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No Difference

  • Written by Bobias
  • February 15th, 2007
  • 4 min read

G'day. First up let me make it clear I am not holier than thou, in fact I may have stood alongside Dana or Marc or even Union Hill in some bar in Bangkok so I have credentials.

Reading the latest batch of some bargirl done me wrong song, I stop to think why is this so?

billboard bangkok

Why does a FGMM (Fully Grown Mature Male) do his mind every time a bargirl drops her pants for him then whinges and carries on like a good sort (Australian for a prima dona) when she bleeds him dry but still dumps a load on western women

Let’s ask why is it so?

Western women are too greedy always wanting something. C'mon Raelene, a Sweet AngelicTeeruk (SAT) doesn't have a hand in your wallet?

butterflies bangkok

Western women always want the best. Hey FGMM your SAT doesn't put heavies on you to buy her gold, dresses a new mobile phone?

Western women lose their charms after marriage. C'mon here, are you the same build now that you were then?

Western women are overweight. There are no fat women in Thailand?

Western women sulk and nag if they don't get their own way. SAt's don't spit the dummy and total apartments or threaten to knife you? Like you've picked up a prostitute and expect Emily Post returned to earth?


Western women get the best end of the deal in a divorce settlement. They do indeed having been burnt twice in the divorce courts but hey, FGMM in the west the house is in your name, in Thailand it's in your wife’s and you only
ever own 49% of it anyway.

Western women like to go to expensive nightclubs and restaurants. FGMM, have you ever taken SAT out for dinner finishing up with half of Patong at the table and guess who gets stuck with the bill? Yeah, a bloke about your size!
you’re associating with a whore you rented for the night, or however long you can till you've maxed your credit card. You dump a load on western women but you get the sulks when a common street walker rips you off.

So you went to Thailand after reading on the Internet. You can hire a woman for the night for a 1000 baht or so plus a morning glory thrown in as well. I agree it sure beats 50 bucks for half an hour down the road off a Pavement Princess
but FGMM, she is no angel on job experience but, a prostitute, a woman who stands on her feet to have a break. I have fond memories of Thailand and some of those lovely women but FGMM, I look in the mirror and say to myself how did I win a SAT?

Western women expect you to support their families. C'mon FGMM, your teeruk who's working in a bar as a whore, to support her family, doesn't have a sick mother, brother, father, sister or a Honda that needs a new motor because
idiot brother forgot to put oil in it?

The first time I went to Thailand was back in 1990 and I've been back there about ten or twelve times. The manager of the hotel where we were staying was a Canadian who gave me a good bit of advice, "there's only one head that
has a brain and it sits on your shoulders, not pointing at the ground!"

FGMM, you’re associating with a class of people, you wouldn't be seen dead with in your own town back in Farangland where ever that may be and you expect to be treated as a King?

A SAT may not be exactly the girl you'd bring home to meet Mum and Dad but hey, you’re the one sleeping with her.

I go there not to do my balls over a whore but to have a good time and I do because I use the head on my shoulders. Sure I’ve been ripped off the odd ten or twelve times but hey it's Thailand, expect it!

Marrying a whore, no matter what country she comes from, is never a good deal FGMM, even if she has the most kissable backside you've ever felt or kissed so really who is at fault here? Yes Dana, I know but I got in first mate, those
were my brand marks you saw on Noi's little Khyber pass.

So FGMM, think of the three S's (Sun, Sex and Singha) and you'll never need to ask Why is it so?

There is only one answer and that is while we let the head on our shoulders have a break and the other head rule, poor simple sods like you will fill with some bargirl done me wrong songs. I do not think western women
are angels in disguise FGMM, but the only difference between them and Thais are their skin colour and size.


Stickman's thoughts:

Personally I do not go along with the notion that women in all countries are the same. They may share some similar characteristics but I think the differences are much more than mere subtlety.