Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2007

How Long Is Forever This Time?

My first trip ever to Thailand was back in 1996. I took the trip as an extension to a flight I made to India, which, by the way, didn't impress me much. Spent a few days in hippie overpopulated Goa, before I escaped eastwards to Bangkok by a scary
taxi ride through the deep and dark Indian forests all the way up north to Bombay and then on a pleasant flight with Cathay Pacific first class, before arriving in the land of smiles. Couldn't be better!

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The Hindu influenced society in India did not have any appeal to me at all. According to the locals, the poverty was meant to be an arrangement intended as a springboard to better conditions in the next life. "Don't help these people,
if they don't make it on their own without any body's help, they won't succeed. They will just have to make another try back to start!"

Bangkok, crowded, just like India, even worse. A terrible traffic jam. Air so dense, you have to cut your way to get through it. Smog, rain, dirt and heat, far more intense than pleasant. And I had to ask myself more than once; where the
hell did these people get the smile from? An entirely different attitude than the Indians. Although living in the middle of something that seems to be very similar with regards to economic conditions and poverty, Thailand doesn't seem to
be better off economically. But mentally they are on another planet.

Some would refer it to the Buddhist religious influence. I don't know if that is the reason. Until I get a better idea I'll blame it on the moon.

I didn't travel alone that time. I had a travel companion. A good friend from home who had divorced his wife some time back, and had all the usual traumas come to the surface in that very process. He wanted some new air to breathe, and
joined me for a few weeks traveling in a couple of Asian countries. He was a rather dull and inexperienced vagabond. Straight to the bone. I remember his first approach to Thai nightlife. I left him out of sight for about an hour, one of his first
hours in a beer bar complex. When I got him into sight again, he was more than occupied by accidentally exploring the famous third Thai gender. A sweet, young ladyboy had his thong far down his throat. He had not yet understood the concept, and
wanted to get to know her better. I left him in the romantic mood and moved on to another site. A disco or something very similar.

During my first couple of nights I did not have the inspiration to get involved with any of the girls I met. The first Thai girl I ever talked to told me her story. Born to work on the Chiang Mai rice fields, she was 18 years old now, and
had come down to Pattaya to visit her older sister. Virgin on arrival. Her sister managed to sell her virginity to a German for 13,000 baht and bought herself a motorbike. The selfish slut left her sister on the street, offering freelance meat
to the male pundits of Walking Street. Long time service for 500 baht. Not a bad price for a very good looking farmer girl. Not my cup of tea, though.

Later that same week my travel companion and I joined for a round in the bars in soi 7 and 8. He met a girl this time. A newbie. She had been working with her cousin for a fortnight but she was not that lucky to have had any "customers"
yet. Her cousin was a rather experienced one. She had been working for years, and was by far the best looking of the two. He barfined the newbie and then we left the premises. But not only the three of us. Her cousin came running after us and
asked if I should not barfine her. Sorry Nook, you are a beauty, but I am not in the mood. She ran back to the bar, barfined herself and pledged to join us for the night. Up to you!

My friend did realize after a talk with cousin Nook, that Boom was a virgin, and required a fair bunch of baht to get laid. They agreed on some lump sum because after a short while they were off for his room and I was left alone with Nook.
Her English was fluent. And although I was not in the mood for her working skills, it was a pleasure talking to her. Later on we had something to eat, went for a walk towards Walking Street and entertained us in a couple of the gogo bars over
there. At closing hours she managed to negotiate herself into my room for the night. One condition though. No sex! My decision.

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Nook was the first to wake up. She was in the shower when the phone rang and woke me up. My friend had messed up the bed sheets with "red paint" and had managed to hurt his girl with his monster dick. Not a good story to tell Nook.
She expressed quite some worry the night before. You say your Scandinavian friend has huge cock? Nook, he is a kind and caring man. Don't worry.

We went down for breakfast and met her cousin. Not difficult to see the damage. She walked like a duck. Sorry Boom, this thing happens only once. But what impressed me most still smiling!

We spent some time with the girls that week and during the beginning of the next. Really pleasant company. When it was time to depart, I had a conflict with myself. Should I leave her with some money or should I leave her as a friend. She
had gotten no chance to show off her skills. And I was still happy to have resisted her various attempts to get into working mood. I ended up asking her. Could I leave you with some money? She could never imagine accepting money from me. You see
I am quite well off. I will rather be your friend forever.

Sometimes things don't go the way they are intended. I lost Nook's contact information. No cellphones, no internet that time. Just a small piece of paper in the pocket of a pair of jeans that went into the washing machine and came
out without any trace of Nook.

Eleven years later I am back in the Kingdom. I am not looking for Nook's contact information. I am here to enjoy two weeks of holidays. This time; massage parlours, blow job bars, Long Gun show girls, Rainbow 1234 warriors, street hookers,
post op ladyboys, Thermae sluts, Eden's anal brigade, whatever. This time I know how long forever lasts. Short time this time. I invite you to join in my footsteps.

Eleven years of wondering. Nook, am I gonna see you again? Are we friends forever or do I have to barfine you?

Sex is worth paying for!

Stickman's thoughts:

Good sex is worth paying for. Bad sex is not.

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