Stickman Readers' Submissions July 30th, 2008

Phuket Love Affair, Part One

I have been traveling to SE Asia, and in particular, Thailand, since 2001. It has been a few years since my last adventure, but the itch is starting to need another scratch. By this time I’m 45, a lot grayer and balder than my first trip but still
in reasonably good shape and healthy as far as I know since I refuse the doctor's office. This is the tale of my short-lived Thai girlfriend Nit Noi, and the bittersweet love affair I enjoyed with her a few years back.

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I was in Phuket in November as the weather is reasonably decent and prices are not yet sky high. I was traveling with my friend P, and we were comfortably enjoying the sun and fun routine of Patong. Let me further describe a typical run of
days; Up early for a walk on the shady beach as the touts are just setting up their chairs and wares, I am blissfully allowed to amble along the cool sands at the water’s edge enjoying the rising sun and the sound of the waves without anyone
bothering me for food or a parachute pull or a jet ski. This is how I imagined Thailand before the European invasion, and you can still find this on many beaches outside the tourist areas. Nai Harn beach in Phuket is especially nice. Halfway along
my long walk I stop at the 7-11 for a 10 baht coffee.

Later I meet with P for an American breakfast I have earned after my long jaunt and by 10 AM it’s already getting warm. Since I’m already in my swimming trunks (not bikini style thank you very much, and by the way, all of the
Euro trash with huge bellies and pendulous gonads, your bikini style swimware is disgusting). Then it’s off to the beach with book in hand, slathered in sunscreen for a beach chair. There is nothing else in this world I enjoy more than
a beach chair with great tunes nearby. This is my idea of the perfect sauna. As the day heats up you are sweating out the previous night’s libations followed by cool dips in the ocean while you rehydrate and enjoy the sights. Paradise indeed.

By mid afternoon it’s time to head back to the dirt-cheap guesthouse that still provides AC and cable TV for a siesta in preparation for the evening festivities. After a seafood dinner it’s off to the bars, discos, and gogos.
There is no hurry. The mamasans are giving girls tequila shots to warm them up for the evening, and it’s time to party. I never go “hunting” for bar girls, as it is so much more fun to just enjoy the evening and let it go
where it takes you. The thing I love about Phuket is that you can be a middle-aged fellow, and rarely if ever feel self-conscious. Back home you are seen as the weird old guy if you go to a music bar and want to dance. I like to drink and have
fun so it’s never hard to find girls. Pattaya is also great fun, but a bit too sleazy for me to handle for very long, and the beach is anything but nice.

Now on this particular evening P and I are enjoying ourselves in the Banana Disco, and I see a lovely girl walk in with her friend. I hit it off with Nit Noi and P tries to get something on with the friend. Nit Noi does not drink so I get
her a fruit juice and P gets the friend a drink. It was not 5 seconds later and the friend is hitting on Japanese guys. Nit Noi explains that she only goes with Japanese because they pay her far more than Westerners. P was of course irritated
that he invested in a drink without even a tiny bit of a chat, and I don’t blame him, but of course she was a whore. Despite the noise of the disco, I got an idea that Nit Noi was just staying with her friend and did not go with any men.
This was intriguing and a first for me if it was true, so I arranged a coffee date the next day without any real expectation that Nit Noi would show up. I had tried to make similar dates in the past and invariably the girl never showed. I don’t
have a mobile so that was part of the problem.

The next day Nit Noi shows up at the McDonalds as scheduled and right on time (what a shocker indeed). She was wearing white shorts, a not too revealing top, and sunglasses. Her hair was perfect as was her English. P of course came along
as support, but this was not a problem at all, and we sat down for a nice chat. Nit Noi explained that she came from a poor family in Isaan, and came to Phuket to live with her sister. From what I can understand, the sister had married an English
fellow, and they had two little girls together. Now, according to Nit Noi, her sister was happily married to this English fellow for at least 8 years, as the girls were around that age and they all worked for this developer from the States. This
businessman from the U.S. had tons of money and was always developing properties in Thailand and throughout SE Asia. This all sounded plausible (sort of). After coffee, we arranged to meet again that evening for a walk on the beach and dinner.

Again, Nit Noi was right on time, and she was not a bit shy as we held hands on our sunset walk. To me she was very attractive, as I prefer a very slim lady with small breasts. I could not help but imagine naughtier activities and struggled
to hide my anticipation. Right away I could tell Nit Noi was a serious lady as she described her hopes for a marriage and children and a happy life. She even had a dream of writing a book about raising children in Thailand. She explained that
she was renting a room from money she had saved working for the developer, and had moved out of her sister’s home with the intention of exploring the world without the demands and watchful eye of her family. Nit Noi was so lovely and up
front about her dreams and goals I was already half in love. I could really imagine myself living a life supporting this woman. Of course, I was not a neophyte regarding the romance scene in Thailand. In fact, I was with a bar girl the very same
night I first met Nit Noi. As she was so up front about her life and intentions, I had no problem telling her straight up about my previous activities. Nit Noi was not especially happy I had been shagging ladies of the night, but agreed to keep
seeing me. We made a date for the next night.

The next night we had a wonderful time as Nit Noi loves listening to live music and is fascinated with the bar scene in Patong. She was especially intrigued with the lady boys and stared intently at the group dressed up in cabaret encouraging
tourists to see the show. Later we made it back to the guestroom and Nit Noi agreed to sleep in the same bed but would not make love because she had never been with a man she said. This was a bit hard to believe for a 26-year-old girl, but I went
along with the program. Yes, I was being played but it was a wonderful game.

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The next night we repeated our time together and ended up in my guesthouse with an incredible thunderstorm pounding outside. After hours of foreplay the deed was done and Nit Noi was now a woman. I could not help feeling protective and warm
toward this kind and lovely girl 18 years my junior. Surprisingly the actual intercourse did not seem painful or difficult for Nit Noi a bit. She explained that an uncle had molested her with his hand as a child, and that was the reason she did
not feel pain the first time we made love. By this time she had me hook, line and sinker, and I was almost ready for the big commitment, but this tale is far from over. The next morning I discovered how different Nit Noi behaved from the typical
Isaan princess. She was completely uninhibited and had no problem with nudity. The only thing she refused to do was “smoke”, but that was ok with me as I have never really enjoyed that activity unless performed by an expert. There
was one aspect that surprised me. I’m of average size in the manhood department, but I was literally swimming with this girl. It was actually a bit of a problem because I had a great difficulty finishing because of the lack of sensation.

Of course I’m sure you have all come to the conclusion that Nit Noi could not possibly be a virgin. I understood this was probably the case, but I always give the benefit of a doubt, and she was so lovely and good to me that I was
100% willing to allow the deception and see how things developed. If her heart turned out to be golden and poverty or circumstance caused her to lie to me I figured we could work that bit out. We agreed to travel together down south through some
of the southern islands in Thailand and possibly through Malaysia. Over the next few months I fell in love with Nit Noi and felt it was reciprocated. We had some wonderful adventures together which I hope to share with you in part two.

Stickman's thoughts:

Oh, we can all see that this train is going to smash on a major scale! But never mind, it's going to be an enjoyable ride for the writer – and the readership!

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