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My First Trip To Bangkok, The Pent And Oi

Hello all, this is my first post on this site. I just found out about this site about a month ago but can’t seem to keep away from it, and have to almost force myself to stop reading all the interesting posts from people that have had good / not so good / bad experiences. Anyways here’s my story.

It all started in July of 2007. I was living in Japan and owned a hostess club in Roppongi of Tokyo. I have lived in Canada for almost 3 years and have had a lot of friends there that were mainly from Vietnam and China it's too bad I had to leave on some circumstances but anyway around that time (2007) one of my good friends from Canada moved to Thailand and told me how good it was there and suggested I come check it out and his business he started there.

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I had never been to Thailand before that but had heard a lot of stories about it so I figured what the hell, I might as well go check it out as I love travelling and most of all I was tired of the club scene in Tokyo and after hearing a lot of interesting stories from friends that have been there decided to go check it out.

I booked my flight and headed over there not knowing what I was getting myself into. (I’ve always been the adventurous kind of person, doing before thinking, guess that’s how I got shot twice but that’s a different story.) Anyways, before I know it, 6 hours later I am walking through Bangkok Airport, thinking where have you been all my life, Ms. Stewardess!! I don’t know what it is about the clothes that Thai stewardesses wear but I can't get enough of them. So I go through customs with no hassle and call my friend that’s supposed to pick me but, but apparently his flight got delayed from Macau and he wouldn’t be able to meet me until the next day. I figured what the hell, I'll experience this new mysterious land by myself for a night. I've lived in Japan for most of my life where everyone is mostly straight forward and will never try to rip you off so that’s the mindset I had. I was in for a surprise as soon as I walked out of the airport.

I'm sure everyone knows the taxi / hotel hustlers that leach on to almost every single person that walks out of there, so I walk out not knowing a single word of Thai, anyone or anything and all of a sudden have about 5 of those people standing around me offering me “deals” on cabs and hotels. Me thinking “wow, this country has crazy good service” agree to the first “deal” they give me for a private car into the city as well as a reservation for a hotel to stay at a discounted price of 6,000 Thai baht a night and a limousine into the city for only 1,000 baht. Like I said before, this was my first experience in getting ripped off as I was so used to living in Japan and also compared to Japan the prices seemed pretty cheap to me.

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So off we go with my new “best friend” driver that won't shut up. How long am I staying for, do you want good massage blah blah and finally reach my destination, which was I think Rose Hotel right by Patpong <PLEASE don't tell us you paid 6,000 baht a night for that joint!Stick>. It being the first time there, I didn’t know what Patpong meant until later that night so I was in for a huge surprise. After checking into my hotel and again tipping the driver for his “service” (I know, I know) I decided to take a nap for a couple hours as it was still in the middle of the afternoon and I wasn’t used to being awake in the day time. I woke up later that night and decided to take a look around as I heard there was a lot of good nightlife. As I'm walking out I ask the receptionist if she knows where all the good nightlife is. She smiles at me knowingly and tells me that I only need to walk across the street and walk around.

You can probably imagine the thoughts going through my head as I’m walking down those alleys and streets – it was like I was in heaven. I know Japan has good nightlife but this was something totally different, strippers or gogo bars almost everywhere I look girls that look so hot from far away but get uglier as you come closer. That night I don’t know how but I spent around 30,000 baht being taken all around Patpong with a girl I met in a bar who wanted to introduce me to all of her “friends”, all of the mamasans and sisters. Man, those chits I think they call them add up fast, not to mention all the tips. We spent a crazy night together and I woke up the next morning with Thailand fever.

Anyways, by then my friend finally in town, and wants to show me around. As soon as I told him how much I loved Thailand and about my adventures the night before he asks me why I went to Patpong, and how the fcuk did I spend 30,000 baht with a single girl! Well how the hell was I supposed to know? It was my first night there and I was being guided by a bargirl and besides I had a great time. He then explains to me how Patpong is the slums of Thai nightlife and ladyboy town (me then praying here that the girl I was with was not a ladyboy). He tells me that he’ll take me to a better place that night and we can talk about doing business there, as he had already started a plastic bottle manufacturing factory and I very happily agreed. So we checked out of the hotel which I found out only charges about 3,000 baht a night (taxi fxxxers!)

Now here’s the main part of my story: That night he takes me to the PENT… the place that becomes my 2nd home for the rest of my stay in Bangkok. As soon as I walked in I was in love. The mamasan is a very nice person and a pretty good friend (as long as the tips are good) quickly recognizes my friend and introduces herself and we quickly become fake friends (the mamasan / customer relationship). She then gets my friend's regular girl and asks if I want one. I quickly agree and she takes me to the room with all of the girls. As soon as I walk in there I meet the eyes of the prettiest Thai girl I have ever seen. Her name is Oi. Now I am pretty experienced in the nightlife scene as well as all the games that hostess girls are paid to play on their customers. After all, it was my job to tell my girls to play them on their customers in my club but this… This was a totally different story. This girl did not act like the hostesses I was used to. She did not act like she was at work or have the cold, calculating eyes of most hostesses hungry for every cent they can get out of their customer.

