Stickman Readers' Submissions October 15th, 2007

Thai Girl Versus Filipino Girl

Before I start this submission I know that some of the readers are going to disagree with me on some of the points maybe from their own experiences or whatever.

He Clinic Bangkok

The following submission is based on 10 visits to Thailand, 3 visits to the Philippines and 2 years living in Singapore. All the opinions are from my observations.


2 years living and working there I used to be a frequent visitor to Orchard Towers, maybe 100 + times I went there, sometimes for company of other Farang sometimes to sample the goods.

I met literary hundreds of working girls, mostly Thai, Cambodian, Lao, and Indonesian.

CBD bangkok

In fact every country in Asia but never any Filipino girls – that has always struck me as strange, but at this point I’m willing to admit that maybe that was just a fluke.

The only descent girls there were the ones that had just arrived or had only been there a few days, the rest are hard core short time girls, which is good in a way because you never get the chance to fall for them.


I don’t need to tell anyone about Thailand but let me share my thoughts.

I been to Bangkok, Ayuthaya, Chang Mai, Udon Thani and quite a few of the islands. Everywhere there is a bar there are bar girls, everyone I had asked if I can barfine them has said yes (not that I actually barfined many, most of the time I just enjoy
their company and cant be bothered with them trying on the GFE next day).

wonderland clinic

Quite a few girls I work with in my office talk about their Farang BFs (I can speak reasonable Thai so I hear them over talking). "Oh my Farang married but he’s good man – he gives me money but my Thai boyfriend takes" blah blah

I met a really nice Thai lady who worked in a travel agents – I think at last good lady, so I spend a little time romancing her but at the end of every month would go freelance to make ends meet!

I stayed in an apartment in Bangkok for a couple of months, I don’t think there was a single girl that didn’t bring back Farangs or go working at least once a month.

To me sex for sale is everywhere in Thailand, of course there are many good Thai girls out there but they are harder to find than working girls.

Most of my Thai GF friends seem to either be of the edge of working or actively working. Whether my last GF had worked or not – I’m not sure – certainly had not worked in bar.


I start this by saying I don’t really know enough about the Philippines to make total sense of my observations but I’ll try.

Arrived in Manila last year for the first time on business trip. Have 5 days working and 4 days R&R.

First night I go to a bar, maybe 12 plus ladies working there – GROs as they call them in the Philippines.

Sit down and within 2 minutes 2 GROs approach me, "Hello can we sit with you?"

I’m okay coz they’re not too pushy.

I talk to them and buy a few lady drinks – Their English is perfect not the Thai pigeon style I used to.

I notice one lady, very cute, talking with two guests. Between them they barfine her and disappear into the night – Ho hum I think Phills is as bad as Thailand.

I continue to talk to my two Ladies, never at any point do they suggest one or more comes back my hotel. I ask them if I can barfine one of them – "of course" they say.

"But only to go somewhere else – cannot go Hotel" By now I getting drunk so don’t push the situation any further

Cute lady from before suddenly reappears at bar alone and within 10 minutes has two new guys chatting to her and buying her drinks – Keen I think. Now feel very drunk and decide to get taxi home.

I’m waiting outside to get some fresh air when cute girl walks past me arm in arm with the two guys she was talking to lately – Holy f**k I think 4 guys in 2 hours.

Next night back at same bar.

Same thing again I talk to ladies but will not go back with me to hotel and the cute little spends her night talking to various guys then leaves with them and a few hours later is back again – repeated 2 times. Go home alone, disappointed, wallet
much lighter and vow to move onto new bar next night – Maybe I’m in wrong part of Manila for action.

Next night Manila is very quite. After trying a few bars and being the only foreigner there and having tried 5 or 6 girls to go back to my hotel I end up back at bar with cute girl.

At least I think, now seeing with only beer goggles, that’s a chance for me.

I go inside and she’s there and she’s alone. Order drink and within a couple of minutes she approach’s me.

We get talking, she’s actually quite funny and mimics my accent (I’m Scottish) – her name is Kelly and she from Mindanao.

Eventually I ask if I can barfine her – "of course" she say.

