Stickman Readers' Submissions February 6th, 2007

Just Another (Stupido)

It all started in October of 2006 after I broke off my engagement to my Thai partner in Australia, why? Well she had been the victim of a broken marriage and previous engagement only to be played upon both times. I tried so hard to reinstall
trust into this beautiful creature who treated me like a king and spoilt me rotten, the sex was beyond your wildest imagination, but as we say down under, "how much can a koala bear" anyways, here possessive nature growing and constant
calls throughout the day checking on were I am (discreetly) and the stories/accusations she would make/tell me of her friends alleging that when I was out with the boys at the local, just became to much, this was a weekly boys thing, a meal, a
few games of pool and a few drinks, all within walking distance of her place and I was back within 2-3 hours, her paranoia became to much, so I pulled the plug two months before we were due to move in together, this hurt but had to be done, only
regret I have is that I know that I will never find another to spoil me as she did, however if I can't have my freedom, with my mates, within reason of course, then I best be by myself.

Moving right along, so come December 2006 I decided to go to Patong, with a friend of mine, we had both never been to Patong, I had travelled the previous year 2005 to Krabi and Trang in the south of Thailand and visited my x fiancés
parents at her village, this is when I fell in love with Thailand in 2005. I do recall that when we were in Thailand in 2005, we stayed in Phuket Town with her not wishing to go to Patong when I prompted her, as everyone said go to Patong, I had
no idea of Patong, her reasoning was that its not a place for kids, we had three young girls with us ranging from 6 to 9, two are hers and one is mine, so we didn't go to Patong, I trusted her judgement as she is Thai and have to give her
full marks, I wouldn't want my daughter 10 seeing that, well not until she is at least 13 or more.

Now to my story on Patong and the adventures both my friend and I had in December 2006, as for my side of the story I wish to say what happen to me does not convey a message about the Thai women in general, so all you readers who haven't
experienced this will make a judgement call when the time comes, I only wish I had searched for this site before I went to Patong, it would have made me a lot more aware, however having said that, we have all heard some form of warning about Thai
women/Bar ladies, that's not to say any snake in the grass is any different, no matter what country you are in, this yes girls includes the males, o.k. there I said it.

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Anyways my mates side of the story is short and sweet, he made it clear to me on the plane that he wasn't going to sleep with any Thai women when we arrive, my reply was Tony, we are on holidays, do as you wish, he again replied, I am
only going to sleep with the European women, tourists, whatever I said Tony, much to my surprise he slept with a Bar Lady every single night of the 14 nights we were in Patong, excluding the night we arrived of course, anyways I had to teach Tony
how to bargain with them, from 2000 baht short time down to 1000 baht, it's a kind of a respect thing, you know, don't rip us we are not (stupido), be fair even though it is cheap for us, short time 1000 baht long time 1500 to 2000 baht.

Tony was falling for one, so I had to slap him around a bit to straighten him out, I should talk, moving right along onto my story (stay with me) after 4 days we were playing pool at this place called Monica's Bar off Bangla Road, we
had returned there after the second night as we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and pool tables, real coffee too made by the Italian owner, anyways minding my own and seeing the girl that I had slept there with on the second night, yes I am human,
I might add, I am not like Tony or any other of my mates, I am not into sex on a casual basis, I am into people, but I had to break from my x's spell, I like to know who I am doing the deed with, I like to hear peoples life stories etc etc
etc, this of course is what brought me down later (stupido). Anyways I bought her a drink while I was playing pool with Tony, then this drop dead gorgeous (sade) look a-like walks in, not to attract any attention sits at the bar on the stool with
legs apart, wearing jeans thankfully enough, with me and my mate looking at each other as if to say what the **&&%^*, she then moves over to the mirror fixing and looking at herself, when she finished I stopped her in her tracks and adjusted
her jacket and said there now you are perfecto, she replied; thank you sir…., to cut it short she ended up playing pool with us, me buying her drinks and of course taking her back to the hotel, her English was good, she was 20 years my junior
(27), was tall and pretty, not a bomb shell, tall and pretty, had this child like nature and a personality to boot, she always had me and my friend in stitches/laughing, the sex was average, as if to say almost inexperienced, perhaps a ploy (sucker),
I taught her a thing or two or did I.

