Stickman Readers' Submissions January 25th, 2010

Some Support In The Ring

I figured you might be happy with a little moral support after your column this week. So:

First off, as a professional word-monger, thank you very very much for finally calling the spade a spade. It is indeed whoremongering. Not “mongering”. No-one would say they’re going to the “monger’s” to buy fish or iron, would they? So why not say what they’re doing when they turn to prostitutes for paid sex. Like a good hard look in the mirror – some don’t like being reminded eh?

He Clinic Bangkok

Here’s a simple empathy exercise to help those still “struggling” with the “morality” of their behavior:

Take a good hard look at the two gentlemen pictured in your 24 Jan. article (or most others in Nana or Walking, or any dimwitted 25 year old lager lout there).


CBD bangkok

1/ Ask if you want a daughter of yours to be kissing and blowjobbing and shagging either of these two, no matter for how much money, even with a party hat. Would you suggest it as a viable profession to your sister? Would you force your daughter (or son!) to do it to pay off your mortgage?


2/ Imagine yourself nibbling their nipples, kissing and sucking them off. Rimming them perhaps.


wonderland clinic

3/ After an evening of laughing at their stupid jokes and slightly dizzy from alcohol, try and imagine how you’d feel with either of those two rubbing their Viagra fueled penis up and down in your (previously well oiled) rectum until he orgasms. Heavy, sweaty, smelly, half-drunk and stinking of cigarettes, his wet tongue poking into your ear as he whispers sweet nothings about your taut buttocks. (And that’s the more benevolent among them!)


4/ Imagine trying to wiggle your hips and say “Oh yeeaah hansum maan, great, mmmooore, you’re sooo gooood! “

What would it take to get you to “choose” that as a profession? Need I say more? Time to take a look in the mirror whoremongers.

I dabbled in the gogo bars on a couple of my trips to LOS – but I began feeling chastened and saddened having observed pretty much what you have. I also had a 2 year dalliance with a bar-girl, saw the farm etc., which I broke off because I saw no real future if I wanted to be true to myself and still feel comfortable. It was not easy to break off because I was very fond of her, we had been developing long term, and I knew what it meant. I still wish her well from the bottom of my heart. But I’m glad I did it. I was also masterly scammed for a few thousand by a girl I tried to strike up a friendship with, but again, I feel no anger or disappointment, rather a sort of wry amusement and respect. In fact I’ll look her up next time I’m there – she gives absolutely the BEST Thai massage I’ve ever had.

I’ll write you a couple of submissions on my “dalliances” in the next few weeks, but it will inevitably be wrapped up in a kind of travelogue – I didn’t go to LOS as a sex tourist. I fell for the country and its people, warts, pallid underbelly and all. I never saw the place as my semen bucket – rather as somewhere to challenge and improve me – and it has.

I’ve been a regular reader on your site for a while but quite honestly after the first paragraph or two on most articles I tend to move straight to the next. It can get so boring – I admire your patience and benevolence at times when commenting. My favourite author by far is Sawasdee2000. Korski I tend to enjoy. Dana I can’t usually get into. And oh yes, the 2 part “Buffalo” story which ended in the Cambodian jungle had me cringing into a tiny ball and laughing hysterically at the same time – I was seriously gasping for air whilst wanting to die. Has the author attended Martin Amis’ creative writing seminars?

Stickman's thoughts:

I really enjoyed your colourful description of what the girls have to do. It made me laugh. I could never quite write like that but hey, you did and for a change I am happy to include it. Normally I am not keen to include such graphic prose but in this case it was to support a point so it is ok.

nana plaza