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Crime Suppression Unit 10

Crime Suppression Unit Part 10

Aung San Suu Kyi

Andrew drove towards the Peoples Monument. He stopped a block before the guard house. It was a quarter to three. Ten minutes passed and a dark green truck pulled up in front of the sentry box. Two soldiers jumped out and the guards on duty climbed into the back of the truck. One of the new arrivals took a place in front of the guard house and the other one went inside.

Just then a four-door Toyota sedan drove into the street and stopped in front of the red and white striped pole. A window rolled down and the guard stepped forward and spoke to the driver for a minute and lifted the barrier. The car moved down the street.

'That must be the Doctor. Are you ready to go Sonia? It's up to you now.'

'Yes,' she replied as she reached under her shirt and unclipped her bra. 'Hold on to this for me.'

'Andrew, give me the gun. If Sonia gets into trouble. I'll do the shooting.'

Andrew passed a brown paper package back to Rick. Rick removed a pistol. It was a huge old .45 caliber Webly made by the British.

'Christ, this must have been here since the First World War. Where the hell did you get this?'

'It was on a friends bookcase at the Embassy as a decoration.'

Rick broke the gun in half, pushing a lever to let the barrel drop down. 'Three bullets? There are only three bullets in here.'

'They were inside the gun. I'm glad they were there.'

'Okay, let's go.' Rick nodded to Sonia.

She undid the top two buttons of her shirt. You could see her cleavage plainly and the full roundness of her breasts pushed against the front of her shirt. Her nipples were clearly outlined through the thinness of the white material.

'After I take the guard inside, give me one minute, then come and get me.' Sonia kissed Rick lightly on the cheek and opened the car door. She walked across the street to where the guard was standing in a parade rest position. He held an automatic weapon and carried a pistol on his web belt. He was in dark green fatigues with bloused black boots.

'Hello handsome man.' She smiled brightly and then slowly let her eyes drop to his pants and then slowly up again. She looked into his eyes imploringly.

He could not understand what she said but there did not seem to be much of a question as to what was on her mind. He couldn't take his eyes from her breasts. He could see that she was fully dressed but she looked so naked and vulnerable. Sonia took a few more steps and put her hand on the doorknob.

'Stop', the soldier shouted.

Sonia opened the door and quickly went inside as he grabbed for her arm. The guard behind the desk looked up, surprised that the door opened. She was the last thing that he expected to come in; her features were too sharp to be Burmese and her skin a bit too light. She was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. He picked up the phone that would ring at the military barracks down the street as he was supposed to if any unauthorized person entered the room. In a minute forty armed men would be in a truck rushing towards them.

And what would happen when they arrived? He would be a laughing stock. His friends would tease him unmercifully for weeks. Better to throw the woman out, he thought.

Sonia walked to the cot on the far side of the room and sat down as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do. She pulled off her shirt and slipped her skirt to the floor. She wore only a tiny G-string and high heels as she beckoned to the man behind the desk. He placed the phone back on the desk. Was it admiration that shone in her eyes or an invitation? He rose from his seat and started towards the girl. The outside guard burst in shouting. Sonia stood up, speaking to him, her hand waving easily, long red fingernails gleaming.

The guards came closer and Sonia put her hands inside their belts, pulling them nearer. Her face was between theirs, so close they could smell jasmine and the scent of her body. She urged them nearer; they could feel her hair on their cheeks and the softness of her skin.

Rick started to count to sixty seconds as Sonia entered the guard house. He reached forty and jumped from the car holding the pistol in his hand.

It glinted in the sun as Rick took long strides across the street. He reached the door and quietly turned the knob. Two soldiers had their backs to him, neither heard the door open nor Rick stepping softly towards them. He could see Sonia's hands gently caressing the backs of their heads.

Rick drew the Webly up and pulled back the hammer. It was a huge weapon and the cocking of the hammer sounded like a shot going off in the stillness of the room.

The unmistakable sound brought reality back like a bucket of ice water thrown in their faces. The sentries turned slowly, unwilling to accept what they had heard.

They knew that no matter what happened next, they were dead men.

Andrew barged into the room. Rick threw him the black tape and pointed to the floor with the gun. The sentries sank to their knees.

Tie them up. Get one to take his clothes off first.

Sonia was dressed and moving towards the door.

Hey, where do you think you're going? Rick shouted.

I'm going to get my bra. I cant meet Suu Kyi without having my bra on. Sonia had her hands on her hips and was looking defiantly at Rick.

You're going to stay here. Rick threw the guards clothes at her. Put these on. Some one has to pose as the guard outside.

Its not going to be me. I'm going to meet Aung San Suu Kyi.

Your English is pretty good isn't it?

You know it is.

Good. STAY! Rick pointed at the clothes. Andrew and I cant stand guard-were too white.

I'm not dark and besides I have breasts. What about that?

You can go to port arms if someone walks by.


Get those clothes on and Ill show you. I will ask Suu Kyi to come out to say hello to you if we have time.

I'll get you for this, Sonia shouted as Rick jammed the revolver into his belt and ran out the door with Andrew close behind. They ran down the sidewalk, past huge old trees that cast shadows on the street. They went by a big compound with a cement wall and wrought iron gate and kept on running.

Four more, Andrew shouted.

Do you think that the gate will be locked?

I doubt it. This is the safest street in the country with the armed guards at the front of the street. Are you really going to ask Suu Kyi to come to speak to Sonia?

Of course not. I had to tell Sonia something. You know how she gets.

They came to the fifth house on the left. The cement wall was about eleven feet high and in need of a whitewash. There was a large steel door on a metal track. The black door was about eight feet wide. Razor wire lined the top of the fence and the gate. Rick gave the gate a push and it slid back. They stepped inside and ran on an asphalt driveway that led up to the two-story wood house. The Toyota was parked in the driveway.

The front lawn was about a hundred feet wide and the house was set back fifty feet from the fence. The grass was dry and spotted. Shrubs and trees lined the inside wall. There was a front porch with four pillars reaching up to the overhang of the second floor. The valences and overhang were of the same carved wood and were painted white. It was a beautiful classic design.

Rick and Andrew walked up the steps and onto the porch. Rick tried the front door. It opened easily. There was no time to waste. They walked inside and down an entrance foyer with polished hardwood floors, past a living room on the left that was strangely bare. There was a fireplace with a marble mantel-piece and a few photos on it. Little else except for a dark green over stuffed armchair and a side table. The front drapes were closed and hung limply as if they had lost their will to live. The lights were off and the room was empty. They continued their journey and passed a deserted room on the right. The house had a ghostly quality as if no one had stepped inside for a very long time. Rick had read that Suu Kyi had sold her personal belongings just to be able to survive.

The next room was on the left. It was smaller and brighter with light beige drapes pulled back over a row of windows. There were two small pale yellow silk brocade sofas facing each other with a low table separating them. A china teapot and service were on the table along with two full cups of tea. A woman with clear light alabaster-like skin sat facing a tall thin dark complexioned man dressed in a black suit and tie. He had slick black hair and a small mustache. His hands and fingers were long and bony with large veins. He reminded Rick of a big black spider. The lady wore a beige silk dress with full sleeves and mandarin collar. She looked up at Rick and Andrew.

Good afternoon. We were just about to have some tea. Will you join us? She smiled graciously, completely calm and reserved.

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Please note that for those who enjoy Frank's writings, he has some novels published and available in print. Do a search online for "Frank Visakay" or alternatively, swing by your local bookshop in Bangkok.