Stickman Readers' Submissions February 3rd, 2010

Barfine For a 7/10’s Benefit

WOW, I go to Thailand for 2 weeks and don't read Stickman religiously like usual and I return to a massive debate! I find myself in a strange zone of thoughts. I know for a fact my opinion which I would have sent an article in to Stick would have
been 100% different had I not been in Thailand during this debate.

Just as ever for background my mongering details – I’m not even sure I am a monger. I’m still going out 2 years later with first girl I ever slept with in Thailand. In those 2 years I’ve slept with a number of girls throughout
the world in one night stands. None of which have broken the boundaries of my relationship with my girlfriend as unacceptable. Being 100% honest 2 ways in a relationship has its merits!

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I visited Pattaya for the first time 2 weeks ago. Now I believe with every visit to Thailand I do so with ever increasing awareness and knowledge and now without rose tinted sunglasses. Yes it was fun, it was supposed to still be fairly high
season so was still pretty busy. However, what I saw I found pretty depressing. When I sat drinking a beer and looked around, I wasn’t depressed by the mongers. Be it whatever age, shape or persuasion. No what scared me was just how many
girls there were there and how desperate they looked. Over 4 nights I watched this and felt a slightly different angle than what’s been approached so far in this debate, I was concerned for the pure quantity of girls who WOULDN’T
be barfined.

Am I in a total paradox world? I wasn’t thinking about the low moral men nor the sex working women's future. I was just looking and thinking how few of these girls would make a single baht tonight. I feel genuine sorrow for the
girls struggling to make good money in the industry – it’s not that easy. How many times have people on this site criticized the standard of looks of the girls in a bar? If this is anything to go by, these girls must struggle to actually
ever make any money. What girls are hurt by this industry- the 10/10 ones making maybe 100k baht+ a month easily, or the girls who work hard and DON’T get barfined as they are only 7/10?

I was also shocked at the number of girls along beach road not just at night but in the day. Now I may get shot down here but I’ll only repeat what I was told. My Thai girlfriend having been chatting with some motosai drivers (with
a question I’d not asked her to find out) was informed the girls do short time for 200-300 baht on the beach. I was more than a little shocked, but also see no reason for this to of been a lie. <500 baht is the norm although some poor, desperate girls might go for such a paltry sumStick>

Does being a bargirl screw them up forever? Well maybe it does. However life experiences change people – that’s a simple fact. I look at the easiest example I have to hand, my TGF age 26 and her sister age 22. My TGF ex bar girl her
sister went to university. Both live at home. In the morning my TGF will be drinking Spy, possibly playing cards, and most certainly doing nothing other than what I need her to do. Her sister will be doing the laundry, cooking and bringing the
food for us to eat etc. Well to me there’s certainly some collateral damage done there. I’d be better off with the sister!

The phrase ‘a means to an ends’ comes to mind also. Is it so bad for the Thai girls who end up living with a farang for the rest of their lives? The girls do get taken out of the bars and live well with their new farang husbands.
When with my TGF in her home town recently, 2 other people in her family have farang boyfriends who were there. These 3 girls are well looked after and seemingly happy. Is this a bad by product of the industry? I think not.

Is there a solution…I doubt. Well I can propose the only realistic practical and ultimately effective solution. Every Stickman reader could actual stop mongering and take a girl away from the bar scene, what would we have maybe 10,000 of
the girls off the streets / bars?

Stickman's thoughts:

Your girlfriend drinks wine cooler for breakfast? What does she have for lunch?!

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