Stickman Readers' Submissions September 29th, 2006

Sexy Rina

I have read so many interesting accounts here that it is only fair that I contribute my own experiences which hopefully you will find interesting. About me; I am 47, live in Australia and enjoy travel and photography, and women of course. I first came
to Thailand for two nights on a stopover (Bangkok) on the way to Europe for a holiday in 2004. I knew nothing about the country or its people, but what I saw captivated me. I had a brief experience with an escort and wanted more.

Fast forward to September 2005. I had a family wedding in Israel to attend, and decided to go to Laos and Thailand for 6 days on the way there. As my long-term relationship was on the rocks and soon to end, I decided to try and meet some
Thai women on the net. I had a few lined up and was really looking forward to meeting them, despite none of them being obvious candidates for sex or a relationship. I should point out here that I am not that interested in bar girls. I read up
on Thailand, including many submissions on this site and frankly, they scared me off. Also, what I enjoy most in sex is the emotional connection, the intimacy. That can be difficult to achieve in a paying situation. It can be done, and I have
done it, but it is uncommon.

He Clinic Bangkok

I was due to leave Australia on Friday night, arrive early on Saturday morning in Bangkok and two hours later fly to Vientiane for 3 nights, then return to Bangkok for two nights and then fly out to Tel Aviv. On the Monday before I flew out,
I met Rina on the Net for the first time. We chatted and connected. She had a nice picture on her profile, pretty, with smiling, intelligent eyes. We “talked” for several hours that night, getting to know more about each other. She
seemed interested and curious, asking me lots of questions and we were soon joking and flirting.

And she told me her story. A self-made woman, she had grown up dirt poor in a small village in the mountains of north-west Thailand. Her family had been the poorest in the village. But Rina had dreams of a better life elsewhere. She dreamed
of the big smoke and wider horizons and as soon as she could, she left and went to Bangkok. There she found work, started teaching herself English from a book, eventually landed a job in a travel agency and now, at age 34, had her own small travel
agency where she mainly dealt with farangs. There had been several farang boyfriends along the way, including a 3 year relationship with an Australian during which time she had spent 6 months in Oz. She did not consider herself to be a typical
Thai, being too direct and blunt, and her dream was to live overseas, preferably Australia.

We chatted for several hours on Tuesday night as well. On Wednesday night I rang her. Her English was good and I could understand her easily as she could me. I liked her voice. I go on instincts and gut feelings and out of the blue I asked
her if she wanted to go to Vientiane with me. Without a moment’s hesitation she agreed. (She later told me I seemed a nice guy from the way we chatted on the Net, and she also liked my voice). The next day she organised her ticket and arranged
for a friend to cover for her in the shop while she would be away. And I flew out on the Friday to Bangkok. I got there at 6am on Saturday morning and by the time I got to the departure lounge for the Vientiane flight; there was 45 minutes until
I met Rina.

CBD bangkok

45 minutes to think about what I had done. What if she was ugly? What is she had a bad personality? So many thoughts going through my mind. But I had invited her along and come what may, I had to see it though. But I can tell you I was pretty
nervous and apprehensive. Organising something like this from the safety of my study in Australia had been like a game. But now real life was about to intrude. Nevertheless, there was also a part of me that was really excited, the frisson and
anticipation of the chase, the longing and desire for the possible pleasure to come.

The departure lounge for our flight was at the end of the terminal, so I could see everyone coming. As the time neared I scanned the new arrivals anxiously, but none of them were her. Then right on time, I saw her. Even though she was far
away, there was something about her that I instantly recognised. She came towards where I was sitting but did not see me. As she neared my heart lifted. She looked pretty in her photo, but in real life, even by Thai standards, she was a stunner.
Sexy and slim, her beautiful face topped off an amazing body dressed accentuated by tight jeans and a sexy designer singlet showing off her flat midriff. The farangs nearby all turned and gasped. I couldn’t believe my luck and I said a
silent thank you prayer to whatever God up there had taken pity on me. She looked at me briefly and looked away, looking for me. A strange feeling. She later told me that when she saw me she knew it couldn’t be me because I looked far too
handsome, nothing like my photo. I called out her name softly. She spun around, I smiled, answered by a stunned look of recognition from her, and then she cracked a billion watt smile that lit up the whole of her gorgeous face. She came and sat
down next to me and we carried on where we had left off on the Net two nights before, like two old friends. Except that the mutual physical attraction was instant. I tried not to make it too obvious that all I wanted to do was jump her bones and
she later told me that she read this as that maybe I was not physically attracted to her. That worried her as she had decided, in the instant of our first meeting that she was going to screw my brains out at the earliest possible opportunity.

We got on the plane and chatted and relaxed. She was intellectually curious and interested in world affairs and enjoyed discussing it with me. I am fascinated by people, and I find Thai culture and mores and manners infinitely fascinating
and bewitching, and she was more than happy to answer my questions and explain how it all works; the concept of face, how to say no without actually saying so, what is really being said or meant behind those inscrutable smiles we continually encountered,
what do to and say in a given situation, etc, etc. I learnt so much over the next few days, a lifetime of knowledge by one who knew and who was willing to disclose.

We got to our hotel, the lovely Lao Plaza which Rina had booked for us at a special price. We put our gear down and I suggested we go and find a place to have a massage. Off we went and found a nice place around the corner, $5 for 90 minutes.
The women who massaged me gave Rina a filthy look, much preferring she wasn’t there. The massage was fantastic and we went back every day. Refreshed and relaxed, we went back to our hotel room and within a few minutes it was on for young
and old. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Rina’s appetite for sex was insatiable, and continued that way the whole trip, which became a blur of sightseeing during the day and wild passionate sex every night.

wonderland clinic

The sightseeing was fantastic, as we went and saw things few farang tourists would probably do. The first night we went suburban tenpin bowling with the locals. Having grown up poor, Rina was comfortable chatting to the roadside vendors and
eating from roadside eateries. I got to eat and know food I would never have eaten if I was by myself. The same applied at the many markets, exploring them and chatting to the women manning the stalls, for Rina too had once filled that role, selling
her family’s produce. I got some amazing photos. She was incredibly photogenic and a bit of an exhibitionist to boot, so she livened up many a touristy type picture of mine. She also got many of the locals to happily pose for me.

All too soon the holiday came to an end and we flew back to Bangkok, where I spent three nights with my insatiable Thai beauty by my side and during the day I did sightseeing while she worked. The first night I met her friends and we all
played pool and the second night she took to me Soi Cowboy. Apparently she had conducted several tours there for tourists who wanted to see the place but were too embarrassed / intimidated to go by themselves. It was great, having it all explained
to me while we sat in the front rows of various establishments without any pressure to buy drinks or choose women. Some of the women were stunning and I made a mental note to myself to return one day.

On the day I left we went early to the airport and sat and chatted and joked in the bar. It had been the best holiday of my life. I left for Tel Aviv a tired, happy and sated man. I was determined to come back to this magic country and its
magic women as soon as I could.

To be continued …


Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, it sure sounds like you had a fun time. What piqued my curiosity is her taking you to Soi Cowboy…now that is a little unusual. I'm very interested to see where this one goes next!

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