Stickman Readers' Submissions July 13th, 2011

There Is None So Blind As Those Who Refuse To See

I received a fair bit of criticism for my submission about respecting women, God’s gift to mankind. It’s a pity these men disagree with me because I don’t see the Thai sex industry as contributing any worthwhile benefit to society – apart from money. Instead it brings about a lot of misery and suffering in various forms sooner or later. It also attracts the criminal element.

What happens to the girls when they are dumped by the bars? Are some of them psychologically damaged for life as a result of having to perform sex with foreign perverts? Are they thrown on the dunghill of poverty and destitution when they lose their appeal or when they contract some contagious disease? Do men only look at the body and forget about the immortal soul?

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Why does the Thai government allow it? I understand that officially prostitution is illegal in Thailand. If that is so, why is the capital known abroad as “SIN CITY”? Perhaps the Thai government tolerate the prostitution racket – that is really what it amounts to: A RACKET – because of the economic benefit it brings. Surely there are more dignified alternative ways of promoting the Thai economy?

Yes, I’ll admit I have old fashioned beliefs concerning women. I believe in marriage. I do not believe in the prostitution scene in Thailand and elsewhere.

I can understand why men feel a great attraction for Thai girls. I feel this attraction for them too, more so than towards western ladies. The Thai girls are lovely to look at. Very pretty, charming and delightful. I said before I’m partial to long silky black hair on a Thai girl. And I like their faces. Those lovely dark Asian eyes, and svelte forms. The easy feminine grace, the gentle manners – a beautiful gift for some lonely man. Oriental beauty and grace, incomparable in the western world. I often wondered why there are so many pretty girls in Thailand compared to the West. Is it something in the genes? Were there some very handsome common Thai ancestors going back a few hundred years who fathered a lot of offspring? Or is it because some of us in the west have concepts of ideal feminine beauty which correspond with the typical Thai girl’s features?

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But regarding the Thai sex scene there is no romance, no love, no genuine feelings – just money for sex and then its “Good bye Mister handsome man.” And then you are forgotten, and the next day it's some other foreigner with the Thai girl warming the hotel bed.

I would feel an emptiness in my heart if I went in for all that nonsense. You cannot compare that to a real relationship. If the Thai girl has no love for me then I just feel it's empty, sad, lonely, miserable.

When I’m in love with a girl I feel as if the words of a love song come alive with meaning. I feel as if life is beautiful and meaningful. I feel a sense of wellbeing. Is there anything more wonderful than to hold a girl in your arms who loves you? To feel the aura of love surrounding her personality? The softness of her voice, the gentleness of her kisses?

I don’t understand what all of these men are criticising me for. The Thai girly bar scene is sleaze — pure, unadulterated sleaze. The evolutionary theories of Mr. Charles Darwin cannot turn sleaze into romance. Mr. Charles Darwin never wrote his
theories with the intention of using them to defend a life of prostitution in the Far East.

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What’s wrong with respecting women? Don’t we all deserve to be respected, especially the fair sex?

What’s wrong with having moral values? Don’t they guide us wisely along the path of life?

God created women for a purpose. Just think about that. Men fall in love with them. They get pregnant and bring new human beings into the world. It requires responsibility and commitment to care for these new human beings until they are old enough to
fend for themselves in the adult world. Children need responsible, sensible mothers and fathers to care for them. Wives need responsible, sensible, loyal, faithful, loving husbands. And husbands need to be loved. I think it all boils down to love,
respect, commitment and responsibility. If those ingredients are missing from a relationship then you have nothing – just emptiness, sadness, loneliness.

What do men really want? They want to be happy. They want to be at peace within themselves. They want to be loved. They don’t want a girl just for a few hours or a night. They want a girl for always to share their life with. The Thai sex industry
is a poor substitute for these desires.

So why do men go there to those girly bars? If they really want love, and are only getting sex in return for money, why do they go there?

It is sad reflection on the men themselves. Men who have become morally bankrupt and dissolute, preying on a Third-World country that prostitutes its beautiful young daughters to the sex industry, like casting pearls to swine.

You don’t need to be a bible-thumping prophet of doom and gloom to see that that crazy situation can’t last.

Stickman's thoughts:

So many men end up in the bars in Thailand due to loneliness than anything else. OK, everyone has a different story but I think loneliness is the main reason. And for a lot of these guys, they don't want a long-term relationship. Maybe they have been there, done that and are burned out on the idea.

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