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Stickman Readers' Submissions December 21st, 2010

Paying The Price For Sex

Just read "Is There a Downside to Being a Monger?" by Korski. He writes so many submissions, that they can't all be gold star submissions, but his last one really hit home. At
least he's got the intelligence to actually ask some questions and to analyse what he's doing over there as a sex tourist.

I've been over there 6 times and I think that qualifies me to get the "Yes, I'm a Sex Tourist" T-shirt. (Not that I'd want to wear that one around.) I've got a trip planned in January. The airfare has been pre-paid.
Normally, I'd be all excited about going. I've had one year since the last trip to let that one sink in. Plenty of fun and ladies. I think the total was 40 women in 20 days. Two a day. Just like the doctor ordered… Take two hookers
a day for 20 days. If that doesn't clear up your problem, repeat the same dosage next year and see if that gets rid of your problem.

He Clinic Bangkok

Anyway, due to a business slowdown, I might put the trip off for a few months. It got me thinking about my costs on these trips.
Let's see:
$1100 for the airfare
$1200 for accommodation
$1500 for hooker fees (about $75
U.S. a day)
$1000 for beer, food and miscellaneous expenses
$4800 total for the 20-day trip

I was curious. If I took that amount and divided it by the 40 women, that comes to approximately $120 per sexual encounter, give or take a few bucks. That means that I'm paying $120 forty times during the trip. Wow, I never really thought
of it like that. I don't know if all that "cheap sex" is really all that much of a bargain like I thought!

Of course, that's not the only reason that I go over there, but it is the top one. I could say I'm going over for the climate, the food, and the wonderful people, but that would be a lie. If fact, if the supply of women and the
sex scene was the same, I'm guessing guys would go all the way to Siberia and sit in a blizzard and watch the girls go by instead of the barstools of the Soi 4 Nana Plaza area.

It's like people here where I live in the winter. They'll go outside in 30 below zero weather to smoke a cigarette. Ya know, I love sex, but I wouldn't go outside in a blizzard for it.

Anyway, I agree with Korski. You might have many sexual encounters, but that doesn't mean they are all that enjoyable. It's really hit and miss. After a few visits over there and you realize that these girls are all in it for the
money, it kind of takes the fun out of it. It's just a business transaction. Not to say many of the ladies aren't sweet. I much prefer their company than to sit and talk with other mongers. I've found myself getting a little bored
with the scene over there. I've tried bumping the excitement level up a bit and being with two girls at a time. That can be fun also. I don't know how much more creative I can become. Three girls at once? Four? Where does it all end?
It's like doing heroin. I'm trying to reach a more "high grade level" by bumping up the dosage. I have to keep bumping up the dosage to maintain the same high that I got when I first started as a newbie. It's like anything
new. That new car you just bought was fun for the first few weeks, then it just becomes a form of transportation. We, as guys, get the woman that we want, but then find ourselves looking at other models with different features. Just like cars.
That's also a thing women don't understand. Men get bored with the same sex with the same partner. This is true no matter what the woman looks like. It's like eating the same meal every night. Even steak every night would get boring.
It's the "newness" of each girl. Like unwrapping a new Christmas toy. Fun at first, but you eventually get bored playing with the same toy. Ha!

It's funny how men can be driven by their sex drive. We truly are weak. I know I am. Guess that's why I'm over there. I think I have the "Easily addicted to Pussy" gene. I swear that's true. It's like some
people like gambling. Some people like alcohol. I'm genetically pre-wired to get hooked on women. Hey. Everyone has their weakness. It's funny. I as a guy think that if I just have all this sex, I will be so happy. I mean, that's
what my brain has been telling me I want. The sex act is great, but afterwards you can feel a little empty. Once the sex is over and the blood flow gets back up to our main brain, we start to think clearly again. That's till our eyes lock
onto another female, then the blood flow starts to go south again. This never ending cycles continues… It only ends for men when we die. (Thanks to those little blue pills.) I think guys like the one on one with a woman that doesn't always
include sex. Thailand holds little promise for that happening.

At least, when I go over, I realize that I'm just there for the physical sex, and not there to make a "love connection". I, unlike many other guys can separate the two.

Thailand continues to be one of my favorite travel destinations. Could I take a woman over with me? I doubt it. Better take them to Hawaii. Then I won't have to think about the massive supply of women I'm passing up. I can see why
many a lonely older guy would rather spend his last days in Thailand with the female companionship than retiring and living at home alone. If the government wasn't so corrupt etc. I could see building special retirement facilities for older
western men over there.

I took a Viagra sample on my last trip. Wow. That was amazing. Just like high school. I thought I'd take some little blue pills (Viagra) over with me this next time. Not that I need them, but once again, I'm trying to "bump
up" the experience. Anyway, I got a prescription from my doctor for 25 pills. I went to the pharmacy. The pharmacist told me 25 pills would be $507. I thought, WTF? Are you f____ing kidding me? That's almost $18 a pill. Heck, that's
almost the same price as the Thai hooker I thought to myself. Do guys really pay that much to enhance their sex drive? Wow. That surprised me. I think the only ones getting rich off our sex addiction are the hookers, the bars and the drug companies

Well, the January trip may or may not happen at this point. If you see a guy in a hotel lobby at the front desk with 10 women, you'll know I made it over there. Ha!


Isn't it interesting to see how much each "liaison" costs when you factor in all of the other costs of getting to Thailand!

What I also find interesting is the way you touch on how things are deteriorating and can be boring at times.