Stickman Readers' Submissions August 28th, 2007

Adventures In Thailand: The Unwanted GFE Part 1

Of my multiple trips to Thailand, one in particular stands out. First of all, I am no newbie to Thailand. My work with a large U.S. company takes me to the Kingdom once or twice a year. With the occasional holiday in between, I know my way around. Actually
the majority of my time I spend between Bangkok and Pattaya.

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I make no apologies for my familiarity with the P4P scene. I am relatively straight-laced when back at home, but my times in Thailand are used to let my hair down and party a little.

At one point, I met a Thai girl that I got along well with and even considered her my girlfriend (at least when I was in Thailand) but the long distance and infrequent time spent together took its toll on the relationship and we decided it
was best that we just remain friends. The last time I heard from her, she had met a nice fellow from Germany and was living a nice quiet life with him there.

Anyway, prior to taking a business trip to the Kingdom, I was killing time on an online meet and greet site (not a dating site) when I came across the picture of a cute Thai girl with something you don’t usually see on a Thai girl
– long curly hair.

She had a nice cheerful smile and a cute face. She was seated in the photo and it was from the waist up, so I had no idea what kind of body she had, but her smile caught my attention. I sent her a note and expected a shy but somewhat immediate
response. Well one week later went by and there was still no response.

What is it about us western men that makes us think that these girls are just waiting for us to come along and show some interest in them and then expect for them to fall all over themselves to reciprocate? I know – it’s our
larger than life egos.

Anyway, I was now really curious about this anonymous Thai girl who had the nerve to ignore my interest in her. So I sent her another note and waited nearly another week before she sent a short, impersonal but polite response.

Her name was Fa and I was surprised to learn that she was 27 years old. Her photo made her look closer to 22. I was spurred by this trickle of information to write her again and ask for more information. I was curious to know whether she
worked in a bar (was my suspicion) and if there was any opportunity for us to meet up on my next trip. She made me wait another week before she roundly ignored all but one of my questions. I don’t recall which question she answered, but
it was surely the least relevant.

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After prodding her for more info, I eventually did find out that she was employed by one of the many bars in Pattaya but she was not necessarily interested in making plans to meet me. While a future meeting was not out of the question, she
was not jumping at the idea of meeting some random guy that just happened to be pestering her online. She did offer her personal email address though.

About two weeks before my trip I shot her an email and told her I would be in her neck of the woods in a few weeks and I would like to see her. Of course she ignored that message and in the busy days leading up to my trip, I forgot about
her until a few days before my flight. I sent her what I had decided would be my very last message asking for her phone number and surprisingly I got a message from her the next day apologizing for not responding sooner and dropping her mobile
number on the end of the message.

I filed it away in my palm pilot under “Fa” and left for Thailand the following day. My intention was to spend a few necessary days in Bangers and then work from Pattaya for the 4 weeks I was to be there. I would give her a
call when I got bored and see how things worked out.

I arrived on a Tuesday evening and decided to forego any time in Bangkok and do all of my work from Pattaya, as I was no longer required to make the usual Bangkok meetings. I spent my first night in Thailand alone recovering from the long
flight. I thought about ringing Fa to see if she was available to meet but as it was late, I assumed she was likely with a customer at that point and thought it best to wait at least until the following day.

The next day was spent in meetings until late into the afternoon. I was still a bit jet-lagged and was debating grabbing a quick bite to eat and calling it a night but I figured I would just end up crashing early and then suddenly wake up
at 2:00 AM looking for some action and realizing it would be too late to find anything worth my while, so I decided to grab some food and see how I felt afterward.

While waiting on my food I thumbed through my Palm Pilot to check my schedule for the following day and remembered that I had Fa’s number. After finishing my dinner I decided to give her a call to see what her plans were for the evening.
Her voice on the phone was as pleasant as the smile in her photo. She told me she was getting ready for work and said to give her a call once I got in the Walking Street area and we could arrange to meet.

Well, I decided to hit my usual Walking Street favorites first. If I didn’t see anything I liked, then I would use Fa as a standby. I stopped in for a drink at Living Dolls and then moved back to Superbaby for a few. There was plenty
of new talent in both clubs that were not there on my last trip, but no one that stopped me dead in my tracks, so I settled my bill and stepped outside to give Fa a call.

