Stickman Readers' Submissions August 12th, 2009

Still Being Careful But Not Too Careful

This report follows on from my submission dated 1 June, 2009, entitled Bar Girl Experience – Being Careful but not too Careful.

Short version of the previous report – I got deeply involved with a bar girl from Pattaya, age 39, beautiful body, superb at what she does, fun to be with.

He Clinic Bangkok

I started calling her regularly on the phone from home. It wasn’t long before she started hinting that I should send her money to tide her over the lean times of low season. I did not take the bait and she did not bother asking again
and we just enjoyed talking. She went incommunicado for a week when one of her regulars paid her a visit. Worryingly when I did likewise due to a family holiday, she got a bit sulky. Then something truly magical happened. Although my report had
not mentioned the girl’s name or even the bar she worked in, I got an email from a guy who had gone with her shortly after I left – indeed she had told me about him. He had guessed who I was talking about from my description of her.
He agreed she was pretty special and she had said he was a nice guy. So I called him up and we spoke a lot on the phone. We agreed not to tell her that we had made contact. He told me he had sent her some money after she asked for it, in return
for her agreeing to go on a trip with him in August.

I returned to Pattaya in June. Originally I was planning to meet my heart girl a day or two after arriving to give myself time to check things out but when it came to it I did not mess around but went straight to her. At first I was a bit
shy with her but after a couple of days we were full steam ahead like before. It was interesting that although she told me so much about her customers and life in general, when I asked her if any customers had sent her money since my last visit,
she told me about two but omitted my new friend. She also denied that any customers had offered to take her on an overseas trip. I was so amazed I even told her I knew she was lying (but not how I knew) but she calmly affirmed her story. Meanwhile
I came to realise her catchphrase was “I no believe falang.” She had some reason for saying this, the regular customer mentioned above had long told her he was unmarried and wished to marry her. On this last visit, he admitted he
was in fact married, but then went on to add that his wife was seriously ill and would soon be dead!!!

We spent a few days in and around Pattaya. She loves to visit temples, in particular anything involving extremely old monks giving us their blessing, or ceremonies “making clean” or “good heart”. We both did one
ceremony which involved us each sitting motionless surrounded by 50 candles while the monk intoned and sprayed us. It was torture for me to sit still for an hour but she did it so easily. The ceremony ended with us both getting drenched with water
and me throwing the wax from my candles into the sea. As before, we spent every minute of every day together and she offered a six star service in every respect. All my sexual appetites were satisfied. I did not have to ask for anything, she was
so quick to offer but she was sensitive to know when not to offer so it never got too much. I can truly say I have never been so fulfilled sexually. All general housekeeping was done to perfection such as packing and laundry.

CBD bangkok

We decided to go to Krabi so we took the bus to Bangkok then the night sleeper train to Surat Thani. Just like last time, we had a great time in the first class compartment. Something about the night train really gets me excited. In Krabi
we found yet more temples. She got a bit tetchy one day when my wife called and wanted to talk a long time, saying “you tell me you wife you no like talk”. I found out it is very hard to explain concepts to Thai girls such as – normally
that is the case but today it was different. We caught the boat to Lai-Leh where there was a falang bar. I started to notice that whenever falang men were around, she would go into bargirl mode. I don’t believe she was doing that outrageous
thing that Pattaya girls do of openly flirting while their companion is not looking but she would say “That man looking me. I no looking him but he looking me, he look my legs me.” She did look exceedingly good in the evening light
which was kind to her years. All those hours spent in the bar on the alert for customers just has its effect and it becomes a habit.

We returned to Krabi and we visited the White Tiger Cave Temple. There are 1,237 steps (steep ones) to get to the shrine at the top. I gave up after about 250 but she carried on. About 40 minutes later she rejoined me looking very slightly
warm. Some fit looking falang were coming down drenched in sweat.

We moved on to Trang and drove around that area. This worked better because there were no falang to distract her. One day I told her off for doing something I didn’t like, talking to a customer on the phone a bit too sweetly. Interestingly,
she told me to tell her off more often, she told me she needed this and it made her feel more wanted.

