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Crime Suppression Unit Part 4


Vincent slammed Andrew Campbell against the wall and screamed at him. Cut the crap. You work for the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency. Were ten minutes from getting the goods on Johnny Wou and you want to call it off? I'm going to barge into the office
and take all the files and information on his drug sales and I will shoot anyone in my way-there or here. Do you understand what I am saying?

Rick grabbed Vincent's arm and pulled him from Andrew. Take it easy, give the guy a chance to explain.

He's trying to bullshit us. What kind of fools does he take us for? Who in their right would believe that the President of The United

States of America would want to kill Aung San Suu Kyi?

Andrew held up his hands. Johnny Wou will be around for a long time. Suu Kyi has only four days to live if we don't do something.

Why us? Why do we have to save her life?

Were the only ones that know.

Why don't you just call someone with the information? Rick said.

Who? The American Government? The Myanmar Government? Suu Kyi? She doesn't even have a phone.

If you expect us to go all the way to Burma with you, you'll have to do some hard convincing. Sonia said.

You're not going. Its too dangerous. Rick shook his head. Suu Kyis a woman. She may feel better with me there. Besides I just saved your life. Who knows, I may have to do it again.

Rick took a deep breath and rubbed his head. This woman's impossible he thought.

We have to get on a plane to Rangoon right away. Lets drive to Bangkok and Ill explain on the way. You can grab your passports and some clean clothes. Ill make the plane reservations then pick you all up and well drive to the airport together.

What about him? Rick nodded at Jakes body and picked up the rifle.

He can stay here and the guns can stay at Vincent's house, we cant take them on the plane.

Sonia, Rick and Vincent piled into Andrews Nissan Teana sedan and he began the drive to Bangkok. There was a mist in the air which gave the countryside a surreal and peaceful look. Proof that nothing was ever what it seemed to be in Thailand.
Soopies and Rick relaxed in the luxurious backseat while Vincent snarled at the driver. You don't come up with a good story, I'm going to throw you out of the car. How would you ever know about a deal like this?

My uncle is Bob Woodward, an editor at the Washington Post Newspaper. He had complete access to the White House and everyone in it. That is until his new book came out this week. Its called ?State of Denial?-tells how Bush lied to everyone
about the war in Iraq. He came across this file on someone's desk and glanced into it as all reporters are wont to do. I'm the first person he called because he knows that I'm assigned to Thailand. I've got to get to Myanmar
and warn Suu Kyi. Reaching her will be the most difficult part. The second most difficult part will be convincing the woman that its her best friend that is going to murder her.

But, why? Why would anyone want to kill her?

Aung San Suu Kyi is holding everything up. She's screwing up the works with her ideas of freedom and democracy.

The average person in Myanmar would be much better off with her out of the way. The economy would greatly improve and people could start to live again. But the Generals are afraid to kill her and its going to take way too long, it seems,
for her to die of old age. The thing is, not one company will trade with Myanmar. Its against the law in the United States and we will blacklist any company or country that does.

Her second in command, Dr. Winn Mee believes she is hurting her country with her strong stance against the present government.

What? The Military Junta? You call that a government?

Its not about to change anytime soon. If Suu Kyi were to meet with an accident, Dr. Winn Mee would negotiate with the Generals, something that she has steadfastly refused to do. The National League for Democracy led by Winn Mee will appeal
for human rights, freedom and the opening of the universities. Who knows, someday they may even have mobile phones, fax machines and the internet. The main object is to have an agreement between the Junta and the NLD so free trade can happen again
for Burma.

Why? What's in it for America. Said Soopies.

Burma has the largest untapped natural gas reserve in the world also huge off shore oil deposits. They don't have the technology to exploit this and any company dealing with them now would be unable to sell anything they could produce.
Bush is in deep doo-doo.

If we could gain an unlimited supply of oil, those morons in the Middle-East can go ahead and kill themselves all they want. We could pull out of Iraq and even stop aid to Israel which is three million dollars a day, but this war is killing
us. We've got to get out. Cheaper oil from Myanmar would cut gasoline prices in half and Americas present government would take the credit for making the deal. Good for votes.

So why don't you just let things alone. Wouldn't everyone be better off? Except Suu Kyi, that is? Said Sonia.

That's just it. We cant let well enough alone. We keep sticking our nose into things. Its the American way. Were idealists.

In other words, there's four of us here and were going to risk all of our lives to try to save one life?

In a word, yes.

Sonia sat back, folded her arms and shook her head. These damn Farangs are so backwards she thought.

Andrew dropped everyone off in Bangkok and made plane reservations for that evening.

He picked up Rick and Sonia first. She was holding a suitcase.

For heavens sakes Sonia; were not going on vacation.

Good. Said Rick. You argue with her for a while.

If I'm going to meet Aung San Suu Kyi, I'm going to be properly dressed.

We may be crawling under bushes and over fences, said Andrew.

You mean you have a dress that's not backless or extra low cut or one that covers more than your keester? Rick said.

Sonia crossed her arms and refused to speak.

They pulled up in front of Vincent's apartment. There were two police cars in front of his place and Vincent was in handcuffs, being pushed into one of the cars.

Rick smacked his head. I forgot Vincent said there was a warrant out for his arrest and he avoided it. Remember he told us at the Grace Hotel.

Yeah, that whole deal was a real muck up. If I had remembered, I could have called my contact at the police station and had the warrant squashed.

Call them now. Get these cops off him. We need Vincent to come with us.

I cant stop the arrest once its started. Too much loss of face for everyone involved. The plane leaves in two hours.

It will take until tomorrow to get him bailed out.

What are we going to do now? said Sonia. Wait! You never told us how she was going to be killed.

Stickman's thoughts:

I keep expecting to see Dana pop up in this story!