Her phone rang and I could barely hear her over the blare of music in whatever bar she was in. I heard her say something about being close to Superbaby but that was about it. After a frustrating few minutes, I realized that she was somewhere
in the immediate area and I began looking for someone who fit her general description with a phone to her ear. Well as you know, that narrowed it down to about 20 girls in the immediate vicinity. Well I finally picked her out of the crowd and
waved to her from a distance.

I approached her and was shocked at what I saw walking towards me. Instead of this shy little girl with curly hair that I was expecting, there was this absolutely gorgeous woman with bone straight hair. The smile was unmistakably hers but
everything else was anything but what I expected. She was drop dead gorgeous. And not this made up, over-painted minx of a girl. She actually wore very little makeup, which showed a natural beauty that surely was the cause of daily traffic fender
benders where ever she traveled. She wore a nice fitting skirt that went well below her knees and a modest blouse. She was dressed like anything but a bar-girl.

When I finally stood in front of her, I was literally speechless for a few seconds. We made this awkward attempt at a greeting that was part hug part handshake that must have looked absolutely ridiculous to her friends who were watching nearby.

We sat down and had a few drinks and chatted for what seemed like 20 minutes but what actually turned out to be more than an hour. She was not only absolutely beautiful but she was smart and witty and an overall great conversationalist. Now,
unlike many of my fellow-Stickmanites, I don’t believe in love connections made in a bar / go-go. But I was anxious to get this girl back to my room and away from the blare and glare of Walking Street and see if things would continue in
the same vane.

I paid her bar-fine and we left. Once at the hotel, I stopped by reception to grab my key, she dropped off her ID and we zipped up to the room.

Once inside the coolness of my hotel room, the conversation continued as we lay across the bed. Neither of us was in a hurry to rip our clothes off. We had both internally decided that the other was worth taking a few minutes to get to know.
So we chatted for nearly an hour before deciding enough was enough and it was time to get to the business at hand.

I showered first then she went. She emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel and looking absolutely heavenly. Just before crawling beneath the sheets next to me, she dropped her towel to the floor, allowing me to sneak a prolonged peek
at her very curvaceous body. This girl was in very good shape and had soft curves in all the right places.

I smiled to myself and settled in to enjoy her. I’ll spare you all the steamy details but suffice it to say, we were physically in sync with each other that night and the experience was mutually satisfying. Some of you reading this
may be thinking, “How would he know if it was satisfying for her?” Good question, as I am aware that some girls do in fact feign pleasure in an effort to add to the experience (or speed up the inevitable), but sometimes you can tell
when it’s genuine, and I was sure this was one of those times.

In any event we showered and settled in for a restful night’s sleep. Interestingly, I am not accustomed to allowing strangers to sleep over in bed next to me, but I was not in a hurry to see this one get away and she seemed comfortable
enough with me so I allowed her to stay.

The next morning was an early one for me, so I woke her by running my hand along her silky smooth skin and asked if she was interested in a little fun before we had to leave. She smiled and excused herself to relieve her bladder. When she
returned, it was a repeat performance of the night before. If there were such a thing as a lovemaking soul-mate, I had apparently found mine.

To avoid the sometimes awkward exchange of money for services, when she got up to shower I slipped some baht into her purse, discreetly allowing it to peek out so she could see it as she packed her things. I left for work and she went on
her way, but I couldn’t get this girl out of my mind the entire day.

I had a hard and fast rule: never take the same girl more than twice. I was wondering if I wanted to use my second date with her that night or should I save it for some other time. By the end of the day I knew that I would be calling her
back in hopes that I could see her again that night.

She seemed pleased to hear from me when I called that afternoon and agreed she would wait for me at her bar. As I did not want to seem to anxious, I made my rounds to some bars that I had frequented in the past to see who was around before
eventually showing up at Fa’s bar fashionably late, and just as she had promised, there she sat smiling and chatting with her friends.

I sat next to her and looked for the tell-tale signs of wet hair as an indication as to whether she had gone for a quick short-time before I arrived. No such evidence existed but I knew there was no real way of telling.

This time we didn’t waste much time sitting at her bar, however I did buy her and I a few drinks to help towards her monthly drink quota. I paid her bar fine and we left together, this time riding together on her scooter.

