Stickman Readers' Submissions November 8th, 2011

A Different Take On Bar Economics

I just read the post on bar economics.

Note: With all of my examples I am talking about a reasonably attractive (although not a stunner) 25ish year old lady. I am not including overweight ladies (in the USA) or older ladies (in Thailand). I do think that these groups don’t make the
kind of money I am talking about – and honestly I am quite puzzled why they would choose this line of work since I doubt they make very much money at it. Conversely, I think the stunners make an absolute killing compared to “normal”
money in either country.

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In the USA an unskilled girl can earn ~$10/hour in a normal job. This is higher than minimum wage because moderately attractive females back in the USA land better jobs based on their looks alone. After taxes she is perhaps making $8 an hour. Thus, she
is making about $320 per week for 45 hours of work in a normal job (5 hours added for travel time).

If that same girl posts her services on back pages she can easily earn $200 in a few hours. I say a few hours because this includes preparation and travel time. Let’s say she can see 10 customers a week doing this and it takes her about 30 hours
in total. She is earning $2,000 for 30 hours of work. She is earning about 6 times as much money compared to another job and works only 2/3 of the time. She basically doesn’t have to pay taxes on this money, either.

These numbers are rough but I actually think they are realistic. It doesn’t account for the fact that the same lady might make more or less in some cities – but then her “ordinary” job wage would change as well. She might also
be from another country and not even be able to get another job – and perhaps we aren’t even comparing this high wage to her potential wage back home (which would increase this multiplier profoundly).

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Let’s do the same thinking for an unskilled Thai working lady in the Farang sector.

She can choose to work at a place like Tesco or 7 Eleven and earn ~2,000 THB per week (please correct me if I am wrong here, Mr. Stickman) <No need, you're spot onStick>. In this job she is likely working
most days of the month, and probably many more hours than the 40 in the USA. I doubt she has to pay taxes on this money, though, which is favorable compared to the USA.

By comparison she can work at the bar. Based on what I’ve read and seen in person (by hanging out at the same bars night after night for hours and watching closely) the decently attractive young lady is maybe making 10k THB per week. This number
could certainly be off a bit depending on the girl – it mostly depends on how aggressive they are. But I think this is reasonably accurate. It is also likely that she will have to work many more hours than her western sister.

So what does all of this mean? In Thailand the unskilled lady is once again making several times as much as she could with an ordinary job. Unlike what the other post on the subject implies, I actually think that in terms of “bottom line”
pay, the girl in Thailand is actually makes *less* in this profession relative to ordinary work compared to the west. I think the reason for this is that the supply of “low skill”, attractive females is higher in Thailand. This is
for a number of reasons – worse education system, family pressures and Thai culture and because obesity hasn’t hit Thailand like America (yet).

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All of the “official” numbers on the subject are basically just garbage. I don’t trust them *at all*. The numbers given for the number of sex workers, number of johns and number of encounters vary at a very ridiculous rate between
studies. Almost none of these sources produce any sort of scientific methodology, either. It is basically just pure guesses being stated as fact. I think focusing any thought on them is a waste of mental resources.

Finally I just wanted to point out that a guy coming to Thailand as a sex tourist absolutely does make sense to me. Anyone looking for *any* type of long term “girl friend experience” is going to be saving a *ton* of money. For example,
in Pattaya a girl will stay with a guy for a whole day for 50 USD. I imagine the same thing in the USA would cost well over a thousand dollars. Anyone looking to take a girl for 4 days or longer is already saving a lot of money compared to live
back home. And this ignores all of the other benefits of traveling – experiencing new things, better weather, beaches, etc. I really don’t think many guys come out to Thailand with the sole intention of short timing 5 girls and then
leaving. I think that is just completely unrealistic and I give people a lot more credit than that to make good decisions for themselves.

Stickman's thoughts:

Certainly for anyone looking for the so-called girlfriend experience, I cannot imagine the sort of money you would have to pay in the West to get that. I guess it's available, but it would probably be silly money…

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