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To make a long story short I quickly fell for her fun-loving, carefree self and we had a crazy time! (and if anyone that’s reading this remembers an Asian looking guy spray Champagne on everyone in the bar part of the club around that time, it was me and I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do that). Finally the night had to come to an end, damn Thai clubs close at 3 AM!!! I quickly asked Oi if she wanted to go somewhere else.

She agreed and I asked her if she wanted to come to my hotel.

Oi: ummm sorry I can't but we can go somewhere to eat… ?!?!

I was at a loss of words… Hey wait a minute this was Thailand… Hunnay what do you mean no?! (Now I was a little pissed off at myself for allowing to actually feel for a hostess girl. After all, it is their job to make the customer feel exactly how I was feeling about her, and sleeping with a customer would only destroy that fantasy world and something I even had rules against in Japan.)

I agreed and we went to a karaoke restaurant with one of her friends and one of the stage dancers for my friend. In my head I was still cursing myself and thinking of all the times I thought other customers I had were so stupid for falling for the hostess fantasy, but still wondering why she had turned me down… I mean this is Thailand, I thought that all girls go home with their customers. This is sex central so why did she turn me down?!

Finally on our way back to our hotel my friend sitting with his dancer girl friend sees me pissed off and asks me what’s wrong. I tell him and he starts laughing and explains that at the PENT the hostess girls aren’t allowed to go home with their customers and that he always goes for the dancers there because they are a lot easier. That made my night as now I understood why she had turned me down. It wasn’t that she didn’t like me but that she wasn’t allowed to and that I understood – but made me want her even more! After that night for the next week I was in Bangkok I was at the PENT almost every night and made it my mission to sleep with her. And the funny thing is that I wasn’t only after the sex. I actually liked her a lot and respected the fact she turned me down. (I mean something always tastes a lot better when you have to work for it, right?)

Finally, around the 5th time of going there and about 2 VIPs later (I have no idea where all the liquor went) she agreed to spend the night with me. Man!!!!! That night was the best night that I have had in Thailand so far. I won’t get into detail cuz we did some pretty crazy shit 😉 I haven’t really ever had to work to get a girl but this girl, let me tell you, was worth it. I think everyone has one Thai girl that they remember and that is the girl I will never forget. After that, my time in Thailand seemed to go by to fast and before I knew it I had to go home. By then the “fun” started turning into more serious relationship talk, me being still young (24) I explained to her that as much as I liked her I wasn’t ready for marriage. The way I look at it is there’s no reason to get married in your 20’s and still experiencing life because when you realize that you actually love someone is usually in your 30’s and have had all of your fun and want to settle down.

She took it better than I expected and we decided that we wouldn’t rush things and just have fun and enjoy the moment. Besides, I wouldn’t be moving to Thailand for another year so and what’s a worse relationship destroyer than being paranoid about your partner cheating on you and all the other BS. We both have our lives to live, people to meet and especially when you are in the night business you meet a lot of people and sometimes it gets pretty hard to stay loyal (everyone has needs). Since then, every time I’ve been to Thailand and seen her the feelings I’ve had towards her have never changed and I’m surprised sometimes myself because I don’t get tired of her still the same old crazy nights. (I have never taken her shopping, given her any money nor has she asked, just in case any of you are wondering. Maybe it’s a night business understanding, when I first met her I told her what I did and that we were in pretty much the same business and after that I’m pretty sure she looked at me different because we could talk on a different level that she was used to and didn’t have to act like I was a “customer”).

Since then I have started a trading company in Vietnam which is great because it is only an hour's plane ride away from Bangkok rather than the 6 hour flight from Japan and still do see Oi (and maybe a couple others hehe) for those crazy nights and who knows, maybe one day things will change and move to the next level and I’ll be able to settle for the ONE, but you never know where life will take you or who you will meet so I have my fingers crossed, besides Vietnam has a lot to offer to but that’s a different story.

I would love to be able to live in Thailand because it’s one of my favourite countries and am hoping to start a business there sometime in the near future. I am planning along the lines of a restaurant of some sort and would love to hear any kind of advice or ideas anyone has. Anyways that was my story about my first trip there and how I fell in love with Thailand!!

Stickman's thoughts:

I have only been to The Pent once, about a month ago. Nice venue and a lot of pretty girls so it's easy to see how someone could get sucked in.

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