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Confessions Of A Bangkok Bargirl Part 3

  • Written by Lookpapa
  • February 21st, 2007
  • 10 min read

My 18th birthday was a momentous occasion, as I did not have to worry about underage working and it gave me a certain feeling of freedom, to have finally come of age.

On that night I was the centre of attention and I was ready to kick up my heels and enjoy it to the fullest. Soon enough we were all primed by alcohol and everyone was into party mode, staff and customers alike. The fact that it was a Saturday
night and the 1st of the month meant that there were plenty of customers and a fair bit of money, as everyone had their pay.

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Around 9 PM I noticed 2 new customers arrive, one of them a farang, which was unusual and everyone wanted to check him out. It was not because he was young or handsome, it was more like a novelty factor and the promise of drinks and tips.
This guy was middle-aged, quite fat, as a matter of fact his pants had a belt plus suspenders holding them up which looked very funny, like he needed the extra insurance to keep them up. He also smoked cigars, which was also out of the norm at
our place.

The man with him was a Thai of similar age. They seemed like old friends.

They ordered some whisky and me and another girl were given drinks and sat with them.

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They spoke English to each other, but Thai with us. Their names were Vichai and Fred (later I found out his name was Alfred and he was German).

Soon after Veera turned up and he seemed to know them, as he wai’d them respectfully. It turned out that Vichai was his superior officer before, now working at Police HQ.

The 3 of them got into a deep discussion, which I did not hear, as during this time they wanted to be left alone, but I noticed they glanced in my direction several times.

Sometime later they shook hands and a bit later Veera motioned for me to meet him upstairs.


He told me today was my lucky day, the farang and his friend took a particular liking to me and they wanted me to go and work for them in their bar near Sukhumvit. I said I was happy here and prefer to stay put. He said I got no choice in
the matter and he’d already let them have me. I was to pack my things now and leave with them to my new job. He told me I’ll have the opportunity to earn a lot more money with farangs or maybe Japanese and I should be grateful for
the chance. After packing up my belongings, I went downstairs and joined my new “owners” who checked their bills and we took off in Vichai’s car, driven by his driver. On the way they asked me if I spoke any English. I replied
I did not and they said never mind you’ll learn soon enough.

They told me I’ll be working as a gogo dancer in their bar in Soi Cowboy as soon as I was checked out medically.

When we arrived they introduced me to a mamasan, named Sawanee, who was around 30 years old, wearing a gold bracelet and necklace with a Buddha amulet.

She took me to an apartment to share with another girl. It was in a sub soi off Soi 23. She explained what was in store for me. She asked me if I knew what a condom was and I replied I did, but in Sutthisan a lot of guys did not want to use
it. I told her I contracted an STD once but it was cleared up with “jit yaa” (injections).

She told me the next day I’d be taken to a clinic and checked out to make sure I didn’t have any deceases and then she told me I should use condoms with customers, in any case most farangs want to use them. Then she explained
the terms of my employment, which was 2 days off a month , the bar fine system, the drink commission system and the minimum number of drinks required per month and the number of times I had to be bar fined per month. If these minimums were not
reached I’d be docked so much for each miss. To tell you the truth, my head was spinning from all the details she enumerated, so I just nodded that I understood. She also explained how to get the most out of customers and the benefit of
multiple short time offs. She told me that I’d be checked by the clinic once a month and not allowed to work if I was not clean.

Anyway, I twiddled my thumbs for a couple of days until the clinic gave me the all clear and then I was ready to start working as a dancer.

I was a bit shy at first, since I’ve never had anything to do with farangs and they seemed so big and powerful, plus I had no idea what they were saying to me, save for those who could speak some Thai. In the beginning I tended to
stick to those guys until my English started to improve. Of course, I soon enough learned to ask their name and where they came from, although I had no idea where those countries were. To me they all came from Farangland!

I’ll never forget my first day in the bar as that was the first time I went to bed with a farang. It must have been fairly early when a farang came to the bar who seemed to have known Sawanee pretty well. I saw her point me out to
him and he waved for me to come to him after my dance.

He must have been around 50 years old with graying hair and a friendly smile. He could speak some Thai and I found out that his name was Johann and he was Dutch. <Ahh yes, a regular Stickman readerStick>
I did not know what Dutch was, he said from Holland, I did not know that either, so he said, never mind, just call him John.

He said he worked in Bangkok and whenever he wanted a companion for the night, he’d come to Soi Cowboy.

He bought me a drink and asked me a few questions to which I replied in monosyllables. I was too shy to know how to act, so I just smiled and snuggled up to him. He was such a fatherly figure, I felt comfortable. He said he’d barfine
me if I was willing to go. I told him I’ve never been with a farang before. He said he knew that, mai pen rai, he’d be very gentle with me.

So, I got changed while he paid the bill and then we left. He asked me if I was hungry. I said “a little”, so we went to a restaurant at the end of the soi where I had some fried rice and he had a club sandwich.

After finishing the meal we jumped into a tuktuk and off we went.

He lived in a condo off Sukhumvit, not far from Soi Cowboy, about a 5 minute ride away.

Since he already told me he wants me all night to sleep with him, when we got to his place he told me to relax, gave me a whisky and coke and turned on the TV.

This was a whole new experience for me, he made me feel so relaxed and at ease, I took a liking to him easily.

I was watching a Thai soap on TV and he went to have a bath. When he was finished he said with a smile on his face, “It’s your turn now”.

I went to the bathroom, locked the door and had a shower, which took me a lot longer than his. I guess I was trying to put off the inevitable, which made me scared and excited at the same time. Eventually I came out of the bathroom and slipped
into bed next to him, still wearing the towel. He dipped the lights. I waited to see what’s next.

He started to slowly unwrap me and commenced kissing my neck, lips, ears while at the same time his hand stroked my tummy and ended up between my legs. His other hand was playing with my nipples then he sucked on them too.
His tender
touches made me relaxed and I started to get into it too. I felt completely at ease and gave myself up to these sensations. I guess there is no need to describe what it lead to, suffice to say I had my first “set laow” (orgasm) in
my life.

I was so much up in seventh heaven, I did not even notice that he actually used a condom, which he just discarded and we both fell into a blissful sleep. Some time in the middle of the night I was awakened once again and with gentle prodding
we consummated our desires once more. I woke up around 7 AM to be told to shower and dress as John had to go to work that day. As I was ready to depart I noticed 2000 baht sticking out of my handbag, my “compensation” for the night.

As we kissed and said goodbye, I asked John when I would see him again and he replied when he comes to Soi Cowboy, he’d look me up.

So that’s how it went down, my first encounter with a farang, not a bad night’s “work” for this much money and lots of fun to boot!

As I was walking down the street, I was thinking I could really enjoy this and earn a lot more money than working as a seamstress. Little did I realize that not all farangs are the same and I was unsuspecting of what was in store for me down
the track.

When I got back to my room, my roommate, Boom, was still asleep, so I slipped out and went downstairs to have some soup at a nearby street stall.

On returning home I did some washing and around 10am Boom woke and asked me about my adventure last night. This is when my real education about my profession started. She informed me that John was a regular customer at the bar. Whenever a
new girl arrived, mamasan would tell him, and if he fancied her, he’d take her for a night. In fact she was taken by him about a year ago, when she started.

I was shocked and disappointed. I thought that the way he treated me was so special, but apparently she felt the same on her first night.

She told me that he was a nice guy who did not want to get too involved with anyone in particular. She said she’d tell me all there is to know about farangs, so I’d be prepared for the good and the bad too.

That day was my first lesson from a seasoned and experienced bargirl, teaching about the ways to make a good living from the nightlife.

For instance, she’d tell me about how to act, what to say and how to ask for drinks.

She told me that you have to use your brain , that there is more to it than just getting barfined, getting drinks are important as you have a monthly quota about that too, if you don’t fulfill that you’ll get deductions from
your salary.
Also, if you get a farang to drink a lot, you’ll get more tips; if you go with him, he may be too drunk to have sex but he’ll still pay you.

She told me the optimum time to be barfined for short time would be around 9:30 – 10 PM, by that time you should have had a few drinks and still be able to come back to the bar for a second chance of a customer.

I did not realize it was so “scientific”. She told me that was enough of a lesson for the first day and later on she’d tell me how to earn even more money with “sponsorships”, how to enjoy holidays, shopping, etc.

I was aghast at the opportunities waiting for me and was itching to try out my new knowledge at work.

To be continued…

Stickman's thoughts:

"So scientific"! Yes, things most certainly have gone that way!