Stickman Readers' Submissions November 13th, 2006

My Lovely Rosie

Here’s the deal. I’m from Elko by way of Sheridan and Cody and been reading guys like Frank and Korski and thinking maybe I don’t have their English skills but I got a story or two to tell. My name is Jack, Jack Bodie to be more precise,
and I been through three ladies so far maybe there’s some more down the line but I don’t worry much cause I always get rid of them when the time comes and I have to give some lovely kisses and a few bills in the hand and little whispers
with words like honey you come back for more than I give you I got friends going to pay you a maybe not so friendly visit know what I mean. Ladies of some young years and lots of dark skin beauty is what brings me to Asia like others on Stickman
and I been around a bit and mostly in Block M in Jakarta and Surabaya and lots in the Angeles City where the ladies are so nice and they talk a language like I can understand. Anyways, the story I got in mind for today is about sweet little Rosie
I met two years ago and then some in the Red Rooster on Mabini Street in Manila. She was a real fresh sweety pie and I was thinking I should say how nice I treated her and what it all come to, all things coming to something not so sweet in the
end, this is for sure every man knows this.

I had to get my bar stool up to Rosie cause she was completely new and shy and didn’t know all about what she was supposed to be doing with me and later when we got back to wherever I was going to take her. I worked real easy like
letting her know I was a little older and more experienced than her but okay and wouldn’t do her no harm and was going to treat her good as any man in her country might do. My words rung some bells I could tell cause she took a cotton to
me and I got to fancy her real fast and I whispered in her ear that after I pay the lady behind the bar I was going to take her for some great food and then we was going to have a royal time in my room down the street a couple of blocks away and
if she was good as she was looking to me right then I was going to pay her a whole lot more than I paid the mamasan lady who wanted everything up front.

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Lovely Rosie leaves me and gets prettied up and puts on something nice and is holding my hand before we get to the street corner but she won’t look me in the eye now scared out of her young wits I’m thinking with me in my cowboy
boots and all. I figure this is going to change pretty fast when she gets to know me and it does when we get inside the picture show and I buy her some candy and wrap my arm around her and pull her close. Pretty soon she’s looking at me
a lot and holding my hand and I want to make sure I know where she’s going with me and how good she’s going to do me good so I put a brand new ten dollar bill in her. She learns fast and gets even closer and I can tell she will be
good pleasing me and I’m not wrong I discover soon when she doesn’t even go for a wee first when we get back to my big exec room I spent a good bill on. NO sir she’s good as they come and I’m thinking she’s better
then my second old lady who was good and hot all the time and specially round noon when I could get away from barn and fencing and well work or whatever I was doing and she was quick to do me on the fly coming through the door.

Next day I find Rosie’s even better than my second old lady and likes lying on top of me and pleasing me anyway I show her by pointing or moving my eyes to let her know what’s on my mind. I’m now figuring I might stay
two or three more days and not get up to AC which I like most of all and where I got some honeyko lady friends that go back some years and we’re close. I’m figuring I can’t miss with this lovely lady Rosie who smells so good
and really looks at me special like. I’m figuring this way until I’m taking this shower and I remember something I forgot and can’t remember where it is and I get out and the water is still running and I open the door and
Rosie’s there going through my bag. I’m thinking holy cows this lady is not doing a good thing with Jack Bodie cause it’s my privacy that’s real special to me. So she don’t see me peeking through the door and
I watch her good and I see her get her hands on my hidden little pack of money and take some out and stick it inside her panties. I think Whoa! this is a lady maybe worse than my first one who was a klepto and what am I going to do maybe I should
do what I did to her, jail time stuff I don’t mind telling you.

This is where the story gets maybe just a little interesting cause I’m a man who gets that revenge word in his mind when things go wrong like over what Rosie did and so right away as I’m putting some talc on my privates and
smell stuff under arms I’m thinking of a scheme that’s going to maybe show her this is not a good thing to do to a man who gives you lots of extra money and is real sweet and kind and pays good for all your favors. I act real normal
like nothing happened and I saw nothing and when I get out we do our play thing and I take lovely Rosie out for some good food and all the time I’m hatching my plan in my scheming mind. When I get a little strong booze in her later I spring
this faraway travel idea on her and she likes it right away thinking I don’t know what she’s thinking maybe marriage down the line like they all think.

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Next day I buy us plane tickets to Puerto Princesa and they’re one way and I tell my lovely Rosie we’re going to spend time on the beach and make lots of love and go scuba diving and when it’s all over I’m going
to give her lots more money than I been giving her and that was pretty much. She likes this thought a whole lot and hugs me better than ever and tells me I‘m the special love of her life and all this is going someplace like to an altar.

I only get us a room for one night in Princesa and I take lovely Rosie dancing and play our love games and all the time it’s there in my mind and never going away. The next day I get us one of these small buses packed and we’re
on our way to Brooke’s Point and five hours on the road south. It’s like real love now she’s sitting in my lap and kissing me in front of these people look just her and she don’t know what’s coming poor girl
I could see just like my first old lady.

We get an okay room not too far from the market and I make some arrangements to get a guide to take us into the mountains and see natives with blowguns and houses on stilts and banana plants and corn everywhere on the mountain slopes. I’m
telling lovely Rosie I’m going to get her to see the real Philippines and this is maybe like a pre-honeymoon trip I’m checking her out for compatibility and my kind of life style that sort of thing.

Next morning pretty bright and pretty early we’re up and ready to go and I tell her we got to deposit our valuables and money and stuff with the hotel manager cause I’m figuring we’re going to stay one and maybe two nights
up there in the mountains so we can see it real good and I been hearing there’s lots of robbers in them mountains. We do this and lovely Rosie doesn’t murmur nothing and doesn’t figure far as I can tell what’s going
through my Wyoming mind.

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We’s up there about three hours on the trail and she’s seen them blowguns and she got herself a bag purse kind of souvenir for a couple of my pesos and I tell her wait here honey love I got to go off into the bush and do you
know what. She gives me this kiss I don’t know why and says she’s going to go more up the mountain with our guide she’s so excited and I can catch up when I do what I got to do. Now I know it’s easier than I figure
it would be.

Soon as I see the two of them disappear up this winding dirt trail I right away head back down fast let me tell you and it’s doesn’t take me no time at all to find a local with a motorbike to take me back to the hotel in Brooke’s
Point. Straightaway I get to the manager and our valuables and get all my stuff and get lovely Rosie’s purse and take all her money cept fifty pesos and one hour later I’m heading back up the road in one of those small buses to Puerto
Princesa where I’m going to get a ticket back to Manila so as I can get to one of my one night maybe two night special honeykos in AC.

When I got to AC I had me a couple beers and I got to thinking maybe I had been just a wee bit mean to lovely Rosie her only having stolen maybe no more than eight or nine dollars in pesos from me that day and this little indiscretion was
going to cost her a whole lot more to get her way back in an airplane to the Red Rooster and then also losing all I promised I was going to give her at the end but what else could I do to teach my lovely Rosie a small lesson bout how to treat
someone from Elko, Nevada by way of Sheridan and Cody, Wyoming?

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