Stickman Readers' Submissions November 11th, 2009

It Finds You When You Least Expect It

A little about me: I’m 37, from UK and divorced 8 years. I fell in love with Thailand soon after I divorced and have been travelling back and forth on a regular basis ever since. I guess that I have visited Thailand some 50 times altogether. More
recently my visits are for 2 or 3 months at a time. I have a nice place with some land and a pool that I call home near Pattaya. I have always thought that I would retire around now, and if I led a modest lifestyle from now on am sure I could
achieve this. However, I like some treats in my life and I reckon another 5 years or so will see me very comfortable for the rest of my life.

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I have many experiences in Thailand that I would like to write about and if this submission turns out ok I will put pen to paper again.

The events you are about to read took place earlier this year. I had just split up with a girl from Udon that I had been seeing on and off for nearly 5 years. I loved her once and I’m sure she has strong feelings for me, but her
love of a handsome Thai man from her village has put pay to any future we might have had. I take some of the blame in as much as expecting a gorgeous 24 year old girl to leave the bright lights of Pattaya and go to a small Isaan village waiting
for me for weeks and months on end whilst I was working in Blighty! Stupid me !! Haha…lesson learned. A Thai girl in her prime with money in pocket will attract every rampant suitor within a 10 mile radius of her village. I have seen the
guy she slept with and I must say he is a very handsome young man indeed. His only problem is a lack of funds, and now that my once generous sponsorship has ceased he has been dropped faster than a Kiwi rugby back running into a Welsh prop.
(Sorry Stick, I had to get that 1 in as I have Welsh grandparents). Anyway I digress!

I found myself sitting in my home after a night out on Walking Street. Ten minutes earlier I had returned a gorgeous gogo girl to the city after a night of love and perversion. Well, she loved my money and I did perverted things with
her. This encounter had left me 2,600 baht lighter due to barfine and recompense for the girl. This figure is not including the night out which probably cost another 3,000 baht. So 5,600 baht for an empty feeling like I now had. I had not
connected at any level with this girl at all. Dejected, I pondered my options. They were to go and do the same again tonight in the hope of meeting a keeper, or maybe just going for a beer locally in the hope of meeting up with some mates
and having a male bonding evening. I chose the latter. I called one of my friends and he suggested we go to a little local bar we sometimes meet up at because he has a wife and this bar is off the beaten track. I arrived in the bar at about
4pm and no sooner had I got there I received a call from my mate telling me he had visitors turn up and he couldn’t make it. At this rate I thought I might be joining the Pattaya flying club soon. I had a beer in front of me and was
thinking that this bar was full of old mingers when the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen walked behind the bar. She was like nothing I had seen in a bar before. I asked her if she would like to join me for a drink and of course she
agreed. Her English was pretty non-existent but my Thai is reasonable, so we chatted for an hour or so with the help of the cashier who was fluent in both languages. Her name is Waew. It turns out that she is 19, and had been in the bar 3
or 4 days and was being groomed by the mamasan to be a bargirl. I know this to be the case because she has since told me everything about the way this mamasan operates and I assure you guys that it is not pretty. It reminds me of reading once
about a paedophile who groomed young kids. The similarities are striking! I will tell you more about this mamasan later.

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Ok, fast forward one hour. I barfined Waew after assuring her that I would take care of her, and that we would only go bar hopping. She was a virgin and I promised to respect this fact. I soon discovered why she looked so different and
it is because she comes from Chang Mai and not Isaan. We had a fabulous night in Walking Street and a few of my friends who own bars there were amazed at this beautiful girl who, although shy, possessed an amazing smile. One thing that I forgot
to mention is that on the way to Walking street we had to stop at a market to buy some clothes for Waew as she only had a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts in her whole wardrobe. A complete outfit later and she looked fit to meet the Queen.
Cinderella went to the ball.

After a fabulous night out, we went back to my place and as I had expected she slept in a shirt that I gave her to wear in bed. I could tell that she had a killer body and we kissed and cuddled quite a lot that night and the morning after.
I asked If she wanted to go back to the bar the next day, but to my surprise she said she would like to stay with me at my house. We did however quickly go to her bar to pay a week's barfine and looking back I now realise that I knew
immediately that this girl was a keeper. We decided to go away to an island for a few days and we found ourselves on Koh Chang. I love this island and the resort we stayed has a fantastic private beach and the facilities there are second to
none. We had a fabulous time and by the third night Waew asked me during dinner if I would pop her cherry. These were not her exact words, but along those lines. Up until now, we had only kissed and hugged passionately and truthfully I would
have waited a year or more for this girl. Another thing I must point out is that Waew had not asked for any money during the few days spent together although by now she had a nice collection of clothes. I am not prepared to turn this into
a sex report, but I will say that although obviously inexperienced our lovemaking that night was exactly as the name suggests! We indeed made love. Never before in my life have I felt so satisfied before, during or after lovemaking.

