Stickman Readers' Submissions March 5th, 2012

Baby Doll

It is amazing how just a minute or two can change the course of someone’s life.

A little over a year ago I was in Baby Dolls a-go-go in Pattaya, showing a German friend a side of life he doesn’t usually see. For those who don’t know the place, some of the girls there are totally uninhibited, much more so
than in a regular go-go place. There is a rubber play mat at one end of the bar, a shower at the other end, and the theme is hands-on for those who claim a ringside seat.

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My friend and I were sitting near the shower when one of the showgirls aggressively leapt at us as she arrived. Her face as well as her body was tattooed and we jumped back in fright and quickly moved to another area. What chance has she
got of leading a normal life. I heard that she was always drunk and has left there now and is working at a similarly themed bar. It is difficult to imagine what the ‘showgirls’ will be like in later life. The way they act and allow
their bodies to be used must damage them mentally, but at least for now they put on a show, an image, of liking what they do.

At first I couldn’t see one girl there that appealed to me so we decided to finish up our beers and leave. But there is also a central area with regular dancing, some topless, some not. These are more ‘normal’ girls,
and one of these was sitting with a customer. Now, she looked nice enough but as she was busy I was resigned to not making contact. However, her customer then left and she walked past me and I stopped her for a quick chat. It was only about 30
seconds or so, but I liked her manner and told her I’d be back after I showed my newbie friend more of Walking Street.

As things worked out, we were lured into Fahrenheit and I didn’t return for a couple of nights, but then I barfined her and took her back to my hotel. My instinct had been spot-on, and she was the most affectionate girl I have ever
met in my life. I was completely taken aback. Soft-spoken, she is not a stunner to look at but pleasant enough, and with perfect English. She doesn’t have any tramp stamps, and has little or no sign of having given birth. I bought her out
the next night too, and then had to return to my wife in Bangkok.

She later e-mailed me which surprised me a little as I’d only spent a couple of evenings with her, and a couple of months after my first visit I managed to do an overnighter to Pattaya to see her again. The e-mails continued, and as
it was difficult for me to get to Pattaya she offered to come up to Bangkok to meet me there instead. Now, I should make it clear that I had offered her no vast sums of money. I had paid her a normal fee for her time and we got on well and were
comfortable with each other. Nothing more than that, but she was happy to go to the considerable inconvenience of coming to Bangkok to see me for a few hours. I thought that was interesting.

Then, in November, her life changed. She lent her motorbike to a ‘friend’ who promptly disappeared with it. She was devastated, and stopped work to walk the streets of Pattaya trying to find it. On one occasion I called her
she was crying so much she couldn’t speak. She never did find the bike, and now without money she was persuaded by a friend to try working in Singapore. It was sudden, with her leaving within a day or two. I knew nothing of this until I
received an SMS asking me to call her and I saw it was a Singapore number. She contacted me because I had planned to meet up with her again and she wanted me to know where she was.

She was supposed to be there for a month but in less than a couple of weeks she wanted to come home. She was working from 8 PM until 6 AM at Orchard Towers – the famous Four Floors of Whores – and the money she was making was going on taxi
fares on the long ride to and from work and to the people who organised her trip. Now, we’ve all heard stories of girls being trapped by debt and not being able to return home and I was very concerned, but luckily she had been allowed to
keep her passport. And a “nice Thai man” helped her book a flight out before her month was up.

When she got back to Thailand she retreated to the family farm in Issan, where her family grow sugar cane. I called her when she was there and heard the chickens. She stayed there for over a month, but had to return to Pattaya to earn money
to help her parents and for the son she inevitably was left with by a boyfriend who did a runner. She tried working at Kinneree, without salary. I haven’t been there but the place appears to be a kind of indoor and luxurious Soi 6, and
the idea was that she would make money from commission on drinks and any ST/LTs she could arrange. That didn’t go well as she told me some of the girls there wore bikinis and she didn’t want to do that. They presumably got the business
and she didn’t.

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She was obviously struggling and didn’t particularly like what she was doing, so on her next trip to see me I suggested that she might consider moving to Bangkok, where she had a cousin, and get a ‘regular’ job, and if
she did so I would help her by paying her rent. I sounded Stick out on the idea too and he suggested that, with her excellent English, there should be plenty of jobs available. So it proved to be. She liked the idea, and after waiting for me to
have my regular week working in Pattaya last month and spending every night with me for little payment, she travelled to Bangkok and has found a job that she began this month.

Because of my domestic circumstances I will usually only be able to see her for a few hours on a Sunday evening on her day off. As well as her rent I will also pay her a token 1000 baht for her time for each evening I see her, but she will
be paid in one sum each month, in an envelope, so there will be no feeling, for me or her, that I am paying her each time as if she were still a bargirl. I’m happy to do that, and it doubles the modest salary she gets for working in a store.
I guess she could be seen as my ‘mia noi’, my minor wife, but I don’t really pay her enough to give her that tag. Minor minor wife, perhaps?

I questioned why she was so happy to spend time with an old fart like me, and she said that age didn’t matter as much as that I was a kind person. I also don’t get drunk. She hated that with the young guys she used to meet up
with in her ‘previous life’. She also liked that I kept my word and came back to see her. These girls hear that all the time and the guy rarely returns as promised. There are just so many other ‘attractions’.

As I said, she’s just nice to be with. We are comfortable with each other and can sit in silence without it being strained. She continues to be wonderfully affectionate. I can walk with her in public without receiving knowing stares
from the locals as she often dresses more like an Issan girl than a hooker, often in jeans or shorts. If you were looking for a sexy girl in a short tight dress she isn’t the one, although she does also dress up nicely and in good taste.
She’s just a nice girl trying to get by, and I have been able to guide her into being able to do that without selling herself.

It’s interesting that, if her customer on that first night I saw her had lingered, I would have left the bar without speaking with her and she would probably not now be out of the ‘business’ and leading a more respectable
life, one in which she can hold her head up high. I am very happy to have played a part in that.

Stickman's thoughts:

It's GREAT to hear about girls who manage to turn their life around. As a young, mildly attractive girl, sooner or later she will want a serious boyfriend and hopefully when that time comes she will meet someone nice, and she will be honest with that guy and push you away and see you as no more than a friend.

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