"But only to go somewhere else – cannot go Hotel".

"What? I see you leave with different guys every night and then come back 2 hours later alone."

"Praning – We only go disco and then I come bar to bar to work."

"What you leave guys in disco? They not angry with you."

"Sometimes but I need to get barfine to pay bar owner not for my self"

Kelly’s story, which I know to be true coz I seen the situation with my own eyes, is her sister has had a miscarriage, is depressed and cant work and the bank repossess her family house. She borrow money from bar owner to help her sister.

Now getting near the end of the night and I’m almost ready to go back hotel alone, but I’m okay coz the girl is fun to talk to (apart from the last bit…)

"Can I ask you favour?" she says.

"Of course".

"Can you barfine me so I can go home to sleep".

This is a new one on me.. Barfine the girl and say goodnight!

Initially I say no, but I feel a little sorry for her and give up in the end – 1500P later ($30) I watch her disappear in the distance in a taxi.

I actually go back my hotel feeling good.

Next night I go to bar early in the hope she’s there.

At first she’s not but later on she appears with her friend – Straight over and introduces me to her friend and says, "This is the guy I was talking about".

Think I getting set-up with girl here, but no after 5 minutes friend excuses her self and Kelly and I are alone.

We get on like a house on fire and around 12am she want me to barfine her and take her to disco.

"I’m not stupid, " I say " I know you leave me there and come back bar alone."

"Praning – I’m not, I like you, I tired of talking many guests and lying to them about disco – If you want we not go its okay, but I promise I not leave you".

Hmm – okay off to disco not expecting any thing –Once we get there she’s a bundle of energy, wanting to dance, drink, chat all at the same time.

Eventually closing time, she’s not made any excuses or looked like she was going to leave at anytime.

I try my luck for the last time.

"Come back my hotel "

"Praning – cannot I’m not gigi girl" – Roughly translated – Crazy I’m not a bar girl.

"Okay – take care" she reaches up and kiss me for the first time, smiles and disappears into the back of a taxi.

Ah well maybe tomorrow night I go for massage first.

I get back to hotel, hit the minibar because tomorrow I’m not working.

9.00am phone in my rooms rings – "Sh*** " I think I’ve only had a couple of hours sleep.

"Hi its Kelly."

"Hi where are you?"

"In hotel."

The dirty little scrubber!

"What hotel?"

"Your Hotel."

"What room?"

"Praning – in lobby I wait for you. You invite me last night."

"Okay " I say "Come up."

"Cannot I’m too shy – come down and met me – I’m hungry bah."

I get up, shower and go down to met her.

There she is – all smiles and breathing happiness.

We go and get something to eat. I’m not hungry and all she wants is rice.

Go for a walk in the park, she brought a digital camera with her and is taking photos of everything, stops strangers and ask they take photos of us.

Soon its 1 pm – "I’m hungry bah."

I take her to a Thai restaurant, again she only wants rice plus a little chicken.

Afternoon is spent shopping, now I think I can see her true colours, but everything she looks at "It too much money bah" – Never asks me to buy her anything – quite a pleasant relief from my Thai GFs.

Now she wants to go Internet café to download her pictures but everywhere we try she cannot connect camera to PC.

She’s very disappointed coz she wants to send pics to her friends.

"My hotel have PC you can connect camera to if you want" I tell her.

I can see her mind racing – "Don’t worry " I say, " In lounge with many people not my room."

She doesn’t say yes or no just " Ah its okay" – I now know this to mean same as "Its up to you."

Back in hotel lounge she’s totally absorbed in PC, chatting her friends, sister, e-mailing everyone her pictures of us.

Free beer is flowing well I’m feeling very relaxed in Kelly’s company.

Lounge stops free beer at 7.00pm, just as well or I think we would stay there all night.

"I don’t want to go working bar tonight bah, " she tell me "I want to stay with you"

"What about bar fine."

"Ah its okay."

"Up to you" I say but she doesn’t get my irony.

"Can I ask you favour " she says – Here we go I think.

"Can I take shower in your room."

"Yes of course, you want I stay here and wait you."

