Stickman Readers' Submissions April 27th, 2011

An Open Letter To Korski

You know it doesn't really matter under what name you post you're only fooling yourself.

What you keep saying comes through each and every time as so much of the “same, same” as they say in the bars you like to hang out, that you're like a broken record.

He Clinic Bangkok

Obviously the recurrent theme is hookers and their johns and your misogyny.

I hazard a guess that you got burnt by a wife or two along the way and now you take the Cheap Charlie option in SE Asia.

I couldn't help noticing that at times your essays disappear never to be seen again when you realize that you were indiscreet and you regret it. Then it's a quick call to Stick to expunge things said in haste.

CBD bangkok

There are quite a few instances in your missives of a mention of higher education both given and taken but it only serves to reveal a great deal of insecurity by you. Who really cares about your degrees when you serve up the same tripe over
and over. I hope your students don't fall asleep in the lecture hall.

So listen up. Being so close to your seventies (Age is another thing you're touchy about) and still trying to prove yourself in the sexual area tells me you've got unfulfilled issues. Maybe your parents indulged you too much as
a toddler and that's why you like the kissy, kissy bits with Thai and Filipino hookers. Come to think of it, Western hookers have a “no kissing” rule and that could be one reason you spend so much time in Asia. Also they're
financially more strapped than American whores and are liable to take it up the ****hole as you seem to like so much. By the way before start a hissy fit, most of this I'm talking about comes from your own essays so I'm not making it

Ok, Ok; I know you like to write in an ambiguous way, kind of mixing fiction and fact but like I said before, you're not fooling anybody.

Basically speaking you're a sad son of a gun. Addicted to Asian pussy and addicted to writing about it. Why, many a times you even hold a dialogue with yourself within your essays. That explains your split personality tendencies and
when you debate yourself you can't be wrong. How clever is that… If not weird.

wonderland clinic

Dude, you’d be a shrink's dream come true but you're probably too much of a miser to spend money on them so instead you write to Stick.

The Stick website is a psychiatric couch for many and you're the main patient. How many years since you've been in therapy on it? Must be at least 7 or 8 years and still not cured. I think you may just go to your grave while penning
another one for the site.

Before you jump to the conclusion that I've got something against you, let me put that out of your mind immediately. Actually I'm a retired psychologist and use you as a case study for a dissertation I'm writing for a student
in your class for a small fee. Don't worry he'll never recognize you because you taught him. Get it? A writer of kind you might be but as an educator?

But I digress. Getting back to your activities and documentation of them on this website; here's a piece of advice: change the frigging subject! Write about the love of a young man you used to be oh so long ago. Surely you don't
suffer from dementia yet? Maybe you do, that's why you rake over the same subject so much.

I may have stumbled on it by accident. Repetition, forgetting your name, obsessive behaviour, anal retention…hmm…I think I'm close to a diagnosis now.

You see how good it is to read this website Korski? Actually Stick is to be congratulated on providing a public service.

Hopeless sex addicts can pour their hearts out here. They can even live out their gender confusions as Patti/Korski.

I can just see Korski parading as Patti in the next Katoey Beauty Contest in Pattaya. Hey Korski, you'll look good with a wig on and a tutu. Ah and don't forget the lipstick, but as they say, a pig with lipstick is still a pig.
Figuratively speaking of course because I don't mean no harm.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say to you. Keep it up if you can…the essays, I mean. The other thing you just keep taking Viagra for. Or Kamagra, it's cheaper so you can save your hard earned money taken under false pretences.
Hey , who can blame you, if they're crazy in Academia it's not your problem.

Yours truly and jokingly, Markus B Anon

nana plaza