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Crime Suppression Unit Part 11

Doctor Winn Mee Aung San Suu Kyi smiled pleasantly at the two men that had just burst into her sitting room.

Good afternoon. We were just about to have some tea. Will you join us?

Please forgive us for intruding but we have come on a matter of great importance.

Not at all. I don't often have so many visitors in one day. May I present Doctor Winn Mee.

My name is Rick Randel. I'm an American.

Yes, I can tell from your accent. I am Aung San Suu Kyi.

She sounded strangely British.

And this is Andrew Campbell who is with the United States Government. I know who the doctor is and I have some distressing news to tell you. Please have patience and try to listen. We do not have much time. The doctor is here to kill you
and take over the National League For Democracy.

Don't be silly. Doctor Mee is my oldest and dearest friend. Now sit down, have some tea and tell me why you have appeared from out of nowhere. It's very difficult to get into see me you know. Not my own doing of course. I am so
limited and hemmed in here.

Yes, I know just how difficult it is to visit so you must not under estimate what we have to say. Winn Mee has poisoned your tea or is about to and I hope to prove his intentions to you. This is preposterous. The doctor jumped to his feet.
I demand that you leave immediately.

In a few minutes. For now sit down and do not get up again. Andrew placed his hand on the doctor's shoulder and firmly pushed him back into his seat.

Just drink your tea now like a good boy or rather reach over and drink Suu Kyi's tea.

I will do no such thing, the doctor glowered at Rick.

Yes you will. Rick pulled the revolver from underneath his shirt. I insist.

Suu Kyi gasped. I do not allow guns or such behavior in my house. I want you to leave immediately.

We will leave as soon as possible. Doctor – you can drink the tea or have me blow you brains out. Decide right now.

I'm in a hurry and I don't care much which one it is.

You are stupid and ignorant men meddling in something that is none of your business and I assure you that you will be very sorry. The doctor was furious. He reached over, took Suu Kyi's tea and drank it down. There. Now will you go?

He placed the empty cup on the table.

Damn, Rick thought, he hasn't poisoned the tea yet. Suu Kyi, with you out of the way, Winn Mee will gain control of the NLD, align with the military junta, give promises of reform and resume trade with the other countries. He stands
to gain power and make millions of dollars by giving into the generals and the State law and Order Restoration Party. Please give me a chance to prove it to you.

You've failed miserably and you're upsetting her. Now get out. The doctor hissed the words at him. Rick continued. The CIA, I am sorry to say, has provided the doctor with a poison pill and I am going to ask him to produce it. Rick
put the gun to the doctors head.

Stop it, right this instant, Suu Kyi exclaimed.

Andrew walked behind her and placed his hand on her arm. Please bear with us for a minute.

Doctor, I'm going to count to five and if you do not place the pill on the table by the time I reach five, I promise you, I will pull the trigger and all of our problems will be solved one way or the other. Rick put the muzzle of the
revolver against the side of the doctors temple.


This is insane. You've no right.


I don't know what you are talking about.

You don't, huh? THREE.

Suu Kyi, make him stop.

Sweat beads started to form on the doctors face. A vein on his forehead throbbed rapidly. His hands started to shake.

I don't have any pills.

Then you had better find one right fast. FOUR Rick cocked the pistol. The doctor flinched as if he had been slapped. His face turned red and puffy.

Alright. Alright. Just put the gun down. He stretched his arm out a bit. Round silver cufflinks held his sleeves together.

The doctor pressed against a cufflink and the top slid back. A small white pill fell out onto the table top.

Everyone stared at it in silence as it rolled in a circle before coming to a stop.

It's just my heart medication. I always carry one in case of an emergency.

Good, because this is an emergency.

They were halfway home. Rick motioned to Andrew. He picked up the pill and dropped it into the doctors tea cup.

Just one more thing. Tell Suu Kyi about your role in her assassination.

Don't be stupid. Ill do no such thing.

Then drink the tea and we will leave.

You can leave now. You've done enough.

Not just yet. You have one more choice to make. Drink the tea, have me kill you right now or simply tell about your part in the plan.

The doctor sat there in stony silence. Rick smacked him hard in the face.

Okay, don't speak. Id much rather blow your brains out anyway. Andrew, take Suu Kyi upstairs.

Andrew gently took Suu Kyi by the arm and started to guide her from her seat as he spoke to the doctor.

You're not entirely to blame. The American Government is in on it too, aren't they? It's their fault isn't it. It's a shame you have to face the consequences alone. I am going to take the lady upstairs. If you don't
speak now, I will not be able to save you.

Stop. Don't leave me alone with him. Yes, I admit it. I was going to kill her.

The doctor rose to his feet. He was starting to freak out. The pressure was too much for him. It's all your fault, he screamed at Suu Kyi. Spittle flew from his lips and the vein in his forehead went into overdrive.

If you had listened to me in the first place this would never have happened. You are hurting everyone by refusing to deal with the junta. I should have run for office -not you. What do you know? You are only a woman. The doctors fists were
clenched and for a moment it looked like he was going to hit her. You say you love your country, yet you married a foreigner.

You and I could have run the country together along with the generals. We could have made a fortune.

Aung San suu Kyi sank back into her seat. She looked very tired. You poor man. I didn't realize. I'm so sorry for you.

I do think I will go to my room and rest now. Please excuse me. I'm going to have to ask all of you to leave. She rose and slowly walked out of the room and to the stairs at the end of the hallway.

Doctor, we can leave together but I want you to promise that you will give up politics, not interfere with the NLD and never come back to this house again. They had been in the house long enough and Rick was hoping he would agree.

Winn Mee turned his fury on Rick. Are you insane? Stop everything that I have worked for all these years in this thankless job when I am on the doorstep of success? If I can just bring the National League and the military together, I stand
to make millions of dollars. You'll pay for sticking your nose into this. The doctor stood close to Rick and jammed his fingers into Ricks chest. You two will never see daylight again. You will disappear. Ill have you thrown into a dungeon
so dark you'll have to turn into a bat to find your rice bowl.

Andrew shrugged his shoulders and held up his hands in a now what? Gesture.

Doctor, I am sure we can resolve this matter if I can speak to you in private for a minute. Rick took the doctor by the arm and guided him towards the stairs. Please let me ask you for your help. Rick put his left hand on the back of the
doctors head as if to pull him closer and whisper something to him. Ricks right hand cupped the doctors chin. Rick held the back of the doctors head and made a short hard thrust with his right hand. The doctors head turned violently with a cracking
sound like someone stepping on dry branches in the woods on a cold winter day. The doctor dropped soundlessly to the floor.

Rick walked into the kitchen and found the maid. Doctor Mee has fallen down the stairs and unfortunately is quite dead. Please wait five or ten minutes and then you can notify the police. Do not mention that we were here. Do you understand?

The lady nodded her head.

Andrew was standing behind Rick. Let's get out of here now. Right. When you told the doctor that you were going to blow his brains out you didn't mean it did you?

They turned and walked out the door, then broke into a run when they hit the driveway.

Too messy and how would Suu Kyi explain it? It would have caused a problem.

And now there's no problem?

Accidental deaths rarely cause problems. Leaving him alive to have another go at Suu Kyi, that may have caused a problem.

They jogged easily down the sidewalk until they heard the rapid explosive pops of automatic weapons fire.

Rick jerked the .45 from his waistband and ran as fast as he could towards the guardhouse.

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Great stuff.