Stickman Readers' Submissions November 4th, 2009

Living and Dying in Pattaya Part 2

“Baby I love you."

“Teerak I miss you."

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“Mummy and Daddy mai Sabai."

“Have no money send me money 5000 baht for hospital."

In my previous post I detailed my exploits in Pattaya with multiple girls and how things went wrong.

To give this some background, I want to tell the story of my relationship with my number one girl, So.

If I am her number one boyfriend I would doubt it and as long I am in the top ten it is all good.

As I had mentioned I had been to Thailand a few times before and enjoyed all the aspects of the country and people I had come across. I enjoyed the sights and the friendliness of the people, the great food and of course the nightlife.
I have never felt threatened in the country and have had a great time in all my previous visits.

Anyway, let me paint the scene. I was getting around with two, occasionally three girls and life was good. These were bar girls, not gogo girls or who I like to refer to as HGWs – hip grinding whores. Neither were they freelancers.

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I met So when my two girls were Se and the calculating Oon sometimes, joined by the bar bunny Bo.

The first thing about So that struck me was how pretty she was. My idea of pretty is a girl with a tan so this is the opposite of the Thai view.

That is until she smiled. She had been in a motorbike accident when she was 15 and had smashed her upper gum and teeth into a million bits.

Consequently she held her hand in front of her mouth when she spoke and when she smiled.

She is a naturally happy and extroverted person so this was a problem for her.

Obviously business was bad for her and she spent most of her nights sitting in the bar with no customers.

Enter the drunken farang, moi. I played her at pool and all the other bar games and I won (or she let me win more likely).

We had fun but she was not in my entourage and she was just a girl I bought a couple of drinks for.

Until I had the idea of having her teeth fixed.

This involved having a plate made to replace her teeth. We got a quote and I had to get it past the bar owner which was OK so gave her the money and I then had to head back to Oz.

While I was away I always wondered if she had the job done or if she just spent the money.

When I returned to Thailand I went the bar to catch up with all the characters. It was early in the morning but the grapevine kicked in and the girls started to arrive. I went to change money and when I returned there she was. She smiled
and the world lit up. The change was unbelievable!

Her wardrobe had improved as well as the bargirl accessories. So business had picked up as well.

She greeted me in her exuberant style and we hung around together as detailed my previous post.

As we spent more time together there was a fact that was emerging. That she was accident prone which was kind of funny.

Examples: we went to the beach. She goes in the water and wrestles a jelly fish that stings her and then we have to run around finding vinegar.

She cannot walk downstairs – she falls down them.

Medical expenses where the second greatest expense after drinks.

She would break her shoes and have to wear my flip flops home and I would walk home barefoot.

I have never had so much fun.

She would be a blond in the west!

Wherever we went she held my hand and she changed direction like a pinball which led to us nearly being run over a heap of times.

There was confusion and pandemonium wherever we went.

We had many discussions about the future and she wanted to get out of the bar game and go home to mummy and daddy. I was happy to finance this and she organised a job in her hometown.

I would send her an allowance and then all going well I would set her up in a home.

I work as an expat so this is not a problem.

I put some checks in place with a friend in Pattaya to keep an eye on the bar in case she returned. So we were all set.

She went home and I travelled home as well. We sent emails everyday. Until I got the phone call that she was back in the bar.

This was bad news.

But how to be sure?

I called my source to make sure that it was her and they were positive.

I rang her and she told me she was at home with Mummy and Daddy.

I needed to confirm her whereabouts so I sent an email to Stickman.

We worked out a deal and I gave him the details.

This was part of his post from last week.

He investigated and it was all good news. She was at home with mum and dad and the girls at the bar had not seen her.

Until the following day. When she sent me an email that she was going back to the bar!

This was bad news indeed. I didn’t try to talk her out of it and she wanted me to forget her. No contact for two weeks.

But plenty of contact from her other friends who knew what had occurred and were ready to fill her sandals.

I got a shy hello from her on MSN Messenger so we are speaking and I will catch up with her when I am in LOS in November.

But the magic has really been altered.

One more layer of scar tissue. We will see what happens but as someone said in another post, the bargirl experience is great but it can bring you down if you fall for the girl.


Having played a part in all of this, I am going to be very interested to see part 3…

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