Stickman Readers' Submissions April 30th, 2012

I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

The title of this sub is also a Katy Perry song title, although I have to admit I’m not a big fan of her music. The type of girl I am referring to in the sub is a ladyboy / shemale / katoey / transgendered person or whatever you like to call them.
See, I’m a fan of this so-called third sex. Before I continue I’d like to clarify that these are in fact men and therefore my attraction to them is a homosexual one. I don’t subscribe to the theory that straight guys like ladyboys.
I mean a straight man could experiment alright but it’s not what I’m talking about. I’d also like to clarify why I’m writing this sub. Basically I’m confused. I’ve always found myself attracted to women and have had
a few (not many) heterosexual relationships with women. In fact I’m in one now. I haven’t told anyone about my “altered ego” because to be perfectly honest I’m not that comfortable with it. I certainly haven’t divulged
my preferences to my current girlfriend and this is causing me to worry. I regularly have sex with her, although after living together for one year I find that I have to fantasise about other women to get myself in the mood. I could go through
a period of lusting for a ladyboy where I would go to the toilet to relieve myself. I won’t go into the details as I appreciate this is a family oriented site (that was a joke).

I met my girlfriend in Melbourne and she’s from the Philippines. I have read all the subs about the Philippines with great interest. My partner has never stepped into a bar area and all her family that currently live in Australia are
honest, hardworking people. She’s honest and hardworking and so full of love and affection that you wouldn’t believe it. I’m crazy about her and she feels the same as me, I’m her first. Regarding the stereotypes; I’m not
going to paint a population of 90 million people with the same label as being either “honest” or “dishonest” cause I’m sure within that population there is a wide variety of different types. In fact it’s kind of funny
how people label the Thais or Philippinos in a negative light. I mean, let’s be honest, I’m from the UK and personally know enough scoundrels that live on my street alone to write subs just like the ones written in Stick’s site.
Think of all the dishonest people living in your corner of Farangland and now imagine those same people living in third world poverty and you get the idea.

So back to the ladyboys… I remember going into a ladyboy bar in Nana Plaza and it was quite shocking. They were all quite aggressive and crowded around me and the whole thing was quite intimidating. So I went into the other ladyboy bar
on the first floor of Nana, the one on the left. I got talking to the bar girl / man and ended up taking him / her home for a freebie, although I did have to pay for the taxi fare home. It was an experience I’d rather forget cause although
she was a bit of a laugh he wasn’t that pretty. Some of the ladyboys I’ve met in Pattaya are right up my street. I just love that full hipped look. Call me a sicko but yum…

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My first inkling that I liked trannies was on a trip to Amsterdam. I saw the most sexy tranny in one of the windows but I didn’t partake cause I was with my mates and didn’t want them to know I liked that sort of thing. I’ll
have to be honest in saying that I find watching tranny porn far more arousing than straight porn. Still though, I like women. Maybe it’s just me kidding myself or whatever, I really don’t know but I would love to hear from like-minded
individuals about the whole matter. I’m in a steady job and live with my partner and it looks like we will stay together and get married and do all of that. It’s like the rest of my life is mapped out in front of me. Exactly what Thailand
afficionados detest. Well for me I don’t mind it too much. What’s the alternative? Moving to Thailand? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed visiting there but there’s just no way I could possibly live there full time. I find it hard
enough living in a civilised western society, so thoughts of moving somewhere I get treated as a second class citizen terrifies me. I’m not 100% on the whole having kids thing but I’m not sure I want to be childless either. I’m
hitting 40 soon and if you haven’t already gathered from this sub I can be a bit indecisive at times. Really! My main issue is with my partner. As I’ve already said I’m her first boyfriend and she’s really extremely innocent
with no real world experience. She’s honest and gentle and doesn’t talk about people behind their backs and that’s the values most important to me in a mate. She’s also beautiful. I’m not sure how I’d tell her. She
went through a phone of mine while I was in the gym and found photos of women (real ones) and texts from my Thailand trips from before we met. Not impressed. Even now if I mention that I like Thai food she bristles up and gives me the silent treatment.
How on earth would she react if I said: Hey honey you know I fxxxked about 10 ladyboys in the ass on my last trip to Thailand! Wouldn’t go down well at all.

What the real issue is whether or not I’m being honest. I mean, if a 100% hetero guy fancies other women and wants to sleep with them does he tell his wife this? I’m guessing the answer is no. Likewise with a women, she wouldn’t
tell her husband that she fancies his boss / best friend whatever. So is it wise for me to tell my partner that in the words of Peter Parker “I’m not like other guys”…. Should I tell her I fancy ladyboys? Would that be in my best
interests? If I’m being honest this has caused me a lot of stress and worry. It’s a funny thing cause I’m not 100% straight or gay. I don’t identify with people who like Barbara Streisand or Glee but I’m also not a macho
idiot either. Somewhere in between. Today my other half is in work so I can read Stickman on my laptop on Chrome incognito. My Saturday ritual. It’s a funny thing but if I told her I regularly read a site like Stick’s on my phone she
would be extremely upset. No offence, Stick, but I was in an internet cafe one day and I put up your site and all you could see across the top was adverts for ladyboy escorts or Viagra girl. Most people would find this content offensive. Even
though porn is consistently in the top 10 internet search words entered into web searching browsers. But you get my drift. Reading Stick is part of my “double life”. To me it’s not a double life at all, just a thing that I have
an interest in that I don’t feel comfortable sharing with certain people. That’s all really.

My life right now is very healthy and I’ve really no reason to complain. I’m happy really, I mean there are certain aspects I would like different but I don’t think I’m alone there. Really I just wanted to vent some of
what I’m thinking. I actually wrote to a famous “sex expert” who has a problem page but she didn’t print my letter. Maybe my email address sent the letter straight to her junk folder. I don’t know why that happens with
email addressed I made specifically for sending letters into Stick. So yeah that’s pretty much it, I’d be happy to hear opinions from the Stickman readership. Preferably people in similar circumstances. I love the site, Stick. Keep up
the good work. I guess you’ll have to until you win the Lotto and move back to NZ (are you even allowed to do the Lotto being a farang in Thailand?). Anyways, that’s all from me.

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It sounds very much like you have it straight in your mind (awful pun, I know) that you’re not heterosexual, but you’re not homosexual either. Plenty of people are bi-sexual, a good number like ladies and ladyboys – and quite a few such people read this site.

If you’re sure that you’re into both ladies and ladyboys, that’s fine! It’s your choice. It might be a choice that some people see as unusual, perhaps even questionable but it is YOUR RIGHT to choose. Exercise that right! Of course, it may be prudent not to disclose to certain parties your sexual preferences as they may struggle to accept them.

I think you have to be honest with yourself about your existing relationship. You’ve all but said that you don’t want to commit to a life of marriage and children are something you’re uncertain of. I always say you should only get married if you really want to start a family – and you’re not in that position.

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Moving on, your partner went through your phone? Sorry, but that is INSTANT DISMISSAL to me. No ifs or buts and in football terms that’s a straight red card! Further, she seems a little close-minded to some of the things you’re interested in such as Thai food. Is this really the right person to be involved in a relationship with? I’d suggest that you seriously reconsider your relationship with her – which is a polite way of saying it might be time to part ways. Long-term your goals are different and that alone is reason to split up, in my humble opinion.

As far as getting involved with ladyboys in a long-term relationship, that’s something I don’t know about. I know that there are readers in that situation and hopefully some of them will get in contact with you. Or better still, they might even pen a full-blown submission on the topic.

Good luck! I hope it goes well for you!

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