Stickman Readers' Submissions December 18th, 2009

A Pig’s Tale

Korski asks in his latest story, entitled “You really are a pig”, this: “Jesus, what has come over
me? I think I am losing it.

Or have I already lost it?”

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Well indeed!!

The internal dialogue in the piece is in fact unnecessary, for the man already knows he wants to get back to SE Asia to monger away but he needs to have an excuse and he rubs his western woman up the wrong way, so to speak, to give him the impetus he needs without too much of a guilt trip.

For instance he complains his WW will only do it in bed or on the kitchen table while his ho in SE Asia will do it any which way. How quaint !!

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He’s afraid to tell her about getting to be more inventive in their sex life but in SE Asia he spells it out in the P4P arena.

The man in Korski’s piece is a coward ; as simple as that. Why?

He’d like to do “inventive” things with the WW but hasn’t got the wherewithal to create the right atmosphere which he can pay for in SE Asia.

Indeed he has to go to far away lands to exercise his economic power to do things with little women which he admonished someone else doing in Angeles City.

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Whether this man does things identical to his counterpart in Angeles City or a variation on the theme, both of them buy those acts which they don’t have the guts to do with their WW or won’t pay western prices.

Korski’s hero is a loser. Not because he goes to gets his rocks off in Asia but because he uses western women as an excuse for his inadequacies.

If Korski wrote this piece as a case study of sad sex tourists who are frightened by western females he certainly succeeded.

I don’t know why he wrote it as I didn’t know why he bothered to have written to Frank West in great detail about that writer’s affair with Gracie. Frank West should have been ignored for his sex report and when Korski replied he lowered himself into the gutter with him.

Korski seems to be unable to restrain himself when faced with a submission about the sex scene especially about Angeles City. The preamble in his reply about the place was exactly that but the issue he really wanted to comment on was the Gracie case.

Now nobody knows what went on between the sheets as indeed nobody really knows how much of Frank’s piece was fiction or fact.

Come to think of it in most of Korski’s stories he blurred the line between fact and fiction but when he replies to someone else’s story he takes everything therein as gospel. Double standards for sure.

Korski’s hero in his story has serious doubts about himself in a relationship. I’ve got no problems with that, I have a problem with him using the woman in a Machiavellian way to do exactly that which he can’t face; telling her that he no longer wants her for whatever reason. So he puts the onus on her. This is a modus operandi of many gutless western men.

What does it matter for him that the woman may have serious self doubts about herself and her self esteem following their break up, she’s just ‘accidental damage’ and only one of many in Korski’s hero’s path.

Is it any wonder that western women think that all Thai and Filipino women are hookers? Korski’s hero got a lot to answer for.

Is Korski’s guy any better than Frank West or are they just comrades in arms?

We’re splitting hairs here. Both guys are mongers who can’t sustain relationships with their own kind. It goes beyond the sexual, it goes to their core characters.

There are decent western men who operate under the same criteria whether they’re in the West or in Asia. They respect women equally and more than likely end up with a decent Asian partner if they so choose.

The point is that usually people get what they bargained for, i.e. mongers with hookers.

Among mongers there are those who have a semblance of decency left and others who are degenerates.

There’s a lot to be said about not writing about one’s sexual exploits in detail. Who cares anyway? Well not exactly, some people with voyeuristic tendencies like to read, watch, listen etc and some even like to join in the repartee under the guise of rebuttals..

I just realised I’m just doing that about Korski…I don’t know what got into me…

I beg your pardons..

Jesus, what has come over me? I think I am losing it. Or have I already lost it?

And BTW that’s exactly how I started…

Stickman's thoughts:

I'm sure Korski will respond. I thought his Frank West responses were very well put together. And I think the other piece was fiction so I would not read too much into it.

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