I didn't want to be with Bar ladies, why? Well as I said, I am not into just sex, I want more (stupido) oh, yeh, I got it, right between the eyes, I spent 10 days with this girl, although I only paid her for 3 nights, she never asked
for money, however when I left I gave her 10,000 baht, she would spend a couple of hours a day with us at the beach, buy us food from the food stands, feed me, look out for me, about 5 days prior to giving her the 10,000 baht before I departed,
she broke a heal of one of her shoes, so I said come on I will buy you another pair, we looked at some shoes and her reply was that they are to expensive so she purchased a pair of flip flop or thongs as we call them here down under for 100 baht,
I said to her that she needed a pair of shoes, she said she would have them fixed, anyways I said I wanted to buy her something to remember me, wait for it guys, here it comes, oh, o.k. so off we went to the jewellery shop with me walking her
right past it, she didn't put up a fight, I said is that what you want, she replied as she always did, "up to you" so go figure we went in 8,000 baht later, a cheap gift in anyone's currency a chain, a medallion and wella……easy
currency converter later on (stupido).

So now it is time for me to depart, know not the stupid farang crying with the girlfriend at the airport, give us a break, I am a bit more romantic then that (sorry guys), it was at the beach over dinner, wow….(pretty powerful stuff the
old emotions), anyways she told me that she was going to go back to her village in the north-east as her mother wanted her to return to look after her 3 year old son, her sister would probably join her later as she has a 6 year old daughter, the
other sister who has a bar in Patong a lesbian (whatever) doesn't send money to the folks, why because she is to young in the mind.

You have got to love these girls, selling the body to send money home, I suppose we wouldn't class them as hookers, I really look up to them, well that was up to know. Back to the scene at the beach, I told her that I had another two
weeks holidays due in February and could come back to see her if she wanted me to, oh, shit yeh, are you kidding, she wanted that very much, but not in Patong, she had enough of Patong in the "three months" that she had worked there
? She said that I could come and stay with her in her village, sure I said, but I wanted her to come to Australia with me after my next visit, oh, yes please sir…., she said.

So two weeks later she is still in Patong trying to get a flight out (January) busy season, I am feeling uncomfortable, she is reassuring me, she is not going with any farangs, just working at the bar having a few drinks and making her earn
on the drinks until she can get a flight out, then she confirms she has a flight and asks if I can send her money, I asked her what happen to the money I gave her when I left (10,000) baht, she said she sent it to her mum and bought dad a pair
of shoes for 2,000 baht, I asked how much she needed, she said she didn't know, so I asked how much the ticket was, she said about 4,500 baht, so I sent her 8,000 baht, some spending money, she ended up catching a bus for 1,800 baht because
they gave her seat away, whatever….anyways after about a week back at the village with me in constant contact with her on a daily basis, listening to the sound of kids, the rooster, having spoken to mum, I am relaxed and happy.

I went to the travel agent and booked my non refundable ticket to her village for 18 February, she asks me if I can send her some money, say what, I just gave you 8,000 baht a week ago, Darling she replied, I have no work, I have to help
my family, please, I not working in Patong, when I worked in Patong I was making 30,000 baht per month, LOOK OUT…HERE IT COMES, in the meantime while all of this was going on, I was reading submissions sent to Stick and it was all starting to
take shape, although not wanting to admit to her being a common, I sent her another 10,000 baht and another 10,000 baht a week later so that she could apply for a passport and get her visa in order, you guys think it stops there, huh, no (stupido)
sends her another 10,000 baht because she needs money to pay for the new reliable car that dad needs to take him to the doctor three times a week, so enough is enough, I said baby, I am not rich, I have bills to pay to, when I arrive, I will assess
the situation when I get there and by no means do I not want to help you or your family, but one step at a time, she agrees but wants to know what my plans are, I said baby when I arrive I will give you another 10,000 baht and when I can I will
give you more, she said she needs at least 20,000 baht a month, yeh and Christmas is every month, go figure.

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Yeh yeh, I can hear you all in disbelief, but I drew the line, a little longer than expected, but I drew it, we spoke for about 5 days after that, with her now disappearing off the face of the earth after landing a job in a library earning
4,000 baht for two weeks relieving a friend on holidays, I haven't heard from her, I sent her a text on the first day to call me, I called her the second day but the phone rang, I haven't attempted anymore calls, although I sent her
a text telling her that I don't know why she hasn't responded, however it was probably better this way and thanked her for the times and wished her every success, I probably never will hear from her, although she cut me, I am grateful
to Stick and the many people who submitted there stories, good and bad, believe it or not, it helped me in preparing for the inevitable and I am truly grateful for the "heads up" having said that, I have not deleted her number, why I
don't know, yes I am still waiting for the phone to ring.

I hold no ill feelings towards the girl, it is just a way of life in Thailand and this will not discourage me from travelling to Thailand and mixing it up with the locals, no one forced my hand, I allowed myself to love and no money can replace
that, so as I have this non refundable ticket, so I must travel, I will get off at Bangkok were I was supposed to chang planes to head north-east to her village, but might now head to Pattaya, I hear it's pretty full on there and then make
my way back to Patong at the end of my journey as my ticket also includes my last 3 days there for some R & R.



Stickman's thoughts:

That is so correct what you say – "It is just a way of life."

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