Stickman Readers' Submissions November 25th, 2010

Hangover 2 in Bangkok?

I just read that the movie Hangover 2 is being filmed in Bangkok. My first thought was….God, now the whole world might find out what I've been up to on my trips over there! I thought the same when I went to see Bangkok Dangerous. They did have
a club scene in the Bangkok Dangerous movie, but it was tame compared to what you really see in many gogo bars.

Then I remembered the first Hangover movie which I thought was pretty crude and I realized the possibilities with the sequel being filmed in Bangkok. OMG!

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Let me guess. One of the main characters will somehow wake up with a ladyboy. That's got to be in the plot somewhere. I'm just hoping we don't see any bar scenes that are close to what one would see in Rainbow 1 in Nana Plaza
or Tilac in Soi Cowboy. If all the guys in the States see a visual of what the bar scene is really like, Thai Airways will have to purchase more planes to carry loads of guys over. Also, any of my friends that know I go to Thailand will suddenly
put two and two together and figure out what my trips over there have really been about. <I am sure they figured it out long ago!Stick> I'm just hoping the sex scene is not played up really big in the movie.
I'm afraid it will be though.

I've scene the sex show at Suzie Wong's in Soi Cowboy with the girl that shoots darts out of her crotch and pops balloons. I'm really hoping the movie doesn't get that crude, but nothing would surprise me. So much for
me telling my friends that I just go over for the scuba diving. Ha! And have you heard that Mel Gibson is going to have a cameo appearance as a tattoo artist in the movie? Let me guess. One of the 3 main characters in the movie gets drunk and
ends up with an obscene tattoo of some kind. (I should've written the script).

I'm really hoping the movie shows more of the beautiful beach areas, etc. and the other great sights to see over there. I'm thinking that most Thai people viewing the movie will be very disappointed and appalled if the movie portrays
Thailand as just one big brothel or red light district. Movies seem to be getting cruder. They try to appeal to the teens and they seem to have to raise the bar for crudeness. I can only imagine some of the possible story lines for the movie.

I would think that Stick must've heard a lot about the movie plot and / or filming by now. Heck, he's probably been to casting calls and has a part in the movie. Heck, he might even have a "small" part in a sex scene.
Ha! ( Just kidding, Stick.)

Well, between Red Shirt Riots, David Caradine's death, and major movies filmed in the sex tourist areas, how could Thailand get anything but a great reputation around the world?

It's not that most savvy people aren't already aware of what goes on in Thailand, no. We've got to blast the news to millions of movie goers worldwide. If we show this in India and Russia we're screwed. Their countries
will empty out! Ha!

Gee. My little hideaway overseas…my little piece of heaven will now be viewed by the whole world? I sure hope not. I liked to just go over there incognito where no one knows me and have 20 days of nothing but fun and totally escape the
"real" world. Sure hope this movie Hangover 2 doesn't screw it up for me.

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Luckily, I'll have one more trip before the movie is released this coming January. This "cumming" January? (guess that describes it better)

I can go over and have some fun before this Hangover 2 movie hits the theaters. Then, I'll have to borrow one of Mel Gibson's disguises from him so I can fly back to Thailand incognito.

Thailand…. Love it or hate it, but 100 million visiting sex tourists have given it a "thumbs up" (OK……… Maybe those weren't thumbs!)


You touch on a very interesting point here and that is just what it would take to get a really massive wave of Western men visiting Thailand for the nightlife. Read this site and you will get a feel for the industry but I think the honesty with which many of the problems in the industry are highlighted would put many who are not familiar with it off. There have been many documentaries over the years but they tend to paint a negative picture. Maybe making Steve Leather's excellent "Private Dancer" into a Hollywood production could do it?

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