Stickman Readers' Submissions March 11th, 2009

Aussie Girl No Different To Thai Girls Part 1

Hello to all of the Stickman readers. I have to say I stumbled on to this site by accident a few weeks back and have

found the reading to be almost addictive one story after another some tragic others I shake my head in bewilderment

but I can relate to most of it through my own experiences and thought my story might put back into perspective that

Thai girls aren't any different to western girls or in this case an Australian when it comes down to it they will all

shaft you in the end.

A bit about me I was born in Auckland, New Zealand (Green star coming for you!Stick) grew up in a pretty dysfunctional family and basically brought myself up. I played heaps of sport and excelled at most and have always been fit. Even now I am in my forties I might be no triathlete but take pride in who I am and try to maintain my fitness. Went in the army when I was 18 looking for adventure and to get my shit together. Auckland Central Police Station was becoming an all too familiar place but the army though physically gratifying was no place for a guy who just loves females and so back to Auckland in search of pussy.

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From that time on and before I have always sought out female company even when out with my mates. It was always number one on my agenda and being fit, tanned with long hair I never really had any problems in this area. By 21 I was bored with NZ and ended up in Aussie with 4 workmates, all big Maori boys and have to say that was fun but I eventually ended up in Melbourne on my own, landed a very good job but had not had much luck with the girls in Oz but that all ended when I was offered a job by a guy I was training with working in pubs.

The next 5 years was just one big party, all free piss, drugs and many girls. I never wanted a girlfriend. What for when you can have a different one every night but here is where the story takes a turn because I met a girl who was to become my future wife. Yes, the one who shafted me big time! I met her in a bar where she was a barmaid, very attractive, and I thought this girl is different. I soon found out she was a single mother living at home with her parents and the last thing I wanted was a ready made family so we partied but I was heading off to see the world not set up home and become Dad. My plan was make my way to India then Europe and the States with no agenda, just go!

So I quit my jobs and ended up going overland across Indonesia, Malaysia and ended up in Koh Samui where due to excess partying, bad company and other unnamed substances I ended up in intensive care in Bangkok (which is a great story in its own right). Eventually after costs (no health insurance) and not physically being able to travel I ended up picking up my wife to be and her son and going to New Zealand and setting up home in a house I had purchased a couple of years earlier. We stayed there for the next 15 months and then went back to Aussie.

The thing was I knew it was wrong from the start we seemed to argue all the time but still we went to Hawaii and got married on Maui. Romantic yes, but no I just wanted a holiday. I got so pissed on mai Thais the night before I remember bugger all except after the wedding her telling me she was pregnant. I have to say I was very happy as being 28 maybe I thought it was time to settle down.

So two children later, having always worked 2 jobs as well as renovating 6 houses over 16 years adopting her son, selling my house in New Zealand, supporting her while she got a bachelor of education @ a degree in computer science paying off her bills, putting her son through school and getting him a good trade his dad paid not one cent towards his upbringing, trying to support my daughter who has a physical disability so what does she do? She kicks me out and tries to poison my father and my children's mind with bullshit. She sells our homes (they were in her name for company reasons) unknown to me. I had to relocate to Perth for work, buys a new home in her name and is offering me a lot less than the 50 / 50 we agreed upon. Now solicitors are involved so lucky I am not in Melbourne because I have lost everything and have but one more thing to lose.

This happened 16 months ago. We were together 20 years and married for 17 of those. I worked my ass off and what do I get in return? That's right, shafted up the ass big time!

So are Western girls any different from Thai girls? Not in my book! They are all opportunists and will shag your brains out then clean you out! I am fortunate to have a great paying job and pretty cashed up with part of my settlement and have since been back to Thailand 4 times. I have been all over Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hua Hin but you guessed it my favourite place is Nana Plaza. In soi see I stay at the Dynasty Inn and party all over. I have bedded many ladies and treat them well, even learning Thai which to them is not a good thing – they hate it, you know! I also went to Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Laos and the bullshit is all the same (except Brunei).

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I don't want their phone number or their email and have never given them mine. I don't carry a phone. Who wants a phone? All these guys on the phone to their teeruk? I am on holiday! Who needs to receive a call about the buffalo's balls being swollen and ten thousand baht is needed! Shit, whose balls aren't swollen with all of that pussy walking around? I would like to finish this story. First time back to Thailand after 16 years, yes, quite a story.

Addendum: Scared Of The Wife

It's quite a coincidence I had not read Stickman's story this week about being scared of your wife when I sent my first

submission in but after reading it I feel compelled to elaborate. I did leave my wife for a year due to her controlling ways but we were back together 9 months when out of the blue she kicked me out with no choice but to go. I think it was payback as that way she wins.

What I do know is that it seems nothing was enough – 3 houses, ski boat, aa mortgage free, nice 4 wheel drive while I drove an old van and just kept working my ass off in well paying but dead-end jobs whilst she just studied and studied, enhancing her career as much as possible. Maybe it had something to do with her coming from a very poor family and the stigma of being a single mom? I am not sure but she ran our lives! How she wanted and you know if you leave you lose big time – the children, everything you have worked for gone but enough is enough. This was no longer a marriage but a dictatorship. I just had no say. I could give you so many examples but the list is so long it blows me away. From children's names to their religion, schooling, where we lived, bank accounts etc. She had her own personal one while everything I earned went into a joint account. Basically it was her way or the highway.

The funny thing is it was not like this at the start but as the assets started to accrue I guess so did her thought process of well, who needs him anymore, $500,000 will do and that is what I ended up losing. But the biggest loss was my two children and the last memory they have of me were the tears streaming down my face as the taxi pulled up and I said goodbye to the only two people in this world I will ever love. That was August 11th 2007. Some dates you just never forget and I have not seen them since. Why don't you visit them you might ask. Easy. I have never backed down but this fight I could never win and if I went back I could do something I would regret, such was the resentment I felt towards her. She will not let them visit me. Hey, she might lose control. I don't even know where they live. So I came to the realisation she is like a Thai girl with her priorities – 1. Money 2. Her family 3. Her career 4. Children or dog. Not too sure I would not even get a look in, just a stupid farang, the working machine – I earn the money and she keeps it!

Did I deserve it? Ask my children. I can readily admit my mistakes but not once have I ever heard her admit she was wrong. This is the end of a nightmare and it is time to move on.


That's a real tale of woe. Hearing an Aussie get the better of a Kiwi doesn't put a smile on my face either!

On thing I will say is that while she sounds like a right tyrant, you allowed some of this to happen. You get her pregnant when perhaps you weren't ready for that. You allowed her to have bank accounts in her name while all the money went into shared accounts. You have to be a man. You have to stand up and be strong. Don't let anyone walk over you…because once they start they will *never* stop.

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