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Some Differences Between Thai And Western Girls

  • Written by Anonymous
  • February 9th, 2007
  • 7 min read

In many aspects Asian girls are very different from Western girls, but basically all girls are the same. I have lived in Asia for over 15 years and have almost turned 40.

There are some differences though between the two species.

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Asian girls are very sensitive and most have the uncanny ability to figure out a guy in about 10 seconds, whereas Western girls are easier subdued / fooled by appearances and don't grasp guys that easy.

Many Asian girls don't like guys who behave like machos but many Western girls do. Asian girls (most of them) don't really like muscular guys while again many Western girls prefer or fall for just that type of guy. Most Asian girls however really like tall guys, not simply because these guys are tall but because there is a shortage of tall guys in many Asian countries, so these guys are still a bit special (not for long anymore though). Tall people, especially tall guys are seen as dominant / strong and Asian girls prefer dominant guys or guys who are or have the potential to be dominant / strong.

Asian girls love guys who take the lead. Guys who are composed, at ease, quiet and comfortable and confident are favourite. Asian girls love to be told what to do, where to go etc. If a guy acts at a loss or even worse like a loser or plain unsure, asking the girl to make the choice all the time, she will often lose self confidence too and probably stop being interested in the guy. Many (but not all) Western girls don't care as much if the guy wants them to take the lead, some of them even prefer to be the one in charge, but having said all this, many Western girls also like the guy to be in charge.

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Now another issue that has been raised in many submissions, the looks thing. Many guys think that Western girls are choosier and pickier when it comes to choosing a guy then Asian girls. This is about as true as a claim that all Black African people have white skin, in other words completely not true. It depends what type of looks we are talking about. Imagine bringing 2 guys to Thailand: one is a long haired handsome serial-killer type of guy, covered in tattoos, wearing an old 't-shirt, shorts and thongs while the other one is well groomed, handsome wearing suit and tie (both are fit and trim). Chances are that the first one will not score any decent Thai girls, and might even have a hard time getting some bargirls, while the second one will likely be jumped at by hordes of hi-so to not so hi-so Thai girls anyplace he goes. Now imagine those same two guys in a Western-European country or for that matter in the USA or Australia. The response of the girls there would probably be completely opposite. The well groomed, well dressed guy will most likely be dismissed or ignored by most girls as being a boring twat not even worth looking at, but the long haired tattooed guy will most likely be swarmed by drooling Western girls because he is interesting and good-looking etc. Thai girls are really into good-looking guys (handsome face, good body and well dressed) much more than their farang sisters. Of course it makes a difference if one is chasing a poor Asian hooker, chances are that she will accept a short pot-bellied farang as long as he is generous. This guy would not score any girl in his own country. This has made many Western guys believe that Asian girls are not choosy when it comes to looks. However if the same farang would start trying to date middle class Thai office girls who make a decent income or (God forbid) high class Thai girls he would not stand a chance, maybe only some ugly girls or girls over 40 years of age would be interested in him but even that would not be guaranteed.

Outward appearances are more important in any Asian country than in the West. Not only that, but status and gaining face is not only achieved by getting a rich boyfriend but more by dating a young or tall or handsome Western guy who is the envy of their friends. The last 10 years we have seen a revolution all over Asia, especially in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan and to a lesser part, even Malaysia. Girls have become tremendously more westernized and much more interested in western guys. Parents have given their daughters more freedom and that will continue in the future. More and more middle class and high class Asian girls are now dating Western guys and it has become a fashion in Indonesia and Thailand. But these girls are not going for just anyone. Most if not all good-looking middle to high class Asian girls only and exclusively are dating good-looking Western guys now.

Western guys have picked up that desire / trend. You now see many good-looking young, especially British guys, appearing in droves in Bangkok to get a job as teacher. Many end up getting multiple rich girlfriends. Many don't even have to work anymore as the girls take care of them financially as long as these guys want to be or these girls want them to be their gig. When the girls get tired of them they just turn them in for another young UK guy. Funny thing is that many Thai people think this also happens in the West. That's actually one of the reasons that they are doing it, but they could not be further from the truth. The gig thing is almost non-existent in the West.

So it seems that Asian youngsters are a lot more modern now in relationships than Western people. Many just take multiple boyfriends (Thai and Farang at the same time) and these guys have multiple girlfriends. This is the norm now in Thailand and Indonesia. I don't really know about China and Japan but I have heard similar stories from guys who live or have lived there. Malaysia is stricter but even there things are changing fast.


Sex is indeed very important for Asian girls. It's part of the fun of life and they want to have fun as much as possible and they want it now, preferably without strings attached and preferably with a very good-looking guy. Most really love it and often. Again very different from Western girls who sometimes act as if they hate it. When they finally give it they often expect the guy to kiss the ground they walk on, cater to their every whim and act as their slave.

If you have a relationship with an Asian girl who doesn't like sex and who doesn't want to have sex with you often (because she claims she doesn't like sex), bells should start ringing. A lot has been said in previous submissions about red flags, well this is as red a flag as they come! The only exceptions are bargirls or ex-bargirls. Many of them really don't like sex (any more) simply because some of them have been used and abused too much. But if you date a so-called good non-bargirl it is almost a rule that she really cannot get enough sex as many times as possible any given day. She's got a bad hair day, flu, upset tummy? No excuse mate! She'll want it even more to get rid of the bad feeling, stress or anxiety. So if your girl doesn't like to have sex a lot or doesn't like it anymore, chances are that she doesn't like YOU. You can then safely bet all your money on the fact that she is seeing other guys (better looking, younger, fitter, more fun then you) behind your back. At least one but likely a whole bunch of them, probably not simultaneously but who knows!

Stickman's thoughts:

An interesting submission and I agree with most of what you say about the type of guy that Asian girls tend to be attracted to.

I am not so sure about the frequency bit at the end though. You may be right but really, I am not so sure about it…