Stickman Readers' Submissions September 23rd, 2008

I’m Outta Here!

I won't go into the current political mess but I have taken the decision to leave Thailand, maybe not forever, but certainly for the medium term. Thailand does not have a real government and as far as I can remember, never has had an effective one.
It has no strategic economic plans and is falling behind it's neighbours (ok, Myanmar excepted) and other countries in the region. It will be interesting to see where Vietnam and Cambodia are in ten years time compared to Thailand. The country
is simply wasting year after year after year whilst a group of criminals continue to fill their pockets. One Thai colleague described the parliament as a zoo and he is quite right if you observe the TV coverage of their 'debates'. The
power of the cronies and the apparent indifference of the majority of Thai people means that this place is not going to change for a long long time. The economy is a shambles and I can see that my current employer (construction contractor) is
going to close up shop. A few expatriates have already been terminated. Singapore is booming and most likely has enough megaprojects to last the next ten years at least. I've worked there before, loved the place, and so I'm going back.

This is probably the first time that my missus has seen the effect first hand of what happens when the Thai government falls apart. Coming from Isaan they would normally not see too much economic fallout. This time however the farang boyfriend
says sorry, work is running out in Thailand and he has to leave to find work. To my surprise she is excited about the prospect of living in Singapore and appears very ashamed about what is going on here at the moment. Hearing the opinions of a
farang instead of village gossip has probably had some influence. We went to the cinema last Sunday and she nearly burst into tears whilst paying our respects to the King. I think it was seeing all of the pictures on the screen of what great things
he has done for the country and the people and then thinking about the destruction that the current mobs are causing. What a mess.

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Anyway I have weighed up the pros and cons of Singapore and Thailand and made the choice. Singapore may not have the intrigue of Thailand but there's no nonsense and everything works. I will know that it takes 20 minutes to get to and
from work with or without rain, on or outside of school holidays, instead of between 1-3 hours here.

What will I miss?

1. Thai food for sure, especially the laab dishes and geang som fish.
2. Cowboy. It's strange because I hardly ever go there but when I do with a few mates its good fun and also brings back memories of the early
'novice' days.
3. Golf. Again hardly ever play but its nice to know that there are many courses around which are affordable.
4. Friends. A handful of people here I can call friends and they will be missed. I simply don't
trust the majority of people I meet or take an instant disliking to them. An effect that Bangkok has had on me due to the amount of trash that travels or ends up here.
5. Lunchtime walks. Great to walk around the business areas admiring the
lasses on their breaks. Not perving just admiring!
6. Pool bars. Great if you're bored and nobody wants to go out or you just fancy a night wandering on your own. Always someone to play with.
7. British Club. Brilliant swimming pool
and facilities and great grub.
8. Emporium. For me still the best shopping centre and attracts huge amounts of gorgeous girls which makes it a nice shopping experience. A feeling I don't normally get when shopping.
9. Chatuchak market.
One market that never bores me.
10. Huntsman Pub. Best cottage pie in Asia.

What won't I miss?

1. Thai Police. Simply a disgrace to the country.
2. The first three pages of the Bangkok Post.
3. UBC True. Terrible service and a rip off.
4. Traffic.
5. Driving. The most dangerous roads I have ever driven on.
6. Government
offices. I have developed a fear due the astonishing amount of procedures, stamping and seemingly random decisions that are made. I was told by a uniformed fat bitch covered in medals and military insignia with hair like a khunying that
I could not work in Thailand, only to be given a work permit after my agent had licked her arse and given her plenty of kanom.
7. Rich Thais. Just seeing the way they behave at 5 star hotels makes me feel sick. Treating everyone like
shit and letting their kids create havoc. They are just as obnoxious, rude and arrogant on the golf courses or anything else which the average Thai cannot afford.
8. Katoeys. Just a menace who's only exposure to society should be cabaret
shows or the circus.
9. Racism. The first time I have ever felt what it is like to be on the receiving end. As a farang I have felt xenophobia in day to day situations but in business I have really experienced racism by Thai people. Not a
nice feeling.
10. The up-country party. Usually end up with the Thai guys off their faces either being a nuisance or causing a fight even with members of their own family.
11. Nana plaza. What a dump. The sooner it goes up in flames (in
the day time hopefully) the better.
12. My neighbour. A senior police chief in our cul-de-sac who let's his Rottweiler terrorise the entire area and takes up all available parking spaces for his fellow officers when its party time, every

13. Alcohol sale hours. And the point is?
14. Thai discos. Can't see the attraction of standing around a bottle of whisky not being about to talk and listening to someone shout on stage.
15. McDonalds and KFC. Both taste revolting
in Thailand, KFC for reasons pointed out on your site a while ago. Imagine what is inside the burgers? No let's not.
16. Bus stop on Soi 4. Used be great before the change, now holds no interest.
17. Thai TV. Can't understand
it but the sound of it makes me feel sick and depressed. Have had to ban it in my house. <Oh, I can just imagine how the Mrs. felt about thatStick>
18. Skytrain and subway. Both are excellent and have worked
well but why don't the operators now understand that 3 carriages is not enough capacity? It's chaos at rush hour and people are now starting to avoid using them.

To be honest Thailand is a great place to live and I would like to come back if I can get a serious job again. For now though I have to support myself and the missus and I won't be able to do that here in the near future as things deteriorate

Stickman's thoughts:

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In addition to the drop off in tourist arrivals which is due to a variety of different reasons, there are a number of long-termers like yourself choosing to depart, perhaps not for good, but for a period.

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