We returned to Pattaya to meet up with someone visiting Pattaya for the first time who had contacted me. I took him around some good bars and I really enjoyed being on the loose again. I fixed the guy up with HG’s friend as he was
keen to go with someone recommended. Then I had to go to Bangkok for a meeting, staying one night. I told heart girl I would sleep alone and I meant it but I visited Livingstone’s to say hallo to the boss and to hear his unwaveringly wise
counsel. For some unaccountable reason I just felt ecstatic in the bar there. I barfined the mamasan number two because I could not resist her elegance and poise. I also met up with my secret contact and kept him up to date with developments.

wonderland clinic

Heart girl joined me in Bangkok the next day. I changed rooms as a precaution. She really wanted to go to Wat Phra Kaew so we did. For some reason the entire Grand Palace bugged the hell out of me and I couldn’t wait to get out of
there. We went to MBK where I agreed to buy her a sexy denim skirt for 350 baht. I had a couple of meetings to attend so we stayed in Bangkok for three days. Finally I decided to go to a beach location and she opted for Hua Hin as she had not
been before (neither had I). We spent three days there and suddenly I felt we were running out of things to say to each other. Now, if I felt this with a non-bar girl I think I would look for new ways to revitalise the relationship but with a
bar girl you don’t really have any incentive to make it work when it stops being easy. I decided I wanted some time away from her before my trip ended so I told her I had been called to another meeting in Bangkok. We returned together to
Pattaya. I told her I wanted a few hours drinking with male friends. She got a bit sulky and went off to wait for me in her bar. I went straight to Rolling Stone 2 bar to meet my RS2 girl (see previous report) and arranged to meet her on Sukhumvit
by the Isaan bus station at 11am the next day.

I went to Windmill Club to meet a male friend. We had a great time, the girls were hot that night. Suddenly I looked up and saw my heart girl walking towards me looking none too happy. Fortunately by some grace of God there were no girls
all over me at that moment. She asked me why I was not answering her calls. I looked at my phone and it read 12 missed calls. I told her sorry but she should wait for me in her bar. My friend and I moved on to Papayou on Soi Diana where I had
long been meaning to renew my acquaintance with one of the servers which I did and she was full of smiles. Somehow it was soon 4am and the bar was closing. I got another call from HG and I told her I would meet her in my room. When I got there
she was sitting next to two empty bottles of Singha from the minibar, yet she never usually drinks beer! She was a bit grumpy so we both went to sleep. In the morning she was hot again but I had to keep my appointment. I took a motorbike taxi
to the Bangkok bus station and then a private songtaew to Sukhumvit – I did not want to be seen. I felt like a secret agent on a mission. RS2 girl showed up five minutes late and we snuck onto an orange bus bound for Satahip, changing
for Rayong and then Ban Phe for the boat to Samet. I felt a surge of relief as the bus took us away from Pattaya.

Once on Samet we checked in to a relaxing beach hotel. The next day I phoned HG and told her I still liked her a lot but I could not deal with her tantrums and I wanted a break from her. I told her I would not see her again this trip. I wondered
how she got into Windmill as they don’t generally allow single Thai girls inside. I told RS2 girl about me finishing with HG and she understood I why I was a bit subdued. She is younger (31) and noticeably lighter in mood and more giggly.
She is less battle-hardened having been in Pattaya less time. On the other hand I have less to talk about with her. In the room she is great but a long way from the six star service of HG. Meanwhile my server girl from Papayou who knows the mamasan
from Windmill happened to phone me and told me that the mamasan did not want to let HG into the club but HG told the falang boss that I was her husband and she needed to talk to me urgently! SG asked me “why you want go with girl who yak-yak

After three days on Samet we returned to Pattaya. I spent one more night with RS2 girl and planned to spend my final night alone. Earlier that day I got some terrible pangs of missing HG but I thought they would pass and they did. I went
to Windmill again that evening and had the great experience of watching some superb England-Australia cricket on the TV while having my cock stroked by a dancer and a show girl on either side of me. I was feeding 100 baht notes periodically to
the insides of these girls’ stockings and it was enough to keep them interested. I decided to swing by Papayou. I had not even reached the door when SG sprang out of it to greet me. I had had enough to drink so I just paid her barfine and
took her straight to my hotel. She is 43 but looks great and I love chatting with her.

Back home and I have spoken to all three girls on the phone. I have firm plans to meet RS2 girl and maybe also SG. I want to see HG but only if she can accept that I will not spend every day with her – I cannot be bothered with the
same subterfuge as before. The difficulty is that if we get together we will probably really like each other again and then she will start to get jealous. On the other hand, RS2 girl is more accepting. She says she is happy if I come to see her
but will not complain if I go away for some days. Obviously I would not make her lose face by taking another girl to her bar. I am returning to LOS in September.

Stick has commented very reasonably that my wife at home must have a sense that I am getting involved in Thailand. I haven't explained my home situation in these submissions as it has nothing to do with Thailand. I can say that so far
this has not been an issue for me.

I miss Thailand in general when I am back home but I have to work at home to get the money to pay for my trips. I have read enough comments on this site and elsewhere to realise that it is no bed of roses to live in LOS. I think for me it
works best to pay regular visits.

Stickman's thoughts:

You put up with a lot from that jealous bird. If you're paying her, remember you're the boss. Any tantrums and she should be out the door pronto! Don't act like you're pussy whipped.

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