Stickman Readers' Submissions May 28th, 2008

My Experiences On ThaiLoveLinks

The other day I read the weekly about the wild dating site, Thai Love Links (TLL). I’ve been a paying member to that site for about 2 years now and without knowing why, I kept extending my membership. I was really surprised by the (undoubtedly
true) claims made in Stick’s piece. Staggering numbers of guys who’ve put their profiles there seem to be having a ball, getting and bedding girls from there on a daily and more often then not even on an hourly basis!

Yesterday was a particularly slow day at work so just out of sheer boredom I opened TLL and had a browse through the male profiles there. Many are undoubtedly young and handsome but an equal many are elderly and overweight guys. I guess I’m
somewhat in the middle where looks are concerned. I’m 38 years old and 173 cm high (probably a disadvantage as height is quite important among the girls there and many girls filter short guys out is my guess). I still have a full head of
blond hair and green eyes. I’m quite muscular and toned from many years in the gym, but I did not say that in my profile and I also did not show any body shots.

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After I had browsed the guys I had a look at the female profiles. I obviously had done that quite some times before but this time I was not just looking at the most beautiful girls as I did usually, but the general stock on offer. In his
weekly Stickman said that many of the girls who put their profiles on TLL are quite average, probably not only in the looks department but also what their social background etc is concerned.

I think I have to agree on that one. It seems there are not many high class very young and very pretty girls on that site, at least I did not find too many. Quite a few of the girls were average in looks, some were not pretty at all, many
seemed to come from lower to modest backgrounds and quite a few had kids. Having said that, there is also a substantial crowd of (mostly elderly) Thai ladies on TLL who claim to have a degree (doctors, physicians, professors, accountants, lawyers
etc). Most of these women (obviously wealthy) are paying members. I wonder what they are up to, serious relationships or a romp? I never contacted one because I only contact or reply to emails from girls aged between 24 and 34. Maybe I should
change my preferences.

Reading the profiles, most girls on TLL are or want to be perceived as (semi) serious. They claim they are looking for a long term relationship with a nice and reliable man is the general tone. If the claims made in the weekly are true, then
the profile information is mostly a façade. This matches nicely with one of the characteristics of most Thai women. That is they keep up appearances to the outside world that they are sweet and nice and serious girls, while in reality they
are as naughty and wild as they come.

Now why was I so surprised about the weekly? I have been a paying member for 2 years now and I really don’t have the experiences (not even remotely) that were described. My estimate is that TLL will have to be really glad with Stickman
for his latest piece (I bet the number of male subscribers has gone through the roof since the piece has come online). Anyway I cannot relate. I have never on any given week been approached by more than 3 girls. Over 80% of the girls from TLL
that have sent me an email were in the 37+ age rank and / or in the 80+ kilo (160 lbs+ for the kilo challenged reader), and / or had kids so I never bothered to reply. Heck I feel insulted that they contacted me.

Girls who contacted me:

So let’s calculate the number of (more or less) promising respondents to my profile over the last 2 years. In total an average of 2.5 girls per week times 104 equals 260 girls. 80% of these girls did not meet my requirements so that
leaves 260 times 0.2 equals 52 more or less promising candidates from TLL who have contacted me directly in the last 2 years. That would be one every 2 weeks which is extremely meagre compared to guys who meet and romp attractive girls through
that site on an hourly basis day by day!

But we are not yet done. Of the 52 girls who met my initial requirements, 60% would not pass my next scrutiny test. These were girls who were obviously on the game (money) and girls who would be too ugly face wise, or girls who could not
string together more than 2 words of English, or who were from too poor background.

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So that would only leave 31 prospective candidates, girls I would not mind meeting.

So during my 2 years membership I had around 31 promising encounters with girls who initially contacted me, initial contact would be established and yahoo or hotmail IDs would be exchanged (like they all do) to bring the contact to the next

The trouble with these 31 girls however was that I was not the only guy who found them promising. They had options and had obviously a lot of contacts already. This was the main reason that I did not even manage to meet many of these girls.
About 40% lost interest and stopped talking to me after 2 or 3 hotmail chat sessions, 20% did not or claimed they could not meet me (busy with work or study), 10% only wanted to practise English, 10% made an appointment to meet me but never showed
up. So that leaves 0.2 times 31 equals 6 girls who initially contacted me and whom I actually met!

