Stickman Readers' Submissions November 2nd, 2006

Thai Girls Don’t Go For Looks?

Many people (farang guys) believe Thai girls will choose any farang as long as he is a farang, even old and short, bald and average or ugly looking farang can get Thai girls easy.

I did a little experiment to see if this is true and that Thai girls don’t care about the looks of a farang. For this experience I made 2 profiles / accounts on several dating sites targeting Thai girls. On the first profile I put
a fake pic (good-looking guy about 34 years old) and some fake profile info (height 6.2 ft). On the other profiles I put my own pic (plainer than plain looking guy, 38 years old) and real profile info about myself and among other things, my height
(5.8 ft). After a couple of days I checked if I had gotten mail. My fake alter ego’s account had gotten loads of email on each dating site, on one of them (ThailandFriends) the inbox was even full!

He Clinic Bangkok

My real account hadn’t received one single email on each dating site (except from the site administrators bot obviously, wishing me luck etc) but not one email from any girl.

A funny thing to say here is that I had only given profile information on my fake accounts, so I didn’t say anything about myself, hobbies etc here, whereas on my real accounts I had also told about myself, hobbies next to filling
out the profile details.

I think the above is sufficient proof that the Thai girls who are active on internet (seeking dates there through dating sites, chatting etc) are definitely going for looks, even the older ones, because the second step in my experiment was
sending emails to promising girls from the age bracket between 29 and 39 years of age.

CBD bangkok

I sent 12 emails to pretty girls through my fake accounts (4 on each dating site) and also 12 emails (to the same girls) through my real accounts.

10 of these girls replied to the mails I sent though my fake alter ego and only 2 replied on my real account. Further proof I would say.

I have read the exploits of Bop Melow so far. I believe his claims about the conquests he made / success stories with the Thai girls he met, yet I cannot believe the claims he made about his looks, being older, short and bald and not handsome.
He has been in Thailand 10 weeks and has had 50 times more women and responses from local girls etc then I had in my 10 years in Thailand. Actually I think I’m still bragging here. I think I only had about 1% of the luck / success with
girls that he had in his 10 weeks.

I have eaten in Thai restaurants alone at least 365 x 2 x 10 =7,300 times! And not one single time have I been approached by Thai girls who told me I should not eat alone. Bop has probably eaten alone in restaurants about 3 times in his 10
weeks stay in The Kingdom and each time he could hardly eat because girls kept approaching his table pretending they felt sorry for him that he ate alone, the real reason was of course of a more naughty nature as we old hands in Thailand all know.
Mind you these girls are not looking for money.

wonderland clinic

I have never been in a Thai bus and smiled at by Thai girls who wanted to sit next to me to strike up a conversation (with nothing else in their mind than taking me back to their place as soon as we reached our destination). All in all I
have probably travelled about 100,000 km by bus in Thailand in the 10 years that I found myself living there. Another 100,000 km I have travelled by train. Nowadays I have a car so I hardly use public transport anymore. Bop has probably travelled
by bus 3 times and each time he was approached either by a single girl looking for fun or a whole shoal of students who were competing and fighting each other to be the one who could end up in the sack with him. Bloody oath, if I could be him
only for one day, I would give a year’s wages for that. I have been to each and every department store in Bangkok and other cities as well multiple times and never have I been approached by horny sales girls who wanted to give me stuff
in return for a healthy shag. Bop has been to a few department stores (often even accompanied by his current shag) and still the girls were jumping on him like he was a pot of honey in a beehive. Mind you, as I told before I do believe the claims
he makes. I have been in Thailand long enough to know it is pretty normal for a farang to have this kind of experiences, some farang who live or recreate in Thailand tell me they feel like trampolines most of the time. As if each and every girl
they meet wants to use and abuse their body for their (the girl's) own satisfaction. But these are always and invariably handsome and mostly young and tall folks. So it is quite normal that they are a big hit wherever in Thailand or Bangkok
they go.

