Stickman Readers' Submissions October 23rd, 2008

Thai Women, English Women Same Same

The first time I came to Thailand was 30 years ago. In those days everyone stayed at the Nana and often went to the coffee bar of the Grace in the evening.

I loved the Nana and the old wing had the biggest beds in Bangkok.

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I did get married. It didn’t last. It didn’t even start to be honest but I needed to have a wife in England to get out of a contract in Saudi, and I got what I wanted.

Sounds complicated but in short I had a contract with Saudi Parsons. They wanted to take my family accommodation from me because I was not married and I did not want to stay in Saudi on single status so I had to have a wife and I got one.
When we got to England we went straight to the Parsons office by Kew Bridge and told them WE were ready and available to go to Saudi straight away but together. As usual Parsons made the excuses and I got out of the contract, together with six
months advance pay.

The young lady went her own way, back to her boyfriend who was living in London. I got all my costs paid back by her because she left me and everyone was reasonably ok about it all.

In the 28 years between I got married to an English woman, Katy. We had three children, and then, fifteen months ago she walked out on the children and myself in the usual completely drunken state, spent one night sleeping, and then proceeded
to work her way through most of the men in Felixstowe, and most of the bars, the rough ones that is, men and bars.

Fifteen months later I still have the family house (and one other), and the children. She on the other hand has a flat in the slum area of Harwich living with a lorry driver convicted of domestic violence and spends most of her time in the
pubs, particularly the New Bell where I am told drugs are plentiful. She has not seen her children for many months.

What does this have to do with Thai women? I’m about to say….

Three days after she left she moved in with the lorry driver in his slum flat in Felixstowe. Seven days later, believe it or not, I had a Thai girlfriend, here, in Felixstowe. She is gorgeous. She was over here on a fiancée visa with
some guy who lives in Oxford but it didn’t work out so she came over here to see and stay with friends. We had a good friendship for quite a few weeks but she did not get along too well with my children and she went back to Oxford and then
went back to Thailand.

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The friend who lived here introduced me to a young lady who was her brother’s partner for seven years. She is lovely. We have got along fine, but she has not taken to England and my children have not taken to her. She has decided to
return to Thailand. She has had plenty money from me but has returned a lot of warmth, affection, and I genuinely trust her a lot. The fact that it hasn’t worked out is sad but there were never guarantees. I do not regret our friendship
one bit.

It has in fact worked out quite well because the friend who lives here has a sister, and the sister and I get along wonderfully. This sister sadly lost her English husband three months ago and is currently living with her sister here. Over
the last few weeks I have been escort to two beautiful Thai women. I’m in seventh heaven!

What next? I don’t know, but at the end of this month I’m back to Bangkok and in good mood as to what might happen.

What I am trying to say is this: Don’t run Thai girls down. They’re only doing what you let them do. They are no worse than English women and in fact they are an awful lot better. The rules are different and you’re playing
a different game on a different pitch. Learn the game and learn the rules before you play.

My ex-English wife took £274,000 off me. She is a slut, an alcoholic, and a drug addict, as well as being 51 years old. She has no moral standards. I have the children. They are happy, are now well behaved and are growing up properly.

The Thai women I associate with are younger, much more beautiful. They are fantastic company, they treat me well, they consider me, they consider my children, they cook beautiful food, and by golly I’m mighty proud to be associated
with them.

So when you are making comparisons between the two options, consider both sides.

Stickman's thoughts:

There are good and bad people in every country. Searching for a good woman in a bad bar doesn't give favourable odds of finding the ideal life partner!

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