Stickman Readers' Submissions November 17th, 2010

Western Women

Enjoyed the article by Klong Toey Farang and agree with a lot of his analysis of the problems of Western women. Some will read this and think I am a chauvinist or not in touch with the “modern world” but look at what the modern world has presented men of today in the Western World. Women who want a man to be fit and attractive, intelligent, work hard, provide them with gifts and accommodation, clean the house, look after the kids and after 10 years of doing so (many times less) they pack off to see their divorce lawyer to take away that which has been accumulated over the years. I am all for women’s rights and glad to see that we have more women in the workplace and achieving goals that could not have been achieved before but along with it has also come the realisation that the courts will also reward them monetarily in the end.

I have never been married and having watched the experiences of other friends have no desire to do so. I have had relationships with Western women and Asian women and found the two to be very different. I now have a Thai fan and can assure you that the relationship is better than it has been with any Western woman. I have a Thai fan and have told her I am not interested in marriage, will support her emotionally and financially but my assets are hidden in many offshore structures which if she ever did decide to go after them would be extremely difficult to do so and involve costs in jurisdictions which she has no knowledge of. Even then they would just disappear from one structure to another. Unfortunately in this day and age it is necessary to do so otherwise you could end up wiped out. <Wise lad, well doneStick>

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My personal view is that humans were created with a purpose and to complement each other's differences. Men are physically strong and generally capable of what we call the labour tasks. Building things, constructing things, working hard and in times of past “bringing home the bacon”. Women tend to have a more nurturing role and why they tend to be much better at raising children, managing the household, organising things and in many cases managing the money that the household has (mind you, reading the stories about some bar girls this may not always be the case although never had a bar girl for fan so really have no idea). I think this is how we evolved and how things for many centuries have worked. The man provided one thing and the woman another thing. Now not saying that the two are mutually exclusive but the problem in the Western world in particular is that women don’t want a man to just provide. They want them to provide and more. And in exchange what is given. Many times not much except complaining, holding back sex and constant requests for gifts and new things to impress their friends.

I have found many Thai women, and this may also be across the Asian continents, more willing to offer that nurturing and supportive role in exchange for being looked after. I think a man does have a responsibility to look after his woman but the woman also has a responsibility to look after him. Call it sexist. Call it chauvinist. But look at where Western women are today. A divorce rate of over 50% and complaining that they can’t find a single straight man. The problem isn’t a lack of straight men it is that straight men aren’t interested in them. More and more men are heading to Asia and liking what they find.

Has the model worked for Western women? Doesn’t seem to have. A man should ensure that the family has enough money and the woman ensure the household is managed. Yes I can hear the women's lib screaming and running after me with their sharpened knives. Well they should step back and realise that their husbands or ex husbands have gone to Asia in search of that which they couldn’t find at home. Sure, some have been foolish and think that the bar girl will provide them with what they need but others have taken up mongering (nothing wrong with that in my view as long as they are clear with the girl that they are just paying to play not trying to enter into some deep emotional relationship) and others have a relationship with a girl that provides that which most men are seeking.

Talking to younger men today (I’m almost 40 so in between) they have had enough of the women’s lib movement and the metrosexual is on its way out. They want to be looked after, to be supported and in exchange they will do the same. They want to have sex and enjoy it. What they don’t want is a woman who has let herself go physically complaining that they don’t have enough money and doesn’t do enough around the house.

I will probably be persecuted for writing these thoughts but many are thinking the same but afraid to say so. I’m not afraid of saying it and more men are starting to stand up and say the same.

Stickman's thoughts:

It seems to me that changes in Western society have screwed up relationships today. It also seems to me that women in the West just don't need men any more due to economic changes and welfare that means a woman does not need a man to look after her. Some women seem to have the attitude that they will treat all men like shit because they don't need them – I find that to be very sad indeed.

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