Stickman Readers' Submissions April 26th, 2012

My Thoughts on “What A Horrible Country”

I have been traveling to Thailand for 14 years and I too have noticed a dramatic change. I do not think Thailand is a horrible country. I think it is great!

From my observations, Thailand has been attracting some aggressive groups of people. No, I am not racist or against anyone from any specific country. But I noticed that on my last trip March 2012, that people from India, and Iran usually
travel in groups and are aggressive. For example, I was walking down a road close to Big C and I walked by this Iranian restaurant. A group of Iranian guys (about 8) walked out of the restaurant and blocked the side walk in front of me. I tried
maneuver my way through this group while they were maneuvering to block my way.

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One night I was at KFC by Big C at the counter ordering food, and 2 guys from India walked between me and the cashier and tried to interrupt my order and order some food for themselves from the same cashier I was talking to. I started to
tell them to get out of my way and go fxxx themselves, but I did not travel to Thailand to get into a fight and go to jail (or pay the requisite tea money to stay out).

One morning I was in Burger King at the counter ordering food and this guy from Europe who had been sitting at a table walks up to the counter by me and grabs the menu I was ordering off of. He said "I was here before you" in an
aggressive, hostile manner and walked away with the menu back to the table where he was sitting. Now by this time I had had enough of people who behave in this manner so I gave him the I am going to kill you look and tried get him to come back
up to the counter. But he did not have the balls to do anything else. I was in Pattaya for 17 days and all of this happened during that time period.

Prior to this trip I had only had one experience with aggressive people in Thailand. In the year 2008 I was exchanging money at an exchange booth by my hotel in Pattaya. A women from India walked up beside me and tried to stop the Thai lady
from exchanging my money. She wanted the Thai women to exchange her money first. The Thai woman had this look of disgust on her face when the women from India did this and the Thai woman just ignored her and exchanged my money. I wanted to tell
the women to fxxx off but I just ignored her and exchanged my money.

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The Indian woman said "but I am Indian" as if this gave her some priority or special treatment. Apparently she did not like waiting her turn in line so she went to get her husband. After exchanging my money I walked over to a store
to buy some things. This Indian woman walked up to me with her husband and she was pissed and so was her husband. But, her husband was a coward when he saw me. He changed his mind about doing what she wanted him to do. I am about 5' 11"
230 lbs and mostly muscle from my weightlifting days, and he got message when I gave him the I am going to kill you look.

I do not think that Thailand is a horrible place. I love Thailand. I just think their tourist authority has targeted the wrong countries. Also, it could be because I am American and people from Iran and India do not like Americans.

My response to that is tough shit….I am not going anywhere…..

Stickman's thoughts:

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Ah, ok, so I may have seen you before. A guy walking out of McDonalds for breakfast gave me that look when I photographed him. He was about 5' 11'' and 230 pounds so may have been you….

Seriously though, Burger King for breakfast?!

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