Stickman Readers' Submissions July 25th, 2007

Burn Outs

“I run into the "burnouts" in the daytime perimeter bars. All they do is complain, bitch about the girls. Almost all or age 55 to 70 and look mad all the time. I was joking in one bar; I think I was top hat. And the old guy told me to keep it down coz he was eating. I thought it was the owner, but the waitress said it was a customer so I told him to leave if he didn't like it. He went over and complained to the mamason, and the waitress I was talking to got yelled at!! These guys are dangerous, not is a physical sense, but they bring everyone down. They are never in the big fun bars, only in the cheap ones. They never tip, and are old and cranky. I hate them; they should just die and get it over with.”

This was one gentleman’s feelings about some of the characters you find languishing around places such as Angeles City, Pattaya, Phnom Phen, Phuket and Asia in general. While I think his assessment was a bit harsh it brings up an interesting topic. These “Burnouts” westerners who have wasted their youth sampling the whores of Asia. Decades have passed and now they are bitter and mad at themselves and everyone. Most of them suffer from one failed marriage and many unsatisfactory romps with women in their own respective countries. So they flee to Asia, the mythical land where a 20 something year-old will love them for who they are and take care of them and be an obedient servant / sex slave.

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Burn Out Origins

In some western country near you a future burn out has it all. A nice wife, a home and a decent career. Then the snowball starts rolling down hill. First the wife leaves for one reason or another – infidelity, money, or just bored with the guy. He is dragged through a simple or horrific divorce then is put back on the dating chopping block. After some unfulfilling romps with other women in his native country someone or something (the internet) introduces him to the Asian Woman dream.

He takes a vacation from his profession and discovers Thailand or one of the other popular Fleshpots destinations in Asia. He arrives at his destination to discover it is similar to home except there is a surplus of prostitutes walking the streets, malls and hotels in which he finds himself. He spends two weeks sinking his claws in all the Asian women he can muster or he becomes “Captain Save A Ho” and decides to keep and romance just one and then heads back home. Upon arriving back in the “real world” he discovers things just don’t seem the same.

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In the “real world” everything is expensive. The women are indifferent, fastidious and materialistic. Now of course there are plenty of women that fit this description in Asia. The future burn out has not experienced the “real women” of Asia, only the prostitutes. So in his disillusioned mind he is thinking that the behavior of the prostitutes is the norm amongst the regular girls in his Fleshpot of choice. He then decides not to pursue a family or a lucrative career. Oh no, he decides he wants to experience that happiness he felt indefinitely.

The Snow Ball Gets Bigger

He retires or takes what savings he has and moves to Thailand or his favorite Fleshpot. After many relationships with bar girls, freelancers and semi-pros (the ones who hold regular jobs and play the streets part-time) he starts to realize WHAT SHINES IS ALWAYS NOT GOLD. He tries his hand at a “real women” in his newly adopted country but discovers that here also his appeal to the opposite sex is lacking.

A Burnout Is Born

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Decades have now passed and hundreds of whores have came and gone. He has spent years in a drunken sexual misery. He thinks of what could have been, the “real world” wife, the kids, the grandkids he let all get away. He can’t dream of returning home. His fleshpot is now his home. He has adopted the natives’ ways somewhat so now he feels like he is one of them.

He criticizes the natives all the time but another foreigner better not, especially one of a different ethic background or face his wrath. He complains about all the other foreigners who come to his fleshpot for vacation and don’t comply to his dreamed up rules of how they should behave while In HIS ADOPTED COUNTRY. He really hates the young and hip who still have a chance at a decent life.

He complains about the natives of the country and is 100% sure he could run the country better. He really hates the girls of the fleshpot, mostly the whores, who have mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically burned him over and over again. He is now outright racist and prejudiced and never hesitates to get a good laugh at others’ misery.


You will find him sitting in some beer bar drinking and angrily complaining about some new guy that is treating a bar girl like gold after only one day of meeting her. You will find him teaching English at some school in his fleshpot to earn a few bucks or you will find him last, but not least, submitting a submission on Stickman’s site as I myself have found many.

Stickman's thoughts:

I could say “It takes one to know one” but I will refrain from doing so. Yes, a lot of people end up in Thailand and other spots in South East Asia through bad choices, or perhaps bad luck. We all make mistakes…and it is the strong who are prepared to admit their mistakes and rectify them.

Please also remember that while the lifestyle you criticize here may not be for you, for someone who has a modest pension, he may find the life offered in Pattaya, or elsewhere, much more attractive than what he gets at home. I see nothing wrong with that.

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