Stickman Readers' Submissions February 5th, 2011

Odes to European / Thai Girl Relationships

Thai girl .Western man relationships, rather well described in 80's song verse :

From reading all the train wreck stories on the site I have compiled some ditties made from mainly 80 songs

He Clinic Bangkok

Here goes :

act 1

Lonely white man looking for love in LOS and happens on a WG

silver girl / Fleetwood Mac

she was a silver girl

lost in a hi tech world

she was a golden girl

immersed in a hardcore world

she would have preferred

the last generation

but that's all right

she's on her way

CBD bangkok

she has the Midas touch

she was lady luck

she's got a million bucks

and she looks like it

she's had a few hard times

sometimes it blows her mind

some times she was just an actress

but you will never really know

a shadow moved across her face

you cannot see her soul

ans as her world turns

she feels so alone

still she's a danger girl

insane far beyond her years

act 2 affection starved white man falling in love

wonderland clinic

S Perry ; foolish heart

I need a love that grows

I don't want it unless I know

with each passing hour

some one will be there

ready to share

foolish heart, hear me calling

stop before you start falling

foolish heart hear my warning :

you've been wrong before

don't be wrong anymore

act 3madly in love and trying to make it work

N Larson; lotta love

Its going to take a lotta love

to change the way things are

its going to take a lotta love

or we wont get too far

and if we don't see eye to eye

my heart needs protection

and so do I

act 4 suspicions creeping in…

Ace; How long

Well if friends of a fancy persuasion

don't add up to part of the scheme

then I cant help but have my suspicions

cause I ain't as dumb as seem

act 5 she starts behaving badly and demeaning you

Alex O Niel Criticise

All you ever do is criticise

cant you find something else to talk about ?

is the only song you sing ?

don't criticise my friends !

don't criticise my ideas!

don't criticise my lifestyle !

I'm fed up cause all you want to do is criticise

now cant we talk this over

cause your conversation ain't right

we can make our love stronger

you wont have to think twice

act 6 She turns out not to be what you thought

Alex O Niel Fake

your name was Patty

now its Kay

girl you seem to change it every day!

you're a fake

cant conceal it

know how I know

cause I can feel it

you're a fake

no rhyme or reason

cause in your mind

Its lying season

in bed this morning

you called me Clyde

Alex is the name I go by!

If women could be counterfeit

then you would be it

you're a fake


I've blown you cover

the jig is up

cause I've discovered

you're a fake !

cant change my mind

cause I' ve decided

you're a fake


and I m disgusted

the game is through

and girl you're busted !

act 7 You catch her out

Rupert Holmes ;Him

Over by the window

there's a pack of cigarettes

not my brand, you understand,

sometimes the girl forgets

she forgets to hide them

I know who left those smokes behind

she'll say he's just a friend

and I'll say I'm not blind

to him, him, him

what's she going to do about him

she's going to have to do without him

or do without me . me, me!

no one gets to get it for free

its me or its him!

I don't want to own her

but I cant let her have it both ways

three is just one to many of us

she leaves with me, or stays :

with him, him, him

What's she going to do about him

you're going to have to do without him

or do without me, me, me

no one gets to get it for free

its me or its him

act 8 You kick her out

Get out right now Jojo

Get Out right now

its the end of you and me

get out right now, I cant wait for you to be gone !

cuz I know about him (who) and I wonder (why)

how I bought all the lies, you said you would treat me right but it was just a waste of time !

Watch out for nr 1

Its written in the stars (oops) I mean songs !

the Frenchman


Funnily enough, quite a lot of songs in Thai talk about love and girls in the industry, with songs by sad guys about their girlfriend going to Bangkok to be with foreign men not uncommon!

nana plaza