Stickman Readers' Submissions November 26th, 2010

In Praise Of Younger Women

Stick asked why some men go with young women as opposed to plus 25 year old or so ladies.

Perhaps subconsciously I was dwelling on this idea as I went out in search of feminine companionship last night.

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I know myself pretty well and when released from a monogamous relationship I tend to be a bit obsessive about new ladies. Like a bird in a cage when the door is opened perhaps I fly around a bit too much.

It has been almost three years since I have gone whoring around here. The occasional bit on the side when the lady went home for holidays but nothing in the day to day scheme of things.

There are some things to be aware of when stalking the species “youngthaiwoman”. The ginger soap seems good for all ages and close shaving is important.

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If you are looking for accomplished sexual technique, 20's is not the place to look. I don't think Thais are much different than other nationalities. 30's seems the age for horny. My departed GF, 36 insisted on sex at least
once a day unless it was that time of the month. She was impossible to live with unless that criterion was met. The same as hunger. Unfed and unfuck*d she was impossible to live with. No sense of priorities in a western sense.

If you read my last submission about naked women in the bar, that lady was 32. Her face looked 18 but when the clothes came off it was obvious she had at least one child.

I think currently, being almost high season, there are a number of new women on the block. Look at the shoes.

I don't normally use erectile enhancement drugs. But if stalking “youngthaiwoman” it might be advisable to pop at least half a blue pill. Foreplay may be short lived, non-existent or performed with a low level of expertise.
Sometimes even painful.

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Young women get old very quickly in the bar business. Again, check the shoes. Youth is not the only attribute of a “youngthaiwoman”. If she is young and experienced there is almost no advantage over a more seasoned lady.

It is difficult to determine the age of a “youngthaiwoman”. The younger women seem to have attended school longer than they did 10 years ago. Used to be, ladies dropped out of school after Prathom 6. Now they seem to go till
Mateyum 3. So ask. If they have that Prathom bobbed haircut run away.

There was a bar that played porn tapes, passed out free ganja and gave spec BJs. They also had a great pool table and really cold beer. I am convinced it was one of the best bars in the world. Now, what more could a man ask for? Burgers maybe
but they would order out from the pub down the road. Burger and a BJ 600 baht. What a deal. As with most good things they closed a few years ago.

I was walking past the old location and thought I would stop in to see if any of the ghosts left from the previous place left. It was also the home of Da, the oldest 18 year old I have ever met. Da was a tiny bit of a woman with a giant ego
and huge sex drive. Not a sex drive for customers. A sex drive for herself. She ate men like potato chips. She had three Thai boyfriends in addition to a hoard of Falang customers. I asked her if she liked the Thai men because of communication
and did she enjoy speaking to men in her native language. She said, “Don't know, we don't talk, boom boom only.” Da was a sexually obsessed 4 foot 10 inch female carnivore. Da was a jack hammer lover. Thai men do the jack
hammer pretty well.

I walked in, sat down and O came to me like a magnet to steel wool. She was wearing flip flops. Hand painted nails, a bit worn. Tanned arms and legs. Three years of hair growth (on her head) past high school.

How long have you been here? Eight days. Where are you from? Small town 50 miles North of Bangkok.

She, “Where are you going Loy Katong.”

Me, “Don't know.”

She, “We go together, OK?”

Me, “Wweetheart I just met you!”

She, “You like me?” OK we go together. You smell good.”

Me. “how many babies do you have?”

She, surprised “no have! “Look” and she pulls up her blouse.

I already know sex is not going to be good. Why go? Like going to the art museum. We head upstairs. She undresses under a towel. Cold water shower. She has a perfect body. Not a blemish. Not a tattoo. Not a stretch mark. Breasts, rounded,
small, perky. And then the part I like. It is perfection. It is a thing beauty. It is what young men dream about. At least I think they dream about it. I know I do. I like that part of a women. It is normally a before and after part. Before children
and after children. Before the Indy 500 and after the race. Imagine the being faced with the mouth of a gold fish as opposed to a great white shark. Small mouth bass vs catfish. Mouse ear vs a big floppy African elephant ear. You get the idea.
It has no practical function. Kegel exercises produce a better result and better tactile sensations.

Will she like to receive oral sex? No, it tickles. Will she like to give oral sex? No, we tried for a minute. It was like eating crayfish in Cajun country. Suck dat head pinch dat tail. Which is OK for eating crawdads but not good for oral
sex. She is 20 now and about to have her first experience with a Falang. In 12 years of working in a brothel having sex 2 or 3 times a week she might develop some technique. On the other hand she might meet Dana. That fact in itself may be reason
enough to prefer younger inexperienced women. I leave it to you to decide.


25+ is the way to go, I reckon. In fact there seems to be something magical about 26. Don't know why and it is probably just a luck thing. But for sure, 26 – 29 is the sweet spot for me.

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