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Stickman Readers' Submissions April 11th, 2007

Objects of Desire…

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I've never written a submission before and probably will never again, but I love reading them.

A lot had been written about Thai women here and relationships farangs have with them.

He Clinic Bangkok

My submission is a bit different in so much as my interest in Thai women is purely physical.

I suspect many other farangs feel this way, but maybe reluctant to say what I'm about to say here.

So I'll do it for all of those who may feel like I do.

I'm a man of no special physical attributes, just under 6 foot, around 85 kilos, average build and looks.

Until I came to Thailand I had normal and unremarkable relationships with western women..

They came in all shapes and sizes, some were slim and tall, others were short and plump, you name it I had them. Generally speaking I had my fair share of good times and some bad, you tend to remember the good ones and block out the bad ones.
Some of the bad experiences I had were to do with certain dominant personality types who grated on my sensitivities as a man who wants to call the shots and I mean this in a purely physical sense. Some of these women I'd describe as ball
busters or women who were hijacked by bra burning liberationists. When you live in western society, you have got to be aware of this and try to suss out these types before they do too much damage to you. Some of these cunning female warriors don't
show their true colours until they got you hooked line and sinker. By the time I got to Thailand I was sick and tired of fighting this battle and looked forward to a change of pace with the Asian women I'd heard so much about.

The first thing that struck me on arrival was the huge difference in the physical shape and structure of young Thai women. I mean the difference as compared to their western "sisters".

Most of them are what I'd call petite, around the 5'3" height and 45-50 kilos size, which is to me a real turn on. Obviously skin colour, black hair, almond shape eyes, thick lips are all very sexy, but their size is the outstanding
feature for me.

To be truthful, I'm not interested in Thai women as partners to live with or for long time relationships.

Therefore, some of the things that some of you discuss on Stickman are only academic interest to me.

I'm only interested to engage with them purely for sexual liaisons.

And the reason I've become hooked on Thai women to the exclusions of all western women is simply because I feel so dominant with them in a physical sense.

As I mentioned before, even though I'm average in build as far as a farang, when compared to these petite beauties I'm a giant. I never felt a "giant" in bed with a western woman. With Thai girls I have a sense of power
and domination I never had before. I don't mean this in a brutal way, more like a "gentle giant" knowing of his power but never abusing it.

What I like about living in Thailand is the abundance of these sexy creatures and the easy availability of them for reasonable cost.

Do I care about the bar girl stigma? Not in the slightest! As a matter of fact I much prefer it to playing games with "good girls". With these bar girls you get what you see. If I keep my wits about me, there are no complications,
no hassles. Keep it simple. When I go out at night in Bangkok, I KNOW I'm going to "score". There are no ifs or buts about it. To me this is a very liberating thought. Back home you may not have always got what you desired, not
even if you paid for it. I mean you always paid for it in some way or other, but many times it was a lottery. Here with a bit of fine tuning which I've mastered now, you can't miss. Pay the fee and enjoy the ride. Be it short time or
long time, even a few days of a fleeting "romance", I always feel in control. Control of myself and calling the shots with them.

And then it comes down to size again, because when they look at you tower over them, it can be pretty intimidating and that translates into domination. And that basic instinct of the male of the species dominating the females is what I've
been missing back home and can have every day here.

I said in the beginning I'll state it on behalf of many of you. I say it as I see it, calling a spade a spade.

Stickman's thoughts:

There seems to be a growing trend amongst submission writers whereby those guys who play with the women of the night seem to be keeping it all in perspective more and more. That can only be a good thing.