morals.

And sex wins every time! Of course it does! If you have morals for an hour, do you sit on your balcony afterwards, enjoy a Jack Daniels, and think to yourself – "Ahh.. you know, life isn't so bad…"

I KNOW it's immoral. That DOES matter to me. I really don't like being immoral. Unfortunately, it means just a little bit more to me to have good sex than to have good morals.

The Thai bargirl scene is the only area of my life where I don't have good morals. I like to help people. I never want to hurt anyone.

I think Thai girls are beautiful. When you spend time with bargirls in Thailand, you face questions from girls (and men) back home – "That's just because you can't get a nice girl in England!"

Yes, that's true. That is exactly right. I can get a girl in England, but she would be significantly less attractive than those available in Pattaya.

"You have to pay for it!" Well I don't HAVE to pay for it, I could get it for free from much worse looking girls at home. I have done so many times. I'm sure most people have. But I like to pay for it, just like I pay for my shoes. I always like to wear the best shoes. I could probably wear much worse shoes, for free or very little money, or if I went to a charity shop or a rubbish tip. But I like to pay for my shoes because I want good shoes.

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"Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll" goes the saying. That suggests all three things have equal value. And I think they do. Are good drugs, and good rock'n'roll free? Absolutely not! Gotta pay for them, of course you gotta pay for them. No-one disputes that. So why should good sex be free?

I once saw a documentary about Manchester United fans who lived in Torquay (which is a town in the south with a small football team). Every week these fans left Torquay to travel up to Manchester. This is not seen as a good thing in England. They were interviewed with barely disguised disgust and disdain. "Why don't you stay in your hometown and support Torquay?"

But I understood them. They could stay in Torquay and experience that level of football, or they could get on a bus for 7 hours, pay more and watch Manchester United.

It's crazy really, when you think about it, that in the west you have to find LOVE just to get sex. That's almost impossible rules! Even David Beckham may go through his entire life, and only find love once. That's David Beckham! So how do us losers hope to enjoy a good amount of sex? It's Thailand for us.

If you do choose that path – enjoy it, and treat the girls well.

People may not want to hear this, but let's be honest here – Sex in Thailand works because it's the sex-starved meeting the money-starved.

A lot of men who have successful relationships back home will not know what it's like to be sex-starved, and I salute you. You are the lucky ones. For the rest of us, we know what it's like for months to pass without sex.

And it's the same for a lot of the bargirls about money. They grew up in a country with no handouts. They truly know what it's like to be separated from money for long periods.

When we meet, as consenting adults, both parties are satisfied. It may be immoral, but like I say, if you can get past that, you're in for a great time in Thailand.

See, I wish I could get these hot girls at home, but like a lot of guys, I'm no Russell Brand. It's ok to admit that – not everyone is.

Russell Brand says he is a sex addict. Russell, my friend, we probably ALL would be! You're the only one lucky enough to find out! If I looked like Russell Brand, I'd be a sex addict by Tuesday.

Sex is a need, but because it's not up there with food and water, it is dismissed as something not really that important. But it is. People act differently if they are having good, regular sex. I live in London, and I wonder a simple truth to myself – would the riots have turned out differently if the rioters had had sex twice earlier that day?

In about 500 years in London, once we've worked out the importance of sex on a daily basis, university students will discuss this current age with fascination. It will seem weird to them that we couldn't work it out. They will ask their teacher, "But Mr. Jones, if the people 500 years ago weren't getting enough sex, weren't they angry a lot of the time?"

"Yes Johnny, they were."

"But Mr. Jones, didn't that mean they were always fighting, and having wars and stuff?"

"Yes Johnny, that's exactly what happened."

"Why didn't they just have more sex?"

"We don't know."

If you are feeling depressed, your doctor will not recommend you go to Thailand. But he should recommend it. A great week in Bangkok, Samui or Pattaya can totally recharge your batteries. The doctor will tell you to get off work, stay at home, and take prescription pills. I say get on that plane to Bangkok!

Just keep things in perspective. If you meet a good bargirl, it can all seem very real. Spend a week with a gorgeous, attentive girl and it will feel like a honeymoon. You'll think to yourself – "She can't possibly be faking this."

And it's true – she's not faking. But it's important to remember that the relationship you have with a bargirl is similar to the relationship you have with a neighbour's cat.

Ever go round to a friend's house and their cat comes up to you straight away? You stroke it and it starts purring. You sit down and have a cup of tea, and the cat comes and sits on your lap. It starts really purring, that deep, satisfied purring. Then you leave, and the cat doesn't think about you again until the next time you arrive.

Deep down, we are all really the same. Enjoy your life. You only get one, and you're not getting out of it alive. On your deathbed, you won't wish that you had less sex.


Treat the girls with respect, only spend time with girls who treat you with respect and keep it all in perspective…and then everyone does ok from it.

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