Stickman Readers' Submissions July 28th, 2007

Thailand Thoughts And Experiences

I should start by saying that the standard of submissions here is very good and mine is not of the same high quality but I think everyone should have a chance to air their views. About me – I am 22 and have been to Thailand four times for lengthy spells
at each time. My reason for being here is the cheapness of the country for basically everything and the absolute beauty of the women. Now first I need to say a lot of what I say will be a generalization of Thai people who I have meet and yes I
should not do this but I don't want to have to explain after every sentence that I obviously don't mean all Thai people! And that these are my experiences and my opinions so you don't have to agree with me (which I don't think
you will!)

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The first time I came here I was obviously naive about the country and especially the women but I learned fast about all the lies that they tell. It seems to me they want to save face so they will lie in order do this which of course is much
better. In the west I suppose honesty is more highly regarded than in Asia but that does not mean foreigners do not lie of course. The Thai female probably thinks that if she tells the farang the truth he will get angry and we can't have
that now can we. It may result in loss of face so it is much better to lie. So begins the vicious circle because. The farang know the Thai girls lie so we have to play the game and try and be ahead by also telling lies which results in no trust.
If you think I am only talking about bar girls then you are wrong (of course they are the majority) but I have had girls from university and also girls who had office jobs in Bangkok and they slept with me without money exchanging hands, and these
2 so called "good girls" wanted me to be their "gik" while their foreign boyfriend was in Europe, so out of loneliness and just that they wanted sex they were cheating on their farang boyfriend with me for no money,
and no these girls were not the type (fun time girls) who were down Khao San every night looking for different farang. I met them from the internet and I think they were bored because there real boyfriend was back in Europe so long.

Now the bar girls, they are a different breed. I wonder to myself why I never sleep with prostitutes in my home country when in Thailand I just can't help myself. Of course it's cheaper here but that can't be the only reason why I am so
at ease to do it here and not in Europe. Unlimited sex gets boring so after 1 week in Pattaya I always go back to Bangkok to try and get myself 1 of those "good girls" with a normal job. I would never try and get a girlfriend experience
from a bar girl. That is just silly – you pay them in the morning to get the hell out of your room, or else they will stay there watching silly cartoons on your TV. I try to tell them the only good cartoon is the Simpsons but they don't get
seem to get it.

The so called land of smiles. Now in a lot of cases why are they smiling at the farang? Because all farang are "rich" right, mostly you will have the uneducated poorer Thais helping the tourists in Khao San Road, Pattaya, Phuket
etc because they will try and con you for a few baht in some way or other. Do you see the white-skinned Thai Chinese smile at us as much? Not really because they don't need our money as much as they are rich enough already. I have experienced
what it was like to be the poor boy also when I had a part time job in the financial district of London in a pub. All the very rich stockbrokers who used to be the regulars in the pub invited a few of the bar staff out when we had a night off.
They brought us to a very upmarket bar / restaurant which was very expensive for someone like me who was on the minimum wage, but they paid for everything and we smiled (in hindsight) at their stupid jokes. Why? Because they paid for the extremely
expensive bill which we could never afford. So I understand some of these Thai girls in the way they are thinking when they see farang with the big money and why they smile. And the rich Thai does not need to smile at us he can get by himself.

Now the reason us single males are here, oh sorry 95% of us, is the Thai women of course. <Many years ago I would have nodded in agreement but I would suggest the perceived low cost of living accounts for almost as many guys
Stick> When I first came here I preferred the slightly darker girl because I had never had a girl like that before, but now I have changed alliance I suppose to the light brown girl. I really don't like farang girls with
white skin but like tanned farang girls so why do I now not like tanned Thai girl as much as before. Am I reading too much into Thai culture? Do I think other Thai people will think my darker girl is a prostitute? Should I care what a stuck up
Thai person thinks of me? Do I want to please them? I don't care about them but I really don't know why I have changed the type of girl I like. This so called take care of your lady in Thailand. Now if you have a bar girl, an office
worker, a university student, a Thai Chinese girl with a master degree it does not matter. You better still have a fat wallet as all us farang have "big money", right! So I do try and get the most beautiful women in Bangkok because you
are going to pay for most things no matter what type of girl you have.

It's not very easy to get that really beautiful girl in Bangkok as most of the type I like have a Thai boyfriend already and they look at young farang as a guy who wants a one night stand holiday fling and we have a bad reputation in Thailand for
that already. They are very hard to approach in the street for me to try and explain to them I am sincere about a relationship. The internet dating scene is not much better and the girls that show interest are average looking and the most beautiful
have guys from all over the world hitting on them so that does not make it easy. If you are ever in an internet shop in Bangkok or wherever watch the Thai girls and who they are talking with, farangs from all over. Really I have been to so many
internet shops and not just in farang areas. In Thai areas too and still the Thai girl is chatting with the farang. <This is SOOO trueStick> I also have fun watching the bar girls in Pattaya sending the
same email to many farangs about sending her money, these farang most be super rich or super stupid. I really don't know which.

Another aspect of Thai culture I really find amusing is the fact that all Thai people go crazy when they see a "luk krung" baby. So the ordinary Thai baby is not cute enough? So then Thailand does need us farangs to produce
some white skinned baby for them all to adore! And for us to buy expensive condos in Phuket, Pattaya etc. They also have the Thai Chinese to help with the adorable babies aspect I suppose.

So you may think this is a negative submission about Thailand? Don't get me wrong, I will be back again mainly because of the inexpensiveness of the country, and also I will be looking for my preferred style of that beautiful Thai girl who must be
educated of course, no prostitute for a long term relationship, a girl I can then take to Siam Paragon every weekend. All I need now is to keep trying to get my wallet to be a little fatter every time I come back…

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Stickman's thoughts:

You want to take a girl to Siam Paragon every weekend? That would be a dream weekend for most Thai women – you'll have no problem finding someone interested in that!

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