Stickman Readers' Submissions June 22nd, 2011

Cuckold And Proud Of It

Having passed many a memorable moment reading about the cuckoldry that goes on in western-western and western eastern marriages on this site and the ensuing derailments as well as the berating of the Thai people as corrupt in incompetent
and that things are certainly better in the west, I thought to add in a few verses about this from a western perspective, notably from the UK.

Very recently there was a case in the high court in London brought between an (ex) multi-millionaire insurance company director and a humble plumbing company owner / operator.

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The case had to do with the fact that the millionaire didn't like the fact that the plumber had found out that his wife (who was at that time blonde and slim / attractive) had for ca. 7 years been doing wild gyrations with the said millionaire,
whilst in the employ of the millionaire as a personal assistant, and that the humble plumber had used certain basic means at his disposition to "get even" if that could be the word that is applicable, once the wife had spilled the beans,
so to speak. In fact the plumber had made several websites and posted the fairly lurid SMSs made by the said millionaire to his missus during the said interval of time available on these sites.

Not content with this, the plumber "plumbed" into the records of the wife's outings and voyages with the said millionaire and found out that he had been cooking the expense reports (surely he had enough dosh to pay from his
own pocket?)

Having ascertained that he had in fact been ripping off his employer, he filed a report with the chairman of the company to that effect. The effect was immediate and vicious:

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The company, who owned a PI agency who did investigations into insurance and other scams, started trailing the plumber, raided his house, and made a complaint to the London Met police via the back door to have the house raided. All his IT
material was impounded and his vehicle stopped. He was arrested for "stealing his own vehicle" while on the course of his normal installation duties!

The millionaire made an injunction proceedings to the high court to stop the" harassment" which was supported by the police commissioner and his staff.

Luckily for the plumber, all his published material was true!


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The millionaire got fired (and was forced to resign).

The police now face a legal complaint and will probably be sued, having spent about near 1,000,000 GBP on this fake investigation.

The judge saw the truth and gave reason to the plumber, who no doubt will take the millionaire to court for expenses and a false claim damages.

If you think this is comical, in a so called civilized country wait for the best part.

The adulteress, now rather baggy faced and plump (almost certainly from stress eating), is back with the plumber and was on video hugging and kissing him….truly a sickening sight.

The wife of the adulterer is still complaining that the whole episode is bad for her morale and her kids, but would not divorce the millionaire…who she continues to live with, certainly for the money.

The millionaire got another director's appointment with another top level insurance underwriter almost immediately, despite defrauding his earlier employer of about 50,000 GBP of expenses.

Needless to say no one felt sorry for the poor plumber or harangued the blonde or her boss, for what was considered business as usual between the rich and the less rich…

I am truly amazed that the plumber didn't put the blonde out the door immediately. He seems to revel in the cuckoldry…

So it begs the question: Is the west better than Thailand in the defence of the innocent? Or personal behaviour? Or police complicity / duplicity? Or freedom of speech?

I think not! Welcome to Thailand, land of the free!

So when you next lambast the Thais for this or that, just read the available goings on in your local paper ( if they are not subjugated by the police, a D notice, or a super injunction, or a little foreign power that pulls the strings of
the western media)

Mind and publication control is alive and well in the UK and USA and certain parts of Europe.., probably less so in Thailand…

The Frenchman

Stickman's thoughts:

Yep, sometimes we forget that this sort of skullduggery is prevalent in the West, but then I maintain that it is still a lot worse in Thailand than it is in the West.

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