"Praning – you can wait in room."

Once we’re back in my room I want to behave like a perfect gentleman so just sit in seat and put television on.

Kelly goes in to take shower "Oh my god" she cries " Look at the size of your bath."

"Can I please, I love tub – I not take for many months now – please bah??"

She really does love her bath, after 1 hours she still in it topping up the hot water every so on, singing her little heart out.

Free beer is now playing havoc with my bladder – I need to go now.

"Kelly I need toilet, can I go ? – I not look."

"Ah its okay" Good enough for me.

I’m a true gentleman and does not look at her, sure I can see out the corner of my eyes but I try not to exploit that.

Finished toilet, I go to flush but Kelly says "Stay – talk to me bah."

Okay I sitting on toilet looking at her but try to look only at her eyes.

Another hour she spends in bath chatting with me, every time she reaches out to top up with hot water I get a glimpse of her beautiful breasts.

Now we are very relaxed and are knocking back Bacardi from the minibar.

What happened next I not sure of – but I in the bath with her and I’m kissing her.

She is horny – very horny and before long the inevitable happen.

That night she does of course spend in my room.

In the morning I’m not sure though about if she is a bargirl or not, but I offer money anyway, "Not want to talk about money now."

Okay I slip 5000P into her purse when she’s not looking.

I watch later when she opens her purse, there is a bit of a double take look on her face but we don’t discuss money again.

We spend the rest of my time together.

On final night she wants to go to her bar to apologise for her absence and of course me to pay her outstanding barfines, she doesn’t say this but I know.

I get talking to the bar owner, turns out he’s from the same town as Kelly, knows her family and that why he offered to load her money and she pay back by lady drinks and barfines – he’s actually an okay guy who does take care of
his girls.

I ask much she still owe – $1000 – I ask her what happens when you pay back all the money?

"Go home Mindanao – my sister need me – she still not well in head."

"You promise me you go home.

"Of course I go home but now I must finish my problem here."

Taking a big gulp and a big decision in life – I offer to pay her loan.

"Ah its okay"!

She was worth every penny of it

Next day she takes ferry back to Mindanao, she text me everyday, send me emails and of course I do the same with phone calls everyday.

August 23rd this year Kelly and I got married in Mindanao. Our wedding is the biggest event in years in the village, we must have 500 guests plus. The whole village makes an effort to introduce themselves to me, it truly the best day of our lives.

Back in Scotland now, waiting for Kelly to get visa.

These submissions started as a Thai girl versus Filipino girl so let me finish on that note – again all the opinions are from my observations.

Please don’t think I knocking Thai girls because I truly do love Thailand and its girls and their traits.

Thai girl

Most seem happy to consider bar work.

They view you as an ATM.

Her family will never acknowledge you as anything other than the Farang.

You go to her village – they hide you coz they don’t want their neighbours to think she a BG.

A 21 year old BG will consider she has 9 years to make as much money as possible then find a Farang to settle down with.

Finds lying very easy – never fully trust them. I’ve heard the same lies many times.

Pretends not to speak English when they want and does not like you talk to her fiends in Thai.

Filipino girl

Most seem happy to consider bar work but only as entertainment officer – strictly no boom boom

A 21 year old GRO will consider she has 2 years to find a Farang to settle down with and then make as much money as possible to send to her family.

Her family view you as an her ATM, she doesn’t worry because she know if she wants all she has to do is ask. They will never ask money direct they will ask your GF for it.

Her family will want to know everything about you, you will be treated as a king.

You go to her village – they proudly march you about village, they believe you are a sign of good luck and your GF/Wife is very lucky.

Lies but keeps tripping up her lies and they tend to be little white lies.

Speak English as a second language and encourages you talk to her fiends in Filipino.

They’re very cheap to feed (only joking about that one).

In summary

If you want fun, don’t want to be tied down and want to live life to the max go to Thailand.

If you ready to look for the girl of your dreams and want a faithful trusting wife, try the Philippines first.

Stickman's thoughts:

There is a trickle of guys who, for whatever reason, have not made things work in Thailand now heading to the Philippines. But a trickle is all it is.

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