We went back to Pattaya the next afternoon and went out for meals, watched movies and generally hung out together over the next few days. Remembering that I had barfined Waew for 1 day then a further 7 days, the 8th day came around far
too quickly. I was in a quandary. I had fallen in love with this girl and I most definitely did not know what to do. I knew in my heart of hearts that I wouldn’t……no change that to couldn’t allow her to leave me, but I also
knew I couldn’t barfine her indefinitely. We needed to talk. Waew told me she hated the bar and the mamasan. She explained the mamasan called farangs keenok and told her always to think of a handsome Thai man when doing anything
sexual with a farang because she would then have the upper hand on all farangs. I never thought so before but now I believe that it is the bar owners and mamasans that harden and make the girls incapable of loving farangs. Again I digress.
Waew asked if she could come and stay with me and leave the bar. I was overjoyed that she wanted this and I took her to her room the next morning to get the few possessions she owned. I was on cloud 9. This was the stuff of my dreams over
the past 8 years. What could go wrong I thought to myself? Well for the next few days it was bliss. All my friends accepted Waew and their wives and girlfriends all loved her.

We decided to drive down to Samui to see a friend of mine who lives there with his wife. On the way we stopped in Bang Na to apply for a passport for Waew as she didn’t have one and I sometimes like to visit neighbouring countries,
so I thought it a good idea to get her one immediately. Waew’s parents work in Bangkok and due to her age they had to meet us at the passport office to sign for her passport. It was obvious that they were nice people and I offered to
buy them lunch, but they refused saying they had eaten already, although they insisted on buying me a coffee.

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Fast forward to Samui. We were staying in a lovely new hotel and we had been to a temple around lunchtime and we decided to retire to the bedroom to get some rest before meeting my friend and his wife for dinner at an Italian restaurant
he knew. Waew took a phone call and I immediately sensed there was a problem. Waew had tears in her eyes and she told me that it was her old mamasan telling her that if she wanted to leave the bar, then I had to pay 10,000 baht to buy her
out. I have been around long enough not to get stung like this and I asked her if she minded if I borrow her phone and call the mamasan. I called her and the venom she spat at me shook me to the core. I was shaking, but I don’t know
if it was from anger or fright. She threatened that she paid police and they would arrest me for stealing Waew from her. I told her slavery ended 100 years ago in Thailand and if Waew worked for KFC she could leave her job, so why did she
expect money? I checked that they hadn’t loaned Waew money to come to the bar, or advanced her salary and they hadn’t so as she had been barfined by myself for 8 days and had no salary paid I felt she was free to leave. I talked
to Waew and although she was upset, she never once asked me to pay the money and she said that she wanted to be with me and she hated the bar and the mamasan. I will admit at this point that I emailed Stick asking advice and basically he replied
very quickly that he felt sure that this woman would not call the police and that I indeed might have a case of harassment however he added that I didn’t want to go down this road. I felt better. Waew bought a new SIM card which brought
the calls to an end. We enjoyed the rest of our time in Samui and returned to Pattaya a few days later.

Ok, four months into this relationship and Waew is still living with me and we are happier than ever. Waew is being tutored in English every day, and she is a fabulous person to be around because she is always so happy. I have met her
family again on a few occasions and they are remarkable. Never before have I met a family that constantly pay for me when we go out. I have to argue to pay for anything. I guess this is because they hold good jobs in Bangkok. Why then did
their daughter get a job in a Pattaya bar? The answer is that she was told it was serving customers only and the mamasan conveniently forgot to tell her she would be groomed into depravity. I wonder how many other girls came here with high
aspirations only to find themselves selling their bodies? So many I think!

To this day Waew has never asked for a penny, however you might have guessed I am a very generous person and she will want for nothing, but I know only too well that money can’t buy you love! As long as she is smiling the way she
does, I am the happiest guy alive!

To those of you who get asked for money to buy a girl out of a bar, my advice is tell them no way. If she loves you she will agree. It is that simple. I proved that.


Stickman's thoughts:

It's great to hear that you and Waew are happy.

She's a young girl and she really should be keeping busy at her age so consider sending her off to college or to do some training courses in whatever it is she likes. While I am sure she is happy for now spending time with you, giving her the option of pursuing something she likes in the future will be good for both of you in the long run.

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