Stickman Readers' Submissions April 21st, 2009

Ladyboy Curious

I was told you are the man to go to for advice in Thailand. A year ago I moved to Thailand and set up a new life in a Thai town away from all the tourists and seedy bars. I teach in a school and have a lovely girlfriend.

My life has been perfect for almost a year now. The problem is I have got a bit of an embarrassing attraction to ladyboys. Recently I was walking the back streets very near my house and found a mansion block with lots of ladyboys sitting

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The other day I wasn't thinking, I was still drunk from the night before my urges got the better of me and I went up there but it was deserted so I sat down on a bench hoping for one of them to appear from a door.

Sure enough a door opened and two ladyboys invited me in. I asked them how much and they said "up to you"

I said I wanted a pre op. Only one of them was pre op so I got it on with her and her friend joined in. Yes precautions were taken.

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When we had finished I was getting dressed and they started telling me to hurry up because her dad was a policeman and was on his way around. I realised that this was a bad turn as they were obviously trying to intimidate me.

So I paid them but I realised in my stupidity that I only really had enough for one ladyboy, I gave them 1000baht each and they hit the roof.

They said 5000 each, ten thousand or they would get her dad to put me in the monkeyhouse. I told them I didn't have any more and tried to open the door but they had locked me in and started making phone calls. I said I would go to the
bank and they only unlocked the door when I gave them my driving licence.

They grabbed me like a they were making a citizens arrest and marched me to their car. I broke free and they chased me and started to punch me so I got in the car. They drove me through town threatening me and telling me not to fuck with
them. I knew I only had 2000 baht in the bank and I called their bluff and said take me to the police and they went mental and started punching me and hitting me with a lump of wood.

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I almost retaliated and I'm a lot bigger than them so I could have seriously damaged them but I knew it would land me in deeper shit if I hurt a Thai person so I jumped out of the moving car as soon as they pulled off and ran into a
restaurant and asked them to call the police.

I know I did all the things I knew not to do, I didn't agree a price and pay first "up to you" is always trouble and I did it on my own doorstep. They are practically neighbours and the whole debacle was acted out only a five
minute drive from my house!

The police just said give them what you can so I took another 1000 Baht note out of the bank and gave them that.

I know I was very stupid. Sometimes the little head holds more sway than the cranium.

But I am now constantly worried that they will see me and cause big trouble for me, out me infront of my girlfriend and friends or even get somebody to come and beat me up.

Do you think that is a possibility, should I get the hell out of town or will I most likely be left alone?

I hope you have some advice. I know it's a sordid story and I bought it all on myself but if you can offer some advice I would appreciate it. Cheers

Stickman's thoughts:

You got yourself into an awful mess, you really did. If this is a small town then word could get around and this could come back to haunt you, both destroying your reputation and potentially causing you to lose your job.

While you may have a predilection for ladyboys, you were very foolish to do approach them that way. If it were me, I would avoid that part of town forever!

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