So in 2 years of paid membership I managed to meet 6 girls from TLL who took the initiative to contact me first. 4 of these girls left it at one date, they had probably a sting of other dates scheduled and simply forgot all and sundry about

That leaves 2 who I met again. The first one was a good-looking albeit very short (4.10 ft) girl with a very nice character but very forgetful (she always forgot to take money with her, but loved to take me shopping). I slept with her a couple
of times, the first time after date number 8 or something after that we moved on.

The second one was nice actually, just like me she loved going to the gym and jogging. She liked muscular guys and fancied me quite quickly (we slept together after date 2 and went jogging some times). Unfortunately easy come, easy go they
say and this proved it again. After a week she moved on to another lucky bastard.

Girls I contacted:

Did I not take any initiative myself? Did I not initiate contact with girls. Bloody oath I did. Especially in the beginning I contacted shitloads of girls. Of course only the ones whose pictures I fancied, but unfortunately my taste is probably
the same as most guys on TLL have (just my luck). A good guesstimate would be that I contacted about 7 girls on average per week (in the beginning probably more than 20 a week but the last year or so most likely less than 5 per week).

So in all I would estimate I approached about 7 times 104 equals 728 girls in my 2 years on TLL.

At least 90% of these approaches would lead to nothing, no reply or just one reply followed by complete radio silence, a snobby uninterested reply etc.

So this left about 73 girls who were more or less initially interested. The same pattern here as described above with the girls who contacted me. About 50% did not have time or did not have a chat account (of course not) and contact with
them would bleed to death after exchanging about 4 mails through TLL. Of the 36 I managed to get on my Hotmail list about half were not really interested, would only chat once or would stop chatting after some sessions.

This leaves 18 girls, half again of whom had all kinds of excuses why they could not meet me so.

So in all I met 9 girls whom I had initiated contact with through TLL during my 2 years of paid membership. 3 of these girls took the opportunity to take all their friends / relatives along, so I did not see these girls again, of the remaining
6 girls 3 decided not to meet me a second time. So this leaves 3 girls I met more than one time.

One of these 3 girls was a dentist who fell in love with my teeth (I really have a nice set of teeth if I may say so). She wanted to floss and brush and clean them preferably all the time (job deformation?). In the beginning I liked that
and found it cute. I often stayed the night in her condo during the time we were dating, but having my teeth brushed and flossed and cleaned 3 or 4 times a day soon became a nuisance so after a couple of weeks I decided it was time to run (before
the relationship went south and she would decide to pull them).

The second girl was extremely possessive and suspicious. She had a good job at a bank but was making long hours. During the time I was dating her I did not have a job so she decided I should move into her apartment to save me the rent. During
the day when she worked she would call me about every 10 minutes (not lying) asking where I was and what I was doing and if I missed her etc. Just as with the tooth fairy, in the beginning I found it cute but after a while I started to get bothered
by it. If I went out in the evening to buy food or something, she would estimate exactly how long it should take me to be back. If I was back 5 minutes later than her estimate, she would be really suspicious asking me why it had taken so long,
what I had done, who I had met etc. After a couple of weeks I could not take it anymore and we had an argument and I was off.

The third girl was unremarkable, I met her 4 times and slept with her one time and that was it.

So my experiences on TLL are not exactly impressive. About 4 or 5 more or less one night stands and 2 short (less than one month) relationships, all of this in the space of 2 years being a paying member.

You can imagine I was a bit jealous reading about the norm that guys can expect when subscribing to that pussy market. I just did not manage to tap into it save the occasional fling or relation. My experience is nowhere near that of those
guys, I could only dream about it.

Maybe there is something wrong with my profile or my looks or my approach or dating technique? Who knows, I might need a counsellor (kidding).

Stickman's thoughts:

I have two friends who are complete man whores and get laid pretty much every day with a new girl from TLL. I have had various others email me and relay similar stories.

When I played around with TLL, if I spent more than a couple of hours online I would have 100+ girls show interest and so many chat windows opening up that I could not keep up with it all.

I can only suggest that you were doing something wrong.

One friend who has had extreme success has a submission in the pipeline which should run next week and gives plenty of tips.

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