That night was a repeat of the previous one, only with a hint of familiarity added to it, which made it a nicer. From that night on I was hooked on this girl like a drug. Over the next week or so we saw each other every night. I learned that
she only started working as a bar girl at the beginning of the month (which I did not believe at first) and while she did not enjoy her line of work, she never complained to me about it. She also confided that she NEVER slept overnight with her
customers and that I was the first one. I confirmed this later with one of the other girls that worked at her bar. Not a particularly credible source but I believed the both of them anyway.

After about a week and a half we were chatting in my hotel room on a rare afternoon off where she asked if I thought we should take a break from seeing each other. I asked her if this was something that she wanted and she told me that she
honestly did not need a break, as she was enjoying spending her evenings with me, but that she did not want me to feel that I was tied to her and was in effect giving me permission to sow my oats if I wished to. Now this was completely contradictory
to what I knew to be bar-girl logic. When you landed a decent guy who paid you well, you didn’t invite him to shop around. You held onto him as tightly as you could, but here was this girl who once again acted like anything but a typical
working girl.

I wasn’t sure if she was the one who really needed a break and just didn’t know how to tell me, so I played along and told her I thought it may be a good idea if we took a break. She jokingly suggested that we take a week apart
from each other. I could see a playful smile dancing in her eyes when she suggested this and I realized she was really fishing for a response from me. Again, I played along and told her I would call her in a week, wearing my best poker face.

After a week of good company, no bull-shit conversations and undoubtedly the best sex I had ever had, I was not looking forward to finding a replacement for her. But I certainly wasn’t going to get in the way of her if she felt she
needed a break from me. Besides there were too many girls out there. We decided that afternoon that the break would begin that day. She left after a long and drawn out session and I took a shower and then took a nap.

Later that night as I was out prowling around, I received a text from her saying she missed me and asking where I was. I replied that I was in the Walking Street area and asked if she wanted me to stop by and buy her a drink before moving
on. She replied that she would like that, so I did. To anyone that may have been watching, it would have been obvious that there was a connection between the two of us. This worried me because the last thing I wanted or needed was a girlfriend,
especially one that was working as a bar-girl.

Well, long story short, she wound up leaving with me that night and the idea of us needing a break from each other was a conversation that never came up again.

Over the next few weeks we were inseparable and to make matters worse, I was really starting to like this girl and the feelings were made mutual when she started refusing to take money from me our third week together. The only financial factor
between us was the paying of her bar fine; which she paid herself when I chose not to venture down to her bar.

By the end of the month we were both dreading the day I was scheduled to leave. I think we were both feeling a little fearful of the feelings that had developed between us. She didn’t want or need a boyfriend and I wasn’t looking
for a long-distance relationship with a bar-girl I hardly knew. When the day finally came for me to fly out, we said our good-byes at the hotel and promised to stay in touch with each other. There was no discussion of when we would see each other
again. She knew I would be back eventually but there were no firm dates. And that was that for me and Fa.

When I got home there was an email waiting for me from her with the usual “I miss you” talk, which I admitted that I felt as well. Over the next several months we exchanged email and phone calls several times a week. She had
decided before I left Thailand that she could never go back to working at the bar and instead lived on her savings until she found a job working with a friend of hers, exporting goods from Thailand to France. She called me every evening to let
me know she was there and was always available when I called her phone.

When I called her during odd hours she always answered and was always sleeping late at night. She stopped hanging out late with her friends, with the exception of an occasional girl’s night out, and she pretty much became a home-body.
She proclaimed her love for me and promised that no else besides me would ever touch her again.

I was doubtful at first, but I was hopelessly head over heels with this beautiful and loving girl.

Work kept me stuck at home and before I knew it, it was nearly eight months later before I had decided that I should get back to Thailand and see if we were experiencing real affection or if we just missed each other; which is how most western-Thai
relationships get started. Two lonely people missing each other and mistaking their feelings of longing for love is usually what starts couples down that dead-end road of mistaken love.

I booked a ticket and jumped on a flight and headed back to the Kingdom. What I was to discover when I landed would be very surprising to say the least.

Stickman's thoughts:

That’s a really nice penned and paced submission. And what you experienced with this girl is the sort of thing that guys who go to Pattaya dream about.

I can’t wait to read part 2!

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