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Open Your Eyes

  • Written by Anonymous
  • January 3rd, 2007
  • 4 min read

First of all, I must apologize in advance because I am not a native speaker. There might be a lot of mistakes in this submission.

I have been in Thailand for three years now and I think that I have learned a lot more about Thai people than most of foreigners who come to Thailand every year or even live there.

billboard bangkok

I see so many farangs (most of them are fat and don't wear any shirt, especially in Pattaya) hanging around with their "girlfriend" (who is or was a prostitute), calling them their wife, the mother of their child. They are
so proud and don't even know that all the Thais are laughing at them… Would you go out with a prostitute in your own country? I doubt it…

Please be aware that the girl you are so proud of, that you are so happy to hold her hand is most of time a poor peasant girl with no education. She lives in a kind of small shelter, without toilets. Most of time she has been raped at 12
and she has kids…

Many of you are happy with this. I respect this. But most of you don't know.

butterflies bangkok

I do think that if you live here, you have to learn the Thai customs and to try to follow them. Otherwise you will always be a foreigner in Thailand. Don't forget that you are not in your country…

Furthermore, if like me, you make business in Thailand, you need to earn the respect from the Thais.

To have a beautiful wife is one of the right ways in Thailand. To have a beautiful wife from a Thai point of view of course and not your farang point of view (which I already forgot).

What is beautiful girl from the Thai point of view?


– a girl with dark skin is not beautiful. She must have white skin. Why do Thais prefer white skin? People always want what they don't have. Of course in Thailand, people with white skin are in a minority.
– the girl must not have
a big nose or a big jaw. <Good point this – and one you seldom see farangs talk about, but the Thais sure doStick>
– forget all the girls from upcountry. The girl must be born in Bangkok. (Chiang Mai is acceptable),
so forget Isaan and the South.
– look carefully at her feet. She must have cute small feet, not big toes. If she has got big toes or feet like ducks, she's obviously from up country (baan nok) and she has been planting rice for

– it is better if she is tall (minority again).
– it is better if her breasts are not too small (minority again).

If you follow these points, you can eliminate a lot of girls and you finally understand that there are not a lot of "beautiful girls" in Thailand (Thai point of view of course).

You may don't care but I do. Will you be happy if many people think that your girlfriend and wife is ugly? This is not unbelievable. Most Thais are racist.

Then, forget gogo bar girls, beer bar girls and all prostitutes. As I said, Would you out with a prostitute in your own country?

She must have a good job and enough money to live quite well. If she has got a car, this sounds good. But of course, check if she bought it herself… Please note that waitress is not a "good job".

She can be a student but be careful about students. A lot of girls tell you that they are student… But a lot at the sex university 😉

For students, she must be from a good university. You can forget Ramkamhaeng and all the open universities. The good ones are Thammasat and Chulalongkorn. Bangkok University is acceptable.

To find her, you will have to speak Thai.

Be very careful when you learn Thai. If you learn with your bargirl or with most of locals, you will learn a dialect or bad words. For some words, as soon as you pronounce them, people will know immediately that you learnt with prostitutes.

Once you have understood this, you start to enjoy a lot and won't feel like a stranger in this country that I love.

Finding a girl is easy in Thailand, especially a poor girl from baan nok (most of submissions are about this kind of girls)

Finding a good one, beautiful, with a good education is very hard.

Stickman's thoughts:

Certainly, a lot of Bangkok Thais would endorse what you say. But then, one should chase the type of woman they want, not what society wants, or wishes to people to confirm to.