Stickman Readers' Submissions August 16th, 2008

Our Material Lives

What compels me to write another submission to the Stickman website?

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AHA…perhaps certain other people who write submissions do!!

I wonder in amazement how people seem to think they are above so many other people, telling the keen readers of this website how stupid they are and that they should endeavour to look up to a set of rules in life. These rules being about
a country (Thailand), about life in general, about women, about how one should behave, about one's morals and in turn for these to be in order with the high and mighty attitudes towards life which reflect that of how a couple of individuals
who write on this website live their own lives.

Life is about what we experience ourselves. It is about growing and about moving forward with all intentions to make ourselves better the next day. It is also about support, advice and guidance to the next person we come across with our own
experiences. To bounce off one another and help each other grow. Yet some people believe that they have experienced so much more than the other in all areas of our time here that we all should bow down and listen to them. Some believe because
they have money, an attractive appearance and all the material things one needs to appear successful in life that they are the people who everyone should listen to. And arrogantly in their small minds they cannot see that they also need the advice
and tips in life to make them a better person. They belittle everyone around them, yet standing in their clouds of invisible inferiority they do not realise that they need to grow and develop in other areas of their lives themselves (but they
do not know this).

So to set the point straight. Some of us in life are very blessed with material concerns. The money perhaps passed down to us, and good upbringings etc etc. And these people tend to put a large emphasis on the material aspects in life. They
have never really worked hard to achieve these things. That's all they know. They are shallow people who have not lived a particular part of their life like the majority of people in this world. Yet they still think they are above everyone
else. Good luck to them, they are lucky, but very unfortunate not to have lived a life to work hard emotionally and materially to achieve their goals.

I have worked very hard all my life. I am 33 and have gone through many ups and downs. I read submissions on this site from a couple of people who have the money and the oh so cool material items in their life. But they are so shallow as
human beings. I am sure they are great people and have all good intentions but the writings they submit are pathetic and insulting to many readers. Many of their words are very truthful, YES! But to write to a readership of people who perhaps
are unaware of the potential crises that can happen when in Thailand, and consider them as morons is pathetic to put it lightly.

As I have said…I have worked very hard in my life…I am now in a situation where it has paid off. I have been poor….had nothing and worked my way to a very good position in life where I can do what I want and have any of those nice material
things. But I do not brag about them. Everyone is equal and everyone can achieve these things if they want. But what makes me happy is that I have earned it where I am and haven't been handed down a lot of money from relatives etc etc. ME!!!!
hehehe yes…me (sounds familiar) I am also my own individual…I do not look up to the guy with the big money, or the big career. I am not some wingman who idealises that mate of mine. I have met many before like this…I feel for them. The mate
next to them who is all high and mighty. Good combination always. The one with the apparent success always need someone else to tell them how successful they are….it makes them feel successful.

Anyway…Whatever works for everyone. I appreciate everyone's input on this site and think it is brilliant to inform people about the goings on in Thailand. I know when I first went to Thailand, I had no idea at all. Now I have visited
several times, I am very aware and very cautious and cannot believe my trust in everyone I once first had. This website has been great with the stories. It has accelerated my learning immensely.

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To round this submission off. A couple of guys on here think they are all well and clever and "oh-so" life experienced. I am not putting these guys down. They are entertaining and often very correct. But there should be another
website to help these guys out with what life is all about. A website which helps the material orientated people out with egos which rule their lives to the extent that they are so blind to what living is about. Now….Compare these guys with
someone in their same position, the money and perhaps lives a life in television in their own country and is not a bad looking person as well and yet has worked so very hard for it with all the up and downs along the way….perhaps they would
be open to some constructive criticism themselves….And I would say that the correct criticism wouldn't be harsh words (moron, idiot blah blah, etc etc) but would be something in the terms of…."….Well I have experienced this….and
felt this way….and found this out….."…..but I learnt and I am better for it. "

Good luck to everyone who writes into this site in regards to their experiences and loves in Thailand. Everyone is different and only YOU know what is happening in the end. From everyone's experiences, it should help guide you but in
the end you know!!!!! And I would only take suggestions from everyone but not make them gossipel… Better to loved and experienced than not to at all.


Stickman's thoughts:

I wonder who you could be referring to?!

Seriously, it is a fine line between giving one's thoughts on life and telling other people how to live their lives. Unfortunately the two you have referred to have clearly crossed that line…

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