Stickman Readers' Submissions August 31st, 2011

Attention S2000

I thought about writing a reply to S2000's “At The Bottom Of The Totem Pole” story and decided to reluctantly
do it. I say reluctantly because I have quite a high regard for the bloke but certain items in his story need to be debated.

First of all to set the record straight; he had more than one “negative” response to his original story and I was one of those who took him to task.

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Let's get this out in the open here and now, S2000's main beef with this guy's remarks were that he felt his character was brought into question.

I don't want to go there as I've never met S2000 and although I exchanged a number of emails with him and sent him some children's books at his request I can only judge him by his own writings, his omissions and reading between
the lines.

I'd like to focus more on his decision making as in the bigger picture, not just in his employment, but why he chose to live in Thailand. Of all the details he supplied us with, regarding his lifestyle in Thailand there's scant
evidence as to the reasons why he chose not to live in his native America. One would assume that an American with his democratic and fair minded values would not want to expose himself to the injustices he so ably demonstrated in his stories.
Unless he enlightens us as to the REAL REASONS why he burnt his bridges and as a result he has to endure injustices in Thailand we'll always have doubts and some people would question his character. One can easily understand certain imperatives
why someone would make himself an exile, be it for criminal actions for instance (no way I'm suggesting this in his case) of financial constraints or family matters, just to name a few; but if S2000 wants to defend himself he needs to come
clean. It's one thing to run a commentary on your private life in a small town in Thailand and give people an insight and quite another to complain about things which you created for yourself and your family by making decisions which you
rue later.

I mean after all, who forced you to live in a country which you yourself documented to be undemocratic, lawless and prejudicial? A country in which you're an alien without legal rights.

A country which tolerates you only because you have a bit more money than the average Thai.

If Thailand is as bad as S2000 depicted in his original story and it wasn't the first time he pointed out major flaws, then why would you want to have your young son grow up there?

Well, I can give you as many reasons as he himself why Thailand is cheaper than his home land as for living costs or medical costs or housing costs, etc..but they're only part of the story and we already know about that from his scribblings.
What we don't know is why America was impossible to live in for him and his family? <Who said it was "impossible?"Stick>

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Now if he'd explain that to us we may understand his predicament better and get the story of what decisions he made back in the old US of A which necessitated him to settle in Thailand which he loves so much except can't stand how
he is treated. There's a certain lack of logic here IMO.

The problem as I see it for him is that he can't say what he won't acknowledge. His presentations are partial but if we don't know the full story only he can tell it. So far he tells what he wants us to validate.

Well, I'm willing to do that if I'm fully informed however nobody asked S2000 to regale us with his personal and detailed recounting of his life in downtown Lampang. He feels the need to do that and now he can't accept the

It's up to you mate. You want to wear your heart on your sleeve better not wear a T shirt.

If I didn't know it myself I'd only have to read several of S2000's stories to see how bad Thailand is for expats like him. Yet he said a number of times he loves Thailand. Seems a bit of a contradiction if you ask me.

An American who embodies democracy, equality, fair play and freedom loves democratic, lawful Thailand. Give me a BREAK!

Then again it's been known for people who get themselves into a dead end and burned their bridges to have a good dose of denial.

There are lessons to be learnt here; don't advertise your stupidity or failings. Most of your private details are just that and nobody's business. Don't volunteer it because it may come back and bite you in the ass.

Have some people close to you you can confide in and who can mentor you. Especially when you're away from your home country. Don't lay yourself bare to all and sundry then feel hard done by. You make your bed and lay in it.

Good luck to you all.

Stickman's thoughts:

You ask how Sawadee2000 came to Thailand, yet that question is answered in GREAT DETAIL with his "How it all Began" series which over 10 parts and 20,000+ words outlines his journey from the USA to Thailand!

In fact, just about every question you ask here of the gentleman – note the deliberate use of the word "gentleman" – has been answered in Sawadee2000's many subs over the years. For all we know, Sawadee2000 might not have intended to have kids in Thailand...
Sometmes these things happen!

It is quite possible to live somewhere, enjoy it, even love it, but be frustrated by it at the same time. And that is the situation that Sawadee2000 and many expats – me included – find themselves in. You CAN love something and be frustrated by it at the same time!

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