Stickman Readers' Submissions October 15th, 2009

Sukhumvit Quiet, Vendors Nasty

enjoyed your weekly column on Sukhumvit. I was there for a week mid-September on a three monthly visit to Thailand
and have noticed that it is rapidly changing. This time I noticed when business is quiet the service becomes aggressive to say the least.

Scenario 1

mens clinic bangkok

I had 30 minutes to kill while waiting for a friend and decided to check out this new bar with an Australian theme on soi 11 knowing it may be a chance to catch up on some rugby league results. My order to the waitress was "Johnnie Walker with ice
and water.”

Her reply was "Red or Black" so I asked for black. I drink it all the time. So I receive a small glass with Cola in it and a hint of some foul alcohol. OK, TIT, mai pen rai, "enjoy the moment" I say to myself. I drink
it quickly and I get asked for another one.

I look at her straight in the eye and Say "Johnnie Walker black with ice ONLY" OK was the reply. I receive some alcohol that resembled unleaded petrol with lots of ice.

OK third and final shot I asked this time "Johnnie Walker Black neat – with nothing in it.” You would think by now that she would realise that I'm on to their scam. So I receive the same concoction. OK, not even half finished
the drink I asked for the checkbin.

I was asked by the waitress, "Why you go so fast. You no finish drink. What problem?"

The bill arrives 175 baht x3 = 525 baht. My reply was "since you asked when a customer asks for Johnnie Walker black at least give him Johnnie Walker black". She quickly ran to the bar and brought out the bottle to prove that it's
the real thing with anger and fury.

"What more can I say"

wonderland clinic


Scenario 2

I go into the Biergarten on soi 7 one afternoon at 4:30 PM, again, just to kill 30 minutes. I sit down at the table behind the bar and order a Heineken. I'm quite happy just to have a drink alone.

There are many girls and hardly any customers. As my beer arrives a girl plants herself next to me and wants a chat. I tell her I'm not in the mood and request that she please move on. She persists so I buy her a beer as well. As I finish
my beer I ask for the check bin. All of a sudden she is pissed off as to why I'm leaving and is demanding 300 baht for wasting her time. "Consider yourself lucky you got a free drink" I say to her. She was snapping at my heels all
the way to the door.



Scenario 3

I go to Nana on the third floor to one of my favourite bars. Always go there, I enjoy the show, very quiet tonight not and many farang. Soon after I sit down, a girl is rubbing herself on me. Ok, "way too
fast" I say to her "Go and dance and come back later.”

She comes back later. "Can I have drink?" she asks.

OK I replied and she orders a Heineken, the same as me.

Time passes and we order another round. OK I say time for me to move on "Sawadee krup."

Check Bin Please… Farang beer 150 baht, lady drink 200 baht. But have no customer "why so aggressive was my question.. anyway


Scenario 4

I always like to have an afternoon nap (alone) before the night games begin. On my way to the hotel I always stop at this street vendor selling fresh fruit. I like him and his hygienic way of not handling the
fruit with his hands, very impressive. On this afternoon as I approach, I’m second in line to be served out of 5 people, all Thais I might say. After a long wait I end being served last. How do you work that out? Anyway TIT mai pen rai.

"40 baht please mister."

I say "What! Yesterday I paid 20 baht so why is it 40 baht today?"

"All the other people you served paid 20 baht so why charge the farang 540 baht?

"No-No Mister, always 40 for you!"


Scenario 5

I hail down a taxi with a red available sign alight. It's the afternoon and I need to go to Bangkok Hospital for a medical check up.

"Meter Krap" as I announce my destination.

"No ploblem" was the reply.

As we travelled about 500 meters it started raining very heavily, the driver immediately turns off the meter and says " Mister too much traffic, 200 baht to go to he hospital."

I always pay 70 – 80 baht to go to that destination. Well I'm stuck now, I’m late for the appointment and it's raining cats and dogs. "OK reo -reo, zig zag soi please."

As I approach the hospital I asked "Can you change 1,000 baht?

"No-No " was his reply.

As he stopped I pull out 120 baht and say "That's all I have and it is more than enough. By the way, the rain has stopped and there's no more traffic". I copped a heap of abuse but the score tells the story.


Thank you ref. Thank you linesmen. Thank you ball boys. Game over!

Stickman's thoughts:

Some people seem to have all the problems. Was it really that bad? I know the tourist areas of Thailand can get to people after a while but I hope it was not quite as bad as you made out. One or two problems isn't nice, but this is a bunch of them!

nana plaza