I had many dates with older females and younger females in Bangkok but never did a girl want to have sex, never did any of them indicate or give signals to me that she wanted more than just a nice chat and a nice meal. Believe me I have experience
with signals girls give out if they are interested or horny and it just never happened. Some girls I had many dates with but even after date number 10 things were strictly platonic. Well it could be that I have just been unlucky to pick the girls
that were not interested in sex / traditional / virgin. But I don’t believe that. I had dates with over 200 Thai girls the last 10 years and must have been either extremely unlucky to choose the wrong ones all the time or God must have
other plans with me. Bollocks, I know for a fact that many if not most Thai girls I have dated had a very active sex life. So if they had been attracted to me they would also have slept with me for sure. I think I just was not their type and it
is as simple as that.

I went to Thai banks thousands of times but never did I have tellers fight each other to help me, rather the other way around, I would mostly be presented by the oldest and fattest teller or they would put a male teller on me. I also never
had them following me after I left the bank to say they were sorry they couldn’t talk after putting a note with their private telephone number in my hands.

I have been in Thai hospitals some times and have also on numerous occasions visited ill relatives in hospital, not only in Bangkok but also in the provinces. Never did any nurse have the least bit of interest in me, rather the opposite,
In my opinion most hospital workers in Thailand are rather cold and professional.

I have been to Thai universities (for business reasons) many times, never did I get followed by shoals of students wanting to marry or sleep with me. Bop would be followed constantly by giggling and flirting girls fighting each other for
the opportunity to be his bed partner / gf / wife. Mind you, these girls are young and from respectable class and without any doubt gorgeous. I worked for a full year on the beautiful campus of Chiang Mai University, met and saw hundreds if not
thousands of female students there each day I even ate on the campus grounds every evening, that big open air place where one can choose his own food and delicious fruit milkshakes) and eat and drink for next to no money. This place is always
full of students especially in the evening and even though I always ate alone I was never approached by female students nor followed by hordes. Back when I worked there I was about 33 years of age.

Bop has not had a single date with a single girl whether he established a virtual relationship previously with her though the net or whether he met her through mutual friends or just by himself who didn’t want to have sex or didn’t
express feelings for him. He could have easily slept with all the 153 girls he met online and also with the girls tagging along and mutual friends / introduces etc. Of course it is not easy for a guy to sleep with 200+ different girls in 70 days
(many of which also would want to meet more than one time) he would have had to sleep with probably 5 girls each day to pull that off. I think even the fabled Casanova didn’t pull that off in his lifetime.

I'm not whinging here (even it sounds very much like it here). My mates would call me a whinging POM if they read this.

I do admit I’m green and yellow from envy with Bop. I have a great job in Bangkok and (almost always) wear designer suits. The only girl I have sex with (twice a month) is a very high class call-girl. I pay her 10,000 per session for
3 hours, that is all the sex I get. I don’t go to bars and will never go there. I would only be interested in the type of girls Bop could so easily choose between, these girls are really illusive and hard to get even the older ones. All
the girls I dated were middle to higher class with degrees. In my earlier years when I was still in my late 20’s and early 30’s I dated younger girls (25 – 35) none of whom went beyond the platonic stage. Nowadays I date girls aged
between 35 and 40 years of age, and the same thing is still happening. It is pretty hard to find a girl who actually wants to know or date me and if they do they will never want more than just a friendship, sex is never an option.

So that’s why I don’t believe that Bop is 47 and short etc. I rather think (judging from the responses he gets from his dates) he is about 27 years old, tall and handsome. There is no other way for me to explain his luck. Either
that or I must be living in a complete different Bangkok (different dimension perhaps??) where the girls are completely opposite, because my experiences are really completely opposite.

I would really like to see a recent picture of the Illusive Bop.

Stickman's thoughts:

Given your age – you're still young, and that you obviously have a good job and good money, I find it amazing that you are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to Bop. There must be something that is putting the girls off….no idea what it could be, but you might want to try and find out what it is. Really, I bet there is one thing that bothers women…could be something really obscure like excessive nose hair. Hope you manage to get it